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I pushed my way through he crowd and to the front of the stage, ready for the concert. A lot of the fans around me had went all out. The wore Black Veil Brides shirts, bags, hoodies, belts, and other miscellaneous things that held the BVB symbol or the band's photo. Some also had on black body paint. It did lines and designs on their faces.

None could stand close to Andy's though. I had watched him put it on before the show. He took a whole hour but he never messed, wipe it off and up and had to redo. He did it flawlessly if I can say that. I don't even know a girl who can put makeup on for an hour and never mess up atleast once!

Of course that gave me an idea. I went straight to his dressing room after I was done watching him and I quickly pulled on my Black Veil Brides t-shirt (it was black with a ribcage on it. Smaller BVB symbols made up a heart), black skinny jeans and some black boots. I spent the rest of my getting ready time 9while the band was with Asking Alexandria doing a sound check0 putting on MY VERY OWN wannabee Andy make up.

Then I came where I am now. To the main stage. I wonder what Andy will think if he sees me in the crowd while he's performing? Maybe he'll get a laugh out of my poor attempt at his makeup. I was suddenly being pushed down as a group of people pushed through the crowd. I looked up to see three girls.

They all had blonde hair with different colored streaks, they wore tight fitted Black Veil Brides shirts with mini skirts or shorts and flats. They all had even worse attempts of Andy's makeup on their faces. They acted as if they never even knocked me down! They were talking in a circle and thought their giggling... i head them talking about how hot Andy was.


I felt that odd feeling creeping up my abdomen and into my chest. My heart. They obviously weren't here to listen to the music. They were here to see Andy. The odd feeling suddenly got worse, more intense. There was probably the case for most of these girls here. None of them looked the 'rock music' type. As I listened to mini conversations, Andy's name popped up in every single one. Not Black Veil Brides... just Andy.

This made me so...jealous.

Wait. Why am I jealous? Is that the strange feeling? Andy would never like me like that anyway. He's famous. A celebrity and could have pretty much any girl he desired. Also girls are always all over him. Having a boyfriend with girls all over him wouldn't set okay with me. It would honestly piss me off a great deal.


Why am I even jealous? I have Jaxon. I love Jaxon. He loves me. He's not a perfect celebrity like Andy, but for the past two years...he's all I needed. He's never treated me bad, always given me sweet gifts- The pearl necklace began to pretty much burn a hole in my neck. I reflexively reached up and touched it with my middle and pointer finger. A smile graced my lips.

What am I doing? What has even gotten into me? Did it take a free concert for me to see? I clenched my fists and frowned. If I wasn't in public I'd probably cry! I have a crush on Andy Biersack! I'm not fucking Bella Swan! I shouldn't like two guys at once. My life won't be one of those typical romances.
I didn't come to California to have some stupid summer romance with a celebrity!

This was it. As soon as this concert ends I am leaving Andy alone and I am gonna attempt to make this summer end as soon and as accident free as possible. No more celebrities, no more guys other than my dad and Jaxon's phone calls, no more Black Veil Brides and most of all no more Andy Biersack... even if I couldn't get him out of my head.

Of course if I can make it the rest of the concert...

I looked back up at the stage to see Andy bending down and extending his arm into the crowd. A few groups of girls were practically attacking it he only smiled and kept singing for them. They continued to get to him. That being exactly what I was talking about. I bared my teeth. "Andy just isn't-" I shut up once I realized I was talking out loud.

I couldn't make it. I wouldn't...not looking at this, this reminder.

I pulled my phone from my pocket and turned around and began to push myself through the crowd and to the parking lot. Once I got there I pressed my speed dial number three and held it to my ear and listened to it ring. I looked back to see (If even possible) more girls than before trying to get to Andy. "Andy just isn't good for me...just like I wouldn't be good for him."

Finally the phone picked up. "Hello?"

I decided to swallow all of my pride. I sighed heavily. "Dad? Can you please come and pick me up. I'm at the fair grounds."

"What did that boy do to you?"

"Nothing, Dad. Nothing. I just don't feel like being at a concert."

He sighed. "Alright. I'll be there soon."

"Thanks, Dad." With that I hung up and shoved the phone back in my pocket. I sat down on the nearest curb and pulled out my mirror from my bag and pulled my BVB shirt off to leave me in my zebra striped tank top. I used some water from a bottle in my bag and the side of my t-shirt to wipe the make up from off of my face.

I poured water slowly on the shirt and gently wiped the borrowed body paint from my face until I was all off. Who knows if it would come out of the shirt. I stuffed said shirt and water bottle into my bag and waited another ten minutes until my dad's Challenger pulled up in front of me.

I quickly got up and practically hopped into the car. He gave me a smile and I smiled back. We road home in silence.


wowser!!!!! this is awesommmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!
AnonymousMe AnonymousMe
please update! this is really cute!
That is so cute. Please update soon!
when r u going to update it
BloodyAngel67 BloodyAngel67
I really would like to read more! I hope you update soon!
Hailey Hailey