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I am Jessica Pitts.


" Jess!! Wake up your brother and the guys are coming soon" my mom called from downstairs. I groaned and rolled over. Not that I didn't love my brother and miss him which I did it's been 8 months because he's been on tour but, I was exahsted. Let me Introduce myself.

I'm Jess Pitts, yes I am jake Pitts younger sister, I'm 17 , 5"7 , have black hair and love music. The good music. Blak veil brides of course and my chemical romance, green day, afi, blink 182, sleepig with sirens, pierce the veil, of mice and men, all time low, I could list forever.

I'm in the middle of junior year and I hate it. Not the work part ,but the kids. I've been bullied my whole school life sice 5th grade verbally and physical it was untill 4days ago that I fought back kind of. Well back to the story.

I fell back asleep and woke up to my door slamming open.

"Jess!" I heard jake shout

I rolled over and saw all the guys standing there smiling.

" hey" I said before turning over and burying myself in the warm blankets.

" no hug, 8 months and all We get is hey?" He asked as they laughed they knew I loved sleep.

"Fine have it your way" andy said then I suddenly felt 5 bodies on me.

" oh god I'm up Im up" I said and they got off each one hugging me. As I was still laying down.

" wait a second , shouldn't you be in school?" Jinxx asked and I laughed he always was protective like a father

" I should but I'm not" I said siting up in my bed with my zebra blanket around my shoulders Ashley Andy and jake sat on my bed while Jinxx and CC grabbed chairs and leaned back in them.

" and why's that?" Andy asked

"I got suspended for 3 days im back tomorrow" I said

" nice!" Ashley said leaning forward and hi-fiveing me.

" good job ash in courage her" jake said and I laughed

" why are you suspended?" jake asked

" got in a fight"

" you finally fought back?" Jinxx asked smiling a little and I sighed

" attempted, I got a few punches in before they knocked me out"

" wait then why are you suspended? How long are they out for" CC asked

" because apparently I started it and they were using self defense so of course they didn't get suspended" I said

" that's messed up!" Andy said

" we'll that's my life for ya, now what are you doing here ,not that I don't love seeing your ugly faces" I said

" hurtful" Ashley said and I laughed

" we have a brake so were staying here for a month because why not and mom wanted us to come said you've been off lately ," jake said

I shook my head

" I've been just fine" I said

" whatever you say " Jinxx said

" sure.." Andy said and I hit him with a pillow.

" so how's Tyler?" Jake asked and the guys raise their eyebrows

Tyler's my boyfriend we've been dating for 6 months he's popular why he asked me out ,I don't know but I was happy.

" he's good" I said

" keeping you happy?" Andy asks and I shook my head

" yes "

" good"

I shook my head again. Freaks.

" we'll let you wake up while we unpack in my old room" jake said they all got up and left closing my door.

Seconds later it opened again with my mom.

" hey sweetie I'm going to the store want to come we can get lunch and you can drive ?" She asked and I smiled. I'm on my learners permit so whenever we go out I drive

" yeah ill be right down" I said and got out of bed. It was 12 , if I had it my way is sleep till 3.

I sighed and got up and locked the door . They tend to barge in without warning.

I put on tight black skinny jeans and a black batman shirt.

I straightened my black hair and kept it down. It went to both sides with bangs swooping in my face.

I grabbed my wallet and put on my grenade knecklace. I slipped on my hello kitty vans and picked up my grey and yellow batman SnapBack . I turned it backwards and put it on my head.i grabbed my keys that were on a hello kitty chain. i had my own car which was nice i payed for it with the job i do at a grocery store. i opened door and walked down the hall past jakes room the door was open and the guys were messing around when they saw me.

" where ya going batman?" Andy asked and I leaned against the doorway jingling the keys.

" driving"

" you got your permit?" Ashley asked and I nodded

"6 months ago yes " I said

" good job" CC said

" drive safe" Jinxx said and. I laughed

" ill try"I said walking to the stairs

" Don't kill mom !" Jake yelled

" yeah yeah" I said skipping down the stairs.

