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Burning Embers

Chapter Four

Chapter Four

"So what do you think of Sixx?" The interesting looking boy in front of me asked.

"Well, he's a bit cocky and self-absorbed isn't he? I'm sorry, what's your name?" Even though I had sort of stocked them when I found out I would be working for them, I didn't bother to learn their names, which I was kind of regretting at that point.

"Oh, I expected you to be a fan. I'm Christian Coma, but call me CC, seriously,” he said with a wink. “Ouch, such harsh words from such a pretty little lady. I didn't expect you to bust Sixx's balls already."

"Okay, CC it is. Do you guys really refer to him as Sixx?"

CC laughed. "Yeah, why wouldn't we?"

I shrugged. “"Must be a guy thing," I said deciding to keep my thoughts, of how it just fed his enormous ego, to myself.

"What do you mean?" he asked flipping his long, black, hair slightly out of his eyes.

"How guys always call each other by their last names," I offered.

A wide grin spread across CC's face and he shook his head. "Yeah, must be. You're very opinionated aren't you?"

I stifled a laugh; he didn't know the half of it. "Yeah, just slightly. So where all are we hitting? Anywhere cool?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

"It's all cool, babe," Andy said from behind me.

I wheeled around. "Really, Andy?"

"Really what?" he asked with a stupid over-confident look on his face. It made me want to hit him right in the ego.

"Nothing," I grumbled through gritted teeth and marched further up to where the couch and chairs were and where the one that’s name started with a ‘J’ was lounging. I flopped down on the couch in, a rage I couldn't really understand, too absorbed in angry thoughts of Andy to start up a conversation. He just seemed to have cheat codes for getting under my skin and I hadn't even known him for ten minutes.

"Problem?" the boy whose name started with a ‘J’ asked, with a friendly smile. He turned so that he could look at me more easily.

I thought about spilling my guts about how Andy so easily got under my skin and how much that bothered me, but that would sound crazy and I felt like starting off on a good foot with this band. So I bit it back down and looked at him, blowing a strand of hair out of my face. "Maybe."

"Wanna talk about it?" he asked sincerely.

"Not particularly," I said unsuccessfully covering a smile. I angled myself more towards him, feeling oddly comfortable considering I didn't even know his name.

"Ahw, why not?" he pouted slightly.

I scrunched up my nose a little and tucked my legs underneath me -one of my many quirks being that I behaved like a five year old and had to sit on my feet- “Because I don't like the bands I work with to think I'm crazy right off the bat."

He chuckled. "I'm pretty sure you're not as crazy as any one of us."

I could feel myself giving in to his charming smile. I couldn't help but like him he just had one of those personalities that you instantly clicked with. "Andy irritates me to the point of ridiculousness and I just met him like ten minutes ago. No one has ever been so good at irritating me before," I admitted in a rush fighting off a wicked blush.

He started laughing so hard I thought he was going to urinate on the expensive white sofa, and apparently my feelings of anger were becoming apparent on my face because he collected himself. He raised his hands in a defense gesture and said, "I'm not laughing at you I swear! Sixx tends to have that effect on some girls. The ones who aren't coo-coo bananas for him right off the bat seem to hate him.." he trailed off making it seem like there was more.

"Hmm, so anyone with half a brain isn't 'coo-coo bananas' about him?" I asked using air quotes on 'coo-coo bananas' because I was unfamiliar with the term which made it was obvious the kid’s phrase.

He erupted into another laughing fit before turning to the guys hanging out in the back and shouting, "Jinxx, I totally won the bet, she thinks that Sixx is a cocky a**hole already!"

A bet? They had actually bet on this? Wow. The male species never ceased to amaze me. But at the same time I was oddly impressed that what's his face (whose name may or may not start with a J after all) had guessed that I would strongly dislike Andy right off the bat. I chose not to be mad.

"Are you f****** serious, Jake?” Jinxx shouted. “I'm out fifty bucks!" he whined.

I giggled at Jinxx.

So his name was Jake--that meant there were two ‘J’ named boys in the band, how confusing. I adjusted myself so that I sat Indian style, and waited for Jake's reply.

"F*****’ sucks for you! Maybe you should have agreed with me like CC did!" Jake shouted back. Then he turned to me apologetically. "Sorry 'bout that. We like to make bets; riding around in a giant bus gets old."

"I understand," I said nodding in agreement. I could only imagine how I was going to feel at the end of my stint with them.

I liked Jake he was so easy going and sweet. His humor was right on par and even though he wasn't my general classification of attractive he was still sort of cute. Jake and I would get along fabulously on this tour.


Last one for the night. I hope you all are liking it. xoxo -Holly


Gah I did it again. I'll try and post a chapter today.
Ahw glad you like it! Things will acutally start happening soon though!
no problem i really like this story and i forget bout ths site easil too
Really love this story. Jake and holly are so cute together. :)
@I'm Just Jinxxed
I'm so glad you like it. I'll update now. (Sorry I forget about this site so easily)
IxCantxStandxIt IxCantxStandxIt