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Our Time Has Come

Road trip

"Hurry up!" I yelled at Jacob, as he took his time packing his guitar, after cleaning it and carefully tuning it. "Hey! Don't rush me! You know I need to take care of her!" "You take better care of her than me!" Joked his girlfriend. In the trailer attached to my moms mini van, we packed all of our instruments and tech stuff, before putting our suitcases in the van. It was a fourteen hour trip to Ottawa, and we would stop on our way, to eat. Jacob was the last one to get in. Michael and I would take turns to drive. It was only six a.m. but we were all ready to go.

It was going to be a long wait, but we've waited longer before. We said our good byes, and got in the car. Michael and I at the front, Hayley and zach in the middle and David with Jacob at the back.

"so... We're really doing it? We're playing on the main stage?" Asked zach. "Yes... Yes we are" I answered. And it hit me. We were really doing it, and there were only two rounds left to win. Two more rounds before we get a record deal. My eyes started to get teary. Michael took my hand reassuringly, then let go to drive

we listened to our set list over and over at first, nerves winnig over our good mood. Then, I got sick of the nerves and changed the playlist. We jammed out to motley Crüe and scorpion. Zach had his violin with him so he played for us. Jacob even sang. You wouldn't of wanted to be in the van when that happened. Let's keep it at that!

Then, we went into throwback mood. Jacob started talking about when we were playing together in a band at school, him, zach, David and I. " you hated half the people there. You looked like you were about to throw them in a pool of acid!" David said to me. "It's not my fault if they were incompetents! You can't stand that kind of people either! Even less than I can!" I answered

zach reminded us of the time where we had a show on the day of his sisters engagement, and we were able to make it there right after the show just on time so I could play with him and Jacob, as his sisters boyfriend proposed. It was such an emotional moment. I sighed as I wished that one day someone would do that for me. I thought my ex would but... Yeah.

Hayley started laughing at the time zach was on stage and he almost dropped his violin but Jacob caught it, just before his guitar strap let go. It was such an unfortunate show! My mic didn't even work at the begging!

We kept going, talking about past show, practises or simply parties we went to. "Remember the time Michael got so drunk he tried to convince zach to "get a room" with him?" David said. Michaels face was so red, I started laughing. "Blame it on the alcohol" he said.

After four hours, Hayley and David were asleep, zach was quietly playing his violin, I was reading and Jacob was playing on his phone. That went on for about an hour and a half. Then, Hayley and David woke up. So I suggested we played "would you rather"

"Gab, would you rather sleep with David or Michael?" Jacob said. It was my turn to blush. I tried to get something good for an answer so I blurted out "Michael, he has more experience." He laughed a bit but he knew it didn't mean anything. Again, he knows more about me than I do myself sometimes. Everyone else was laughing. " Ok, my turn! Hayley! Would you rather not see Zach for a whole month, or wake up without any clothes to wear. Including underwear." She had to think about it. She didn't want to hurt zach but there was a limit. "Not see zach, so I'd be more willing to walk around naked when he'd come back" "I really didn't need to hear that!" Yelled Jacob, while zach kissed Hayley and everyone else laughed.

"Michael, would you rather fuck your mom, or Jacob?" "Oh fuck you!" He said. "No, I'm not an option. Your mom or Jacob?" Hayley said. We all bursted out laughing. "You're going to regret it" he thought about it for a bit, then said "my mom, she has more experience!" I think I laughed the hardest at that. Zach acted all offended and started touching michaels shoulder, whispering things in his ear, licking his neck until we were almost pissing ourselves and Michael yelled out "fuck off or I'm throwing this car in the ditch!" You can't! It's my moms!" I answered.

There was only one hour left before we stopped, so we decided on where to stop. We voted on a subway right by the highway. We kept playing would you rather for awhile, then we continued in our own individual conversations.

