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I am Jessica Pitts.

I hope you have the time of your life

" Jessica up!"

I groaned moving more into my bed burying my head in my pillows.

" Jessica you have to be at the school in 25 minutes lets go" my mom shouted again from down stairs and I shot up in my bed.

It was my 18th birthday, and graduation, shit.

" thank you, I'll be down" I shouted back before sitting up a little.

I rubbed my face yawning and leaned over picking up my phone off my night stand.

I unlocked it and smiled at the amount of new messages the first of them all being from Sammi, Lauren, Sandra, Ella ,Juliet, Andy, jake, jinxx, jake , cc and Matt and Danny. I smiled and opened the last one seeing it was from Ashley.

Good morning, happy birthday beautiful, I love you and I wish I was here today, good luck.

I smiled wider before locking it and getting up to get dressed.

I took off my sport shorts and black shirt before slipping into some white skinny jeans and a white loose v-neck that I think was jakes from a few years ago.

I quickly brushed my hair before quickly walking out of my warm room. I walked down the soft stairs and into the living room where my mom was.

" hey sweety ,happy birthday!" She exclaimed and I smiled hugging her

" thanks , where's dad?" I questioned noticing I couldn't see his car from the window.

" he had to run a few errands but he'll meet us there" she said and I nodded.

" i just have to get shoes then we can go" i said before i left the room going to find my toms in the computer room.

" I'll be in the car " she shouted from the other room.

" okay!"
I slipped on my warm black toms and sighed out before rushing out of the room and through the house and out the door.

Here it goes.


I stood on the stage feeling a bubble of anxiety in my chest as claps erupted for the kid who just walked off.

It was finally the ceremony and i was 2 kids away and shaking.

Of course with a last name so close to the end I had to wait till the end to get called which only made my nerves grow larger. Good thing I wasn't making a speech because I would probably puke on them all.

I heard the gym door open and close as it grew silent again and the next person was called up leaving me standing at the edge alone and next to be called.

I had an urge to look out at my mom but I knew the amount of people would overwhelm me so I just stared forward at the girl who was getting her diploma.

As the kid walked off I let out a huge breath.

" Jessica Pitts" I slowly made my way towards the smiling principal feeling people's eyes on me.

I just had to get it and go I got to her and took my diploma smiling as she shook my hand.

My anxiety started to loosen as I heard people cheering , a few loud ones caught my attention but I didn't look , most likely stupid upperclassmen that came for siblings or something

" congratulations"she said

" thank you" I said smiling and turning around heading to walk where we were seated.

I smiled to myself as I sat in the hard plastic chair, I did it. Finally.

I sat impatiently as the rest of the kids got their diplomas, I just wanted to go home and call jake so I could tell him I actually did it.

After about 10 minutes the last kid was seated and the principal said her closing.

We all stood up and threw our caps up in the air, me just kinda tossing it so I could leave.

Once they fell to the ground everyone cheered while I won't down picking mine up and quickly walking from the stage and out the side door.

Once I stepped out I took my gown off and headed towards the gym exit where my parents would be coming out.

I walked toward the doors just as they came out.

" ah there you are ! " my dad yelled bringing me in a hug. I smiled into it.

" happy birthday" he said releasing it just as my mom hugged me .

" thank you"

" I'm so proud of you!" My mom said and I weakly smiled as my dad took my gown.

" thanks, I just wish jake and the others didn't miss it " I said sadly and they smiled a little nodding.

" are you sure about that?" He asked and I looked at him raising an eyebrow.

" huh?"

"Turn around" he instructed and I slowly turned around. Once turned around I froze feeling a tear fall down my face a little as I came face to face with all the guys smirking at me.

" oh my god" I whispered before rushing towards jake who started towards me already.

Once I got close enough I practically jumped in his arms gripping my arms around his waist and burying my head into his black leather jacket.

"Happy birthday" he said and I smiled feeling another tear fall.

" what are you doing here?" I asked into his chest and he pulled apart smiling down at me and wiping the tears off my face.

" you really thought I'd miss your 18th birthday AND graduation?" He asked and I laughed a little wiping my eyes shrugging.

" it was their idea, to surprise you" he said pointing to my parents and I turned towards them smiling and bringing them into another hug.

" thank you so much" I said releasing it and my dad smiled kissing my head

" anytime baby girl"

I smiled fixing my hair a little and wiping my face as the others all smiled at me.

" okay well we are going to head home, I'm guessing you're probably going somewhere after?" Mom asked towards jake and he nodded hugging her and taking the keys he handed her.

I'm guessing we were taking her car and they were taking my dads.

" yeah we'll be home soon" jake replied and they nodded before waving and walking away.

I smiled at jake again before he grabbed me in another hug.

