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Fallen Angel

Give up, give in

As Andy had his means of escape, so did Sophie. Now that her drug supplier had been cut off from her, she had no way to feed the addiction. Her mind was doing flips inside her skull from the lack of high. She had voices yelling at her in her mind to find another way to satisfy them and herself. But what else was she supposed to do?

Sophie never asked for a life like this. She never asked to become addicted to drugs and she certainly never asked to be saved by Andy. Although she loved Andy a lot, she sometimes wished that she could just go back to the streets of LA. At least there she was semi-happy with a perfectly good job and even a few friends. Here was like a living hell for her. She knew all Andy was trying to do was be helpful and supportive, but he didn't understand what this kind of addiction was like.

Ever since Sophie heard about Andy's fight with Ben, she's tried to avoid them both. She's been avoiding Ben mostly for Andy's sake and she's been avoiding Andy because she was afraid of him. She was scared that he didn't like her anymore or that he would be upset with her. What she didn't realize was Andy's disappointment in her reflected his feelings of care towards her. He still cared about her a lot and Sophie had never had anyone in her life who cared as much as Andy or even at all.

She began to think back to her past and in her dream one night, she relived the night that ruined her life.

Being the gullible teenager Sophie was, she agreed to tag along when her friends had invited her to a party. They had said there would be no drinking or anything crazy like that. Just a small party so they could socialize with one another. Of course, they had tricked her and when she arrived, it was like a mad house. Kegs everywhere, people shooting, snorting and smoking almost everything in sight, and of course lots of sex.

"You guys lied to me!" Sophie was upset with her friends at first but as she walked around the huge house, she started to loosen up a bit.

Sophie was always on edge because of her parents' bad addictions and Sophie had told herself she never wanted to be like them.

"Hey Soph!" Her friend Dillon called to her and waved her over to where he was sitting around a coffee table with a bunch of other kids.

She smiled and waved back at first, and then realized he wanted her to go over and join them. She quickly hurried over and sat herself down next to Dillon.

"Want to do a row?" He offered as one of the guys across from them snorted up the drugs.

Sophie looked and felt uneasy. This was the path her parents had taken and she knew she shouldn't follow their ways.

"Come on," He pressured. "Just one. And if you don't like it, you don't have to do it again."

Sophie was always overcome by peer pressure. Naturally, she gave in and did a line. And another line. And another. And another. The next morning, she woke up and found herself passed out on top of Dillon still at the house she had been at last night. Looking around, she saw that mostly everyone was still here either passed out or sleeping all over the floor and the couches.

As badly as Sophie wanted to blame her parents for this, she knew it had been all her fault. She gave in to the pressures of her friends and now she felt like she needed more of that wonderful powdery ecstasy. It allowed her to forget about her real life for a while and delve into a new one; a life she actually liked.

When Sophie woke up, she felt hot tears streaming down her cheeks. The last time she had a dream like this, Andy was there to save her. This time, there was no Andy to help her. It seemed he didn't care this time. And that made Sophie feel, admittedly, really bad. She still didn't know what she wanted. Did she want Andy to be there for her, care for her, save her? Or did she want to go back home and wish she had never met Andy? She was being pulled in two different directions and didn't know which way to give in to.

At last, she had decided the only way to fix everything was going to have to be a drastic decision. She had thought about it a lot before but never actually became that serious about it. This was it. Nothing was going to get better from now on.



Thanks for the shout out. Love this story
Please update. Really enjoying it despite it being so sad!
BVBfan101 BVBfan101
Noooo! :,(
i could only imagine his sad broken hearted face..
IsisChaos IsisChaos
is she literally dead um what this can't be happening
leeexiij leeexiij
Update soon