" ready?" She asked and I nodded
We got in the ford explorer and I put in pierce the veils mew album collide with the sky. I turned the keys and pulled out going down the street.

After 4 hours of driving around and getting lunch we finally pulled in the drive way. I got out and headed upstairs. I heard loud laughs as I headed down the hall to the last door which was mine.

I opened the door to see the Andy jinxx and jake on my bed ashley sitting on my burrow and CC siting on a chair

I shook my head

" do I even want to know why your in my room?" I asked taking my hat off and hanging it on a nail I had on my wall. I ruffled my hair

" it's nicer" jake said and I scoffed

" freaks" I said as I took my shoes off. I took my kneclace off and put it on my desk throwing my wallet on the desk also and i sat on it leaning back.

" how was driving?" Ashley asked

" good"

" hit anything?" jinxx asked raising an eyebrow


" yes" he said laughing

" hey that mailbox jumped out at me" I said putting my hands up in surrender and they laughed

" your an odd one" jake said

" you know it"

" so how have you been? You haven't texted or called any of us the whole tour" Andy asked

" sorry, I've been good" I said and he raised an eyebrow and looked towards my bracelet covered wrist.
The other seemed to get what he was looking at.

" you sure..?" Jinxx asked standing up. Oh god here it goes again

" not this again" I said standing up and trying to walk away

" yes this again" Jinxx said picking me up and putting me back on the desk.

Here it goes

He held his hand out

" show me your wrist" he said calmly

" I didn't" I said and jake stood up.

" show us your wrists then" he said and Ashley looked at me nervously as did Andy and CC . They always knew

" I'm fine I didn't can we just leave it alone" I said

" we all know when you lie your not fine come on just show us" CC said standing up over to where I was

" Jess .. Please" Jinxx said

Jake took my hand and took off the bracelets they flipped it over and gasped.

" Jess.." Ashley said standing up ad tracing over the scars covering my wrist. I pulled it back

" why?" Andy asked

" dot worry about it" I said

" Jess tell us come on" jake said and I looked at them. Ever since i can remember they've helped me out they all are my brothers and know me inside and out.

" just the bullies" I mumbled jake picked me up and hugged me

" you have to stop" he said and the others joined the embrace

" ill try" I said and they pulled away

" good" jake said kissing my forehead.

" we can't lose you" Andy said hugging me

We sat down and made little conversation. They're not going to leave me alone now that I started again.

" lets go get pizza" CC said and I laughed

I stood up

" can I drive?" I asked jingling my keys. They looked at eachother

" sure.. " jake said uneasy

" yes!" I said sticking my fist in the air. I slipped my shoes on and grabbed my wallet while they got their stuff. I Left room just as they were going down the stairs.

My parents were eating their own dinner.

" we're going to pizza" jake said

" okay are you letting Jess drive?" She asked starring the keys.

" yeah let's hope she doesn't kill us" he said and I slapped him.

We got to the car and they piled in. Jake sat passenger while cc got in te way back and Andy Ashley and Jinxx got in the first backseat.

I searched the compartment between the seats .

" what are you doing?" Andy asked

" finding music" I said

" here it is" I said as I found my fall out boy cd. I put it in and buckled in turning the key.

" ready?" I asked

" just don't kill us" cc said and I laughed

" I won't" I said pulling out

" more to the left!" Jake yelled as I almost went over the side of the road

" sorry " I said as I turned the corner

" it's okay your actually not that bad," jake said

" I agree" Andy said and I pulled in the parking lot into a space . I got out and locked the doors as the rest got out.

" good job" Jinxx said rubbing my head .

I fixed it flipping him off

" thanks"

We got pizzas and sat down to eat making conversation .

After we had pizza and saw a movie it was dark. I got in the car and out in a my chemical romance cd after starting up the car.

" oh by the way I've never driven in the dark before so, uh hold on" I said pulling out

" dear god save us" Andy said and I chuckled while pulling out. I really missed having them around.


God this story is so good.

Kat Woman Kat Woman

Update pleaseeeee

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Well no need to rush your perfection

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The update neeeds to happen

iateurdino iateurdino

I cant get enough of this story

taterbaby taterbaby