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Fallen Angel

Wake me up and let me know you're alive

The ride to the hospital seemed to take hours and when Sophie was finally admitted, it seemed like another mass amount of time before any progress was made.

Andy sat beside her bed, watching her sleep and holding her hand in his. The rest of the guys had left briefly to let people know what was going on.

The doctor came in after a few minutes to see how Sophie was doing and if she had woken up yet. "Nothing yet?" The doctor frowned slightly.

Andy shook his head solemnly. "Nothing..."

"Maybe you should come back tomorrow." The doctor suggested. He could probably feel the bad energy Andy was giving off from being so frustrated with himself.

"No, I have to stay. I promised myself that I would stay until she woke up." Andy sat back down next to her bedside.

The doctor nodded, respecting Andy's decision. "Well, I'll tell the nurse you're going to stay so she doesn't come to ask you to leave when visiting hours are over."

Andy thanked the doctor and watched him leave the room and turn down the hall to attend to other patients.

"If I had just watched you more carefully, none of this would have happened." Andy said, resting his fist against his forehead. He just wished his fist would go straight through his brain so he wouldn't have to deal with all this anymore. He feared she would never wake up. "This is all my fault. I should've never let you out of my sight. I'm the worst person you've probably ever met."

"You're not." Sophie said, turning her head and opening her eyes to look at Andy.

"I thought... I thought you were asleep." Andy said, shocked. He was embarrassed that she had just heard everything he said.

"I was." She smiled. "But then your voice woke me up and when I heard what you were saying. I knew that you would stop talking if I had woken up and I wanted to see what else you were going to say."

Andy laughed slightly and rolled his eyes. "I'm just glad you're awake now." He smiled. "I was worried about you."

"I could tell." Sophie laughed and sat up in her bed. She kissed Andy's hand and held it in both her hands.

Andy shook his head. He still really hated himself for all the neglect. "I shouldn't have neglected you." He admitted. "After what you told me about your parents and--"

"Andy, it's okay. I'm fine." She assured him. "I just want to go back to the bus and sleep. That's all."

"I promise, I will never let this happen to you again." Andy kissed her before he stood up to go find a nurse and ask her if it was alright to take Sophie back.

Sophie sat in her room alone and waited for Andy. Even she couldn't believe what she had done. Blacking out was one of the scariest things she had ever encountered and she really didn't want it to happen again. The fright of her overdose sent her into a panic. She realized it had scared Andy half to death and she really hadn't wanted to frighten him either. The drug use had to stop and her first mission when she returned was to cut all ties from Ben. No more parties, no more hanging out with him, and no matter how hard it was going to be to resist his adorable face, she was going to power through it.

Andy returned to the room with a wide smile on his face. "They said you can go back with me!" He exclaimed.

A weight was lifted off Sophie at his words and she managed to smile, too. "This is wonderful!"

Andy grabbed her clothes and let her change back into them before leading her out of the building. Her hands were still cold but just knowing her heart was beating was enough to get Andy by for the night. He wasn't sure what tomorrow would bring, but he could only hope that she would wake up the next morning.


Thanks for the shout out. Love this story
Please update. Really enjoying it despite it being so sad!
BVBfan101 BVBfan101
Noooo! :,(
i could only imagine his sad broken hearted face..
IsisChaos IsisChaos
is she literally dead um what this can't be happening
leeexiij leeexiij
Update soon