"So, Gab, you'd sleep with me?" Asked Michael. I rolled my eyes and slid my hand onto his leg, running it, with my hand on his shoulder. "You know... Maybe I would... Not!" And I slapped him in the back of the head. He laughed. "Ouch!" He apologized and so did I. We decided on who shared a room with who. "I hope it's already understood by everyone that Hayley and I are sharing right?" Zach asked. " honestly, if I shared with her I'd end up in another room as soon as you'd step foot in the room so.." I answered jokingly. "Wanna share?" Michael asked me. "Sure but..." Then I turned to David and Jacob "keep the couch clear, if Michael picks up a chick ill be sleeping on it!" Michael laughed "I won't on the day before our show of course!"

We finally got to the subway. I was starving! We would get to our destination around eight, so we went to the corner store right beside. I bought some iced tea, two bags of chips and a couple of chocolate bars. What? I was on my period ok? Michael got root beer, chips and sour patch kids, Hayley got coke and chips, zach got root beer and candy, and David and Jacob got back to the van with two full bags each. They're the ones to watch out for.

i took the wheel, and we chatted for a couple of hours. By four, the early morning caught up to Jacob and zach, Hayley fell asleep again and David was still eating. Michael and I talked together, and he put on some music and hnded me a pair or earphones, since he had used the piec where you can plug in two pairs. I only wore one, but we listened to all of our favourite songs, along with our set list.

That lasted about two hours, and no one else was awake other than us. We were used to it, being the only ones comfortable enough to drive long distances. I got hungry so I made Michael open a bag of chips and my iced tea. He did as I asked and handed me my drink. It was a little boring so we decided to play a game where we each said a sentence and we had to make a story. I decided to record it, so if something really funny happened, I would miss it.

"once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, lived a knight, a princess and a witch." "The knight was strong, but he didn't like to follow the rules." "He only followed his instincts, in battle as much as in his everyday life" "the princess liked his careless attitude and his independence." "She wanted to be just like him, a young rebel." "She went to the witch and said: make me like him" "the witch answered: but I can't." "Even if you were, your parents wouldn't let you act like it." "Well, I don't think of that..." "Make them let me be a rebel" "I can't, you wouldn't have the right mind for it" "then how can I make him like me?" "Be yourself, and tell him." " I am sure your parents could make him marry you" "but he doesn't follow the rules!" "So tell him what you don't want him to do, and make it sound as if you wanted him to do that." "Thank you old witch!" "and then she went to the knight, just to find him fucking her sister, the end"

of course Michael would make the story end like that. I laughed and stopped the recording. "Excited?" He asked me. "Yeah, it's gonna be pretty big you know. It's all I've ever wanted." "We'll be great. I mean, I'm on stage. Not a single lady can resist to my charm" I laughed at the last remark because in a way, it was true. "Of course, it's our front woman who steals the show!" I said with a wink.

The rest of the car ride went by fast. We got to the hotel, where we received our passes by email, and we went to our rooms. I ordered pizza and we all went in my room, and we watched a pizza while eating. I decided to make everyone go to bed at ten, so we would get a decent amount of sleep. We had to get up at eight for sound check at nine, then our show at one. The doors opened at twelve but there wasn't any music until one. We were the first ones.

I fell asleep fairly quickly, listening to music.


Later than I expected, longer too, so I appologize. Ill try and post everyday, but I'm not sure when.

What do you think? What was the funniest part?


Holy crap I just realized my keyboard's auto correct turned to French! Ill fix it and send a couple of chapters your way. The weekend was way too busy for me so sorry...
Gabe Gabe
updaaaaaaaaaaaaate im dying :3
Dont worry! I think its absolutly amazing :)
brokenedsoul brokenedsoul
I'm so sorry. I don't feel good today so tomorrow three for you to forgive me? Plus I tried to write but I kept pressing the wrong thing and the goddamn thing deleted like three times!
Gabe Gabe
more more moooreee in the midnight hourrr I cried moore mooreee morreeee
brokenedsoul brokenedsoul