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Fallen Angel


Days had gone by and Sophie still hadn't told Andy yet, despite Sammi's constant persisting. She couldn't bring herself to it. Every time she went to go tell him, she made something else up and got further and further away from telling the truth.

Ben hadn't even made any attempt to call or text her, let alone see her. She figured what ever they had going on was over and she could focus on Andy from now on. Andy really cared about her and Ben--well... he didn't appear to.

Sammi sat down on the couch next to Sophie. "Get ready, we're going somewhere." She ordered.

"What are you talking about?" Sophie asked. "Where are we going?"

"Soph. You haven't left this bus for days. You need to get out. I'm taking you to see the boy's set. I know for a fact that Andy really wants you to be there." She gave Sophie a little wink and nudged her side.

Sophie shook her head. There was a reason she hadn't left the bus in so long. She didn't want to see Ben. She didn't like the feeling of two guys liking her and she most definitely did not want to have to tell Andy about her feelings for Ben.

"I can't..." Sophie trailed off.

Sammi pouted. "Why not?"

"I have to clean the bus." Sophie came up with a quick but lame excuse. The bus was already spotless because cleaning was all she did all day. The boys had never had a cleaner tour bus in history.

"That's not the reason." Sammi accused. "You can't keep hiding in the bus. Think of Andy. Think of how happy it would make him to see you cheering him on at the side of the stage."

Sophie looked down at her lap, wringing her hands together. She did want to make Andy happy. And who knows, maybe Ben wouldn't even be there.

"Okay, let's go..." Sophie stood up and unwillingly followed Sammi out the bus and to the stage.

As soon as her feet hit the pavement, Sophie knew she was going to regret this. The two girls began walking towards the stage and Sophie saw the door to Asking Alexandria's bus swing open. She spotted a familiar head of shaggy auburn hair.

She knew this was going to happen.


Thanks for the shout out. Love this story
Please update. Really enjoying it despite it being so sad!
BVBfan101 BVBfan101
Noooo! :,(
i could only imagine his sad broken hearted face..
IsisChaos IsisChaos
is she literally dead um what this can't be happening
leeexiij leeexiij
Update soon