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Rebel Love Song

I bit my lip and crossed my arms as I patiently waited on Ashley to find what he needed so we could leave the mall. He was currently looking for a new pair of shoes. "Ash? When are you gonna just settle on a pair and leave it at that? I just want to get home."

"Just a second, Andy. Why don't you go look around somewhere else and I'll call you when I'm done." I nodded and slowly walked outside of Journey's to the mass of other shoppers. I really didn't have anything I just wanted to go look at but I guess I could find something.

I hadn't even wanted to come in the first place but Ashley begged me to get out of the house. I hadn't really been in the mood for anything since the benefit two weeks ago. I did something that night, I don't know what, but it pissed Ronnie off enough to where she hasn't talked to me since, she even ditched the show.

I had tried to call her, text her, and go to her house only to receive no answer, response and a threat from her dad. She could at least tell me why she is angry with me and ignoring me, but I can't even get that much out of her...

I just can't get her out of my head...

I sighed and finally retreated to the food court where I sat down at a single table by the fountain. I drummed my fingers on the table until I heard a familiar voice. "Shut up! You do this to me! Your gonna make me embarrass myself one day, Jax!"


Then a guy voice. "You like it though, Ronnie. You love me too much." She was with a guy?! Is that why she's been avoiding me?

"Yeah. I do. I love you." My heart dropped. That was the reason. I slowly rose up and peaked around the fountain to see a blonde headed guy with his arms wrapped around Veronica and her arms looped around his neck. He leaned in and kissed her.

My world crumbled around me. I was frozen. Of course the one girl I actually want all over me would rather be all over some other guy. I'm never good enough, not good enough for her. My cellphone rang, Falling in Reverse played out. I noticed Veronica look around really quick and drop her arms from around the guy's neck. She knows my ringtone.

I pulled the phone out and looked the caller I.D. Ashley. I hesitantly answer. "Hey, Ash." I choked out. Until I spoke, I wasn't aware of how much that scene really was affecting me.

"Yeah. You ready? I got the Vans..."

"Uhh, yeah. I- I'm ready..."

"Are you alright, man?"

I breathed in and out to even my voice out. "Yeah. Perfectly alright. I'll meet you at the front of the mall."

"Alright." He hung up and do did I.

I made my way around the fountain. The guy's eyes met mine. He then said something to Ronnie and she quickly turned around to me. Her blue eyes didn't just meet mind, they bored into them. For a second it looked like she was giving me an apologetic look, it ended as quickly as it arrived and she grabbed the guy's hand and dragged him away.

I watched them leave until they had completely disappeared and then I slowly made my way to the front of of the mall. Ashley was holding a Journey's bag. "You sure your okay, dude? You don't look to good..."

"I'm fine!" I said mor angrily than I wanted to. I pushed passed Ashley and went outside and found his car. I got in the passenger's seat and just waited until he finally got in the driver's seat.

We drive back to my house in silence. Veronica on my mind. Why doesn't she love me?


wowser!!!!! this is awesommmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!
AnonymousMe AnonymousMe
please update! this is really cute!
That is so cute. Please update soon!
when r u going to update it
BloodyAngel67 BloodyAngel67
I really would like to read more! I hope you update soon!
Hailey Hailey