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A True Rebel Love Song


"Andy! Andy! Andy! Andy! Andy!" The crowd chanted pumping their fists in excitement.

Instead of feeding off their energy and making it my own, my heart raced on into oblivion for a different reason. The glossy piece of paper seemed to sear a hole in the back pocket of my black leather pants.

I pulled my thoughts together just long enough to say, "How are you all doing tonight?"

The crowd roared with answers varying from straight screams to 'goods,' 'greats,' and 'amazings' while I was frantically searching through the audience. My eyes picked apart row by row, section by section. Again the little square paper seemed to come alive in my pocket.

"That's f****** amazing!" I shouted still preoccupied with dissecting the crowd. I poured through dozens of unfamiliar faces, some streaked with our war paint, and others streaked with their own 'war paint.' Not a single one was the one I was looking for.

I missed the cue to introduce the band and even the cue for the first song.

"So, Andy," Jake started nervously clapping me on the back.

"Yeah," I said my voice thicker than normal, covering my embarrassment.

"What are we going to do tonight?"

I looked at him puzzled. He mouthed something at me and turned back toward the audience. "Set The World On Fire?"

"Exactly," he agreed moving back into position.

The opening notes to STWOF began playing and I managed to not miss my cue this time. I sang my heart out making as much eye contact with the crowd as possible, without making it overly obvious at my constant searching.

I eventually lost myself in the music, though, when we sang Fallen Angles. I couldn't help it, it was my favorite off the new album. I closed my eyes dancing to the music, getting lost in it just like our fans. I was thoroughly enjoying myself until it was time for Knives and Pens.

Then that familiar voice rang in my head over and over again. Knives and Pens is my absolute favorite song.. song.. song. I shook my head almost skipping a few words. The urge to take out the glossy paper almost over powered me again. I didn't need to look at it; I knew what was printed on it. I could see the owner of that voice in perfect clarity.

I tried to regain my composure, but mid-scream I stopped. "Sorry," I started.

The fans burst into an uproar. I heard first row fans screaming what was wrong. If I looked over my shoulder I would bet money on the guys having the same confused expressions. I gave them a look telling them to shut the f*** up. And they did.

"I had to stop because I have something on my mind. I'm sure you all have been able to tell I've been lost in thought most of the show. Well, you see, I met this girl earlier today at the meet and greet and I-I just can't get her off my f****** mind!

"Courtney, can you please make your way up to the stage?" I practically begged, even though it was against every fiber of my being to do so.

The crowd sat in a hushed silence, waiting. They were waiting for the girl who dare interrupt their concert. Who had stolen the attention of their beloved lead singer and made him act like a f****** moron. She would have to be pretty d**** ballsy to step forward. And yet, amazingly enough, in section four the fans parted, like the red sea, and made room for a single silhouette. After about five painful minutes the girl managed to scramble up to the stage. Security hoisted her up onstage and she stood about ten paces in front of me.


I pulled the picture of her from my back pocket and extended my hand towards her. "You dropped this.. in my pocket."

A smirk cracked across her face. "Keep it."

I closed the distance quickly, grabbed her arm, and crashed my lips to hers. The crowd was silent until she kissed back. Then it became a deafening roar.

When we finally parted she stepped back looking at me expectantly. "Well?"

"Looks like this is a Rebel Love Song," I paused for a slightly uneasy laugh at the cheesiness that poured out of my mouth, and then added a forthought, "Oh yeah, and happy birthday."


I just love the photograph idea. I really would love to make a whole story from just that idea. I hope you all enjoy and as always let me know if you think I should extend this into a full length story.


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