" still can't believe you did it " he said swaying back and forth and I smiled wider holding tightly

. After a few seconds in silence someone broke it

" okay, yeah I understand how cute, brother and sister moment but you're hogging her!" Ashley wined and jake laughed before letting go and before Ashley could move jinxx was on top of me.

" I'm so proud of you! " he said squeezing me against him and I laughed into him.

" oh and happy birthday!"

" thanks jinxx" I said into his chest

He let go and kissed my head right as someone grabbed my waist and dragged me backwards and flipping me around bringing me against their chest

" ah! Jail baits all grown up now!" Cc called swaying me and I laughed pushing him a little but he held tighter

" you really need to stop calling her that" Ashley said from behind us and cc laughed letting me go.

Ashley smiled at me but before he could move Andy was on top of me.

" Oh for Jesus Christ!" Ashley wined and I laughed into Andy's warm chest.

"Calm down and wait your turn" Andy hissed wrapping his arms tightly around me.

" you fuckers took my turn!!" He exclaimed and they all laughed as people gave them stares.

" happy birthday kid" Andy said ignoring ashley and kissing my forehead.

" thanks Andy" He smiled and let go of me. I turned towards Ashley and he smiled.

His black skinny jeans clung to his legs and he wore nothing but cut off a outlaw shirt.

" okay, is it my turn now or is anyone gana go for seconds?" He asked and they all chuckled backing up a little

" your turn" Andy said and with that Ashley launched himself on me gripping me tight.

I smiled into his chest wrapping my arms tightly around him and nuzzling into his neck as he kissed my head.

" oh my god I missed you" he said into my hair and I grinned not wanting to let go.

"I missed you too"

He finally pulled apart and stared at me before cupping my chin with both hands and pressing his lips to mine pationatley.

I melted into the kiss, the kiss I've been missing for months. He didn't move from my lips and I didn't make any intentions of it untill I heard someone clear their throats.

" okay, hi, we're still here" jinxx said and we pulled apart looking towards them smirks on their faces.

Ashley wrapped an arm around my waist and kissed my cheek.

" fuck off"

They smiled before shaking their hands.

" can we go? I want to leave this place" I said looking around at the bright hall still filled with people

" we can, then we're going to get breakfast" jake said and I nodded

" sounds good ,Jessica'a hungry" I commented as we started to walk and Ashley laughed

" Jessica needs to stop referring to herself in third person" he said as we walked out of the school doors and into the warm sun.

"I told you it makes me feel less lonley" I wined and they all laughed harder

" Jesus Christ that's sad" cc said as we walked across the parking lot.

I stayed silent sticking my tongue out at them. As we got to the car I saw Tyler and his little slut standing in back of his car 3 spaces down, their gowns resting on top of it.

They all saw me starring and looked also causing Tyler to look over at us.

" hey! Look it's the slut and her fags!" he shouted and I groaned feeling my hands tighten.

Jakes eyes grew angry and I felt Ashley's hand start to loosen as he started to drift in their direction.

" no ashley no" I warned gripping his arm and pulling him back towards the car.

Jake stood still and I stared at him and I pulled Ashley along. He looked at them then to me before sighing and opening the car door as the Others followed his actions and got in also. Cc stood back letting me in the middle and Andy climbed and fell into the way back causing me to laugh.

" fuck off" he growled and I laughed as cc shut the door and jake roared the engine to life.

I looked at Ashley who was starring off into space still balling his fists. I sighed and rubbed his hands making him look at me and soften his face.

He slung his arm around me and brought me close giving me a kiss on the head.

" sorry I just hate him" he said softly and I nodded into his chest

" I agree, he's lucky I didn't nock him out" Andy added from the back and I laughed

" violence is never the answer.." I saw them all roll their eyes

" yes it is" jake muttered grinning at me through the rear view window.

CC rolled his window down and opened up a water taking a sip as jake started backing up.

He put it in drive and started to drive slowly looking back at cc a little. They both grinned and before I couldn think about it cc chucked the open water out the window as we passed Tyler's car.

It smacked his face and exploded all over the two making me erupt in laughter

" who's the faggot now?!" He shouted hanging out the window as jake beeped the horn and Andy and jinxx stuck their middle fingers against the window.

Jake sped out of the parking lot and I laughed harder leaning into Ashley as he also laughed along with the rest of the car.

Cc sat back in his seat and rolled up the window smiling towards me.

I wiped a stray tear from my face from laughing so hard and looked at them all.

" Jesus Christ you guys are immature"

They all smirked at me, jake through the Mirror and jinxx turning around while Andy leaned forward.

" we know" jinxx said

" but that's why you love us" Ashley added pecking the side of my head and I smiled wider.

They caught me there.



God this story is so good.

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