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Burning Embers

Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

When I found Jake I began relaying the events that had just taken place. He tried to fight back the laughter bubbling in his throat and assured me he would speak to Andy. Not that I had never seen a naked man before, but this was getting a bit ridiculous especially because Andy has been acting so moody today. I made my way to my room and shut the door feeling the need for some serious Oreo gorging. I grabbed my insulin needle and made sure to give myself enough for more than just two Oreos. I was still pigging out when Jake knocked on the door and came in with out my permission. I scrambled to hide the needle I neglected to put up, but it was too late.

"What's that?" Jake asked concerned.

"Oh, um, nothing," I said distractedly chucking the stupid thing into my bag hoping he would drop it. He didn't.

"Nothing, my left nut, what was that?" He said coming closer, looking as if he were about to jerk it out of my bag. What the heck did he think it was my heroin needle?

"It was the needle I use to shoot up with; didn't I tell you I was a ragging druggie?" I asked sarcastically. I knew I would tell him, but why the heck did I have to? It was my business not his!

"Holly," he reprimanded in a less accusing tone. I sighed softening I didn't need to be so mean; he was only looking out for my best interest and all that good stuff. It was just that I hated admitting that weakness. There’s always some moron who can’t handle knowning.

"I am a diabetic and that little trusty thing lets me be able to, uh pretty much live," I said giving my bag a nod and shoving another Oreo in my mouth and then putting the package in the floor in order to buy myself a few seconds of not having to look at Jake.

I felt the weight of the bed shift and looked up just in time to see Jake put his arm around me and give me a meaningful look. "Why are you so embarrassed by it?"

"I'm not necessarily embarrassed; I just don't like broadcasting it because ignorant people don't understand it and ask idiotic questions like 'if I touch your blood will I catch diabetes'?"

"Someone actually asked you that?" Jake asked closing his eyes and shaking his head at the ignorance of the youth of America.

"Yes, he did in all seriousness and he was a senior too."

Jake just shook his head. "How long have you had it?"

"For as long as I can remember. They have pumps to regulate you're insulin, but they are kind of pricey. I had one when I still lived with my mom, but it has broken since then."

"You don't still live at home?" Jake asked puzzled.

"No, not since I was sixteen. I live with Gina." I could tell he was going to do some digging and I was going do some telling. I hadn't even told Gina the full story, but Jake felt safe. He made me want to dig way down deep into the darkest corners of my brain and lay the contents all out on the table.

"Were you a run-a-way?" He asked leaving the question hanging not only in the air but on his face.

"Yeah, I made up my mind one day when I was having a very heated argument with Joann, I always called her my mom, but she was actually my foster mom. Any way she had pretty much stomped all over the last straw. She was always really mean to me. I didn’t understand why a person would bother becoming a foster parent if they weren’t going to treat their foster kid right. So I made the long journey from Canton, Ohio all the way to the City of Angels."

Jake blinked not bothering to hide his emotions. "By yourself?"

I smiled up at him, but the smile never hit my eyes. It was a smile for his behalf. "Yeah, it was a rough couple of weeks, but it was well worth it. I get to do my dream job and I got to meet you," I said blushing slightly.

Jake smiled broadly, seeming satisfied with my answer, and pulled me up with him to the head of the bed. We lay down and I curled up against him and my eyes shut on their own accord.


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Really love this story. Jake and holly are so cute together. :)
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