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Burning Embers

Chapter Twenty One

Chapter Twenty-One

For what it’s worth, I know what it’s like to have a dream in Ohio. I would have stuck with you during school.

Those words bounced around in my head for the rest of the night, err morning, especially while I was trying to sleep. Fortunately, I was left alone with my thoughts due to the band not seeming to notice I was missing. They were in their bunks sleeping away when Holly and I finally walked back to the bus.

I walked her all the way to her room and she, get this, gave me an actual hug, not the half a**** hug she gave me when I was spilling my guts. It was a lot nicer. She got close enough for me to smell her, and she smelled good, like Dove soap and berries.

Once she was back in here room I flopped down on my bunk and didn’t even bother changing out of my clothes, I smelled like prison, but it was too late to shower.


“So where were you all evening?” Ashley asked from his spot on the couch. He was draped across it taking up most of the whole space.

I took a sideways glance to watch Holly. She was on her laptop using an internet card and didn’t seem to be paying much attention to the conversation, to the naked eye, but I could tell she had cocked her head slightly to listen better.

“I was out with Matt. I got super tanked and he had to bring me back to the bus pretty late last night,” I said pulling out a half empty pack of Marlboros. I extracted a single white stick and placed it to my lips. I fished in my pocket for a light.

“Are you sure that’s all that happened? I heard the door close, but your bunk was still empty,” Ashley asked in a knowing tone.

I had a feeling he knew something. If that b****** called Ashley and told him about the fight, I swear to God I would kill him. “Must have been your imagination.”

“Either light that or put it away. It looks stupid hanging out of the corner of your mouth. And I don’t imagine things, Sixx,” he said offhandedly. “Something’s up and I’m going to get to the bottom of it,” Ashley said pointing his toes at me for emphasis.

“Please don’t smoke in here,” Holly said, turning away from her computer to look at me. The look on her face told me she was throwing me a bone.

“But I need nicotine,” I whined walking over the kitchenette and propped myself up on the counter, letting my legs dangle slightly.

“I don’t want to die of second hand smoke,” she said pointedly.

“You have talked to me while I smoked before,” I countered from the counter.

“We all do things we don’t want to.”

Then she gave me the look .The look combined with Matt’s words caused me to place the slightly damp cigarette back in the carton.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Princess,” I said with a crooked smile.

Jake came into the kitchenette and Holly pretended that she was paying attention to her computer and just happened to notice Jake.

“What’s going on?” he asked, sleep apparent in his voice.

“Nothing,” I said a little too fast.

“Andy, just put away a cigarette for your girl. I think he must be sick,” Ashley voiced still sprawled out on the couch.

“What? Why?” Jake asked in confusion, turning his attention to me.

I shrugged, knocking my boots against the cabinets. “She asked me not to smoke, so I didn’t because I’m not that insensitive.”

Jake snorted. “You sensitive? You been drinking without us?”

“Actually he has. He went out with Matty last night,” Ashley butted in once again.

Holly just looked at me, watching me.

But fortunately Jake didn’t take the bait. “It’s good for him to have a little bromance he’s been acting so f****** weird this tour.”

“Hey!” Holly scolded.

“Sorry, babe,” Jake said pulling her close to him by her waist.

I hid my distaste by coughing into my arm. Violently.

“Smoke another cigarette why don’tcha, Andy,” Holly said rolling her eyes obviously clueless that she was the cause of my outburst.

“I was going to until you decided I wasn’t allowed that privilege on the bus anymore,” I retorted.

“Bite me,” she said narrowing her eyes.

“Don’t tempt me,” I said with an edge of malice.

Jake just rolled his eyes.

“Break it up kiddies,” CC coed from the back of the bus.

“Yeah, yeah, I gotta take a p***,” I said pushing past him.

Once I was in the bathroom I locked myself in and cracked open the window. I pulled out the same damp cigarette and brought the lighter to the tip of it. I waited until the edge caught fire and began glowing red. I was careful to make sure the smoke went out the window. Didn’t want to upset Princess. Don’t know why when she was right back in Jake’s pocket, but I didn’t.

I determined I needed another cigarette when I finished the first in a matter of minutes. My morning was pretty stressful so it seemed necessary. H*** smoking up the whole pack would be understandable. But I didn’t, I stopped when I was finished with my second one. I flicked the butt into the toilet and stripped off my clothes. They still smelled like prison. Turning on the faucet, I stepped into the hot spray letting it wash over me.

After I was done I stood under the water a few minutes enjoying the feeling of being clean and naked. The water started running cold and I took that as a cue to make my exit before permanent damage was done to little Biersack. Unfortunately, we were out of clean towels so I had to walk through the bus dripping wet to get to some clothes.

A shrill squeal came from the Holly’s room. “Andy, put it away!”

I sniggered and made no attempt at covering myself. “Sorry, Princess, out of towels. Don’t act like you don’t enjoy the show,” I said twitching my hips to illustrate my point.

“Oh, God, Andy, stop that. I’m not one of your little groupies; I don’t want to see that.”

A smirk snaked its way across my face. “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

“What are you talking about, Ego?”


“If I’m Princess then you’re, Ego.”

“Gotcha. Note to self the lady sucks at doling out nicknames,” I stated pretending to talk to myself. She rolled her eyes at me causing a smirk to work itself onto my face.

“Excuse me, but I need to get dressed. It’s rude to hold a conversation with a naked man. Don’t you have any home training?” I said keeping my tone playful hoping to get a rise out of her, but not make her mad.

“You know, I’ve seen you naked almost as much as I’ve seen Jake naked,” Holly said with a laugh. She obviously didn’t think much of it. But of course I hated hearing the word Jake from her mouth.

“Just know I leave you more satisfied,” I retorted with a wink and continued on to my bunk.


This chapter was so so. Ugh. Comment what you think will happen next!!


Gah I did it again. I'll try and post a chapter today.
Ahw glad you like it! Things will acutally start happening soon though!
no problem i really like this story and i forget bout ths site easil too
Really love this story. Jake and holly are so cute together. :)
@I'm Just Jinxxed
I'm so glad you like it. I'll update now. (Sorry I forget about this site so easily)
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