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One Word And We Die.

fading away.

I awoke to a coldness surrounding me, opening my eyes I saw Ashley walking around my room grabbing clothes and then walking into the bathroom.

He slept with me all night?

“Hey baby cakes” My mother said opening the door to my room.
“Hey mum” I yawned rubbing my eyes.
“So I thought we could go out to the city today?” She asked sitting at the end of my bed.

The city!? I’ve never been there in my whole life!
“FUCK YES!” I yelled pulling my mother into a hug.
She laughed and pulled away from the hug.

“Where’s Ashley?” She asked looking around.
“In the bathroom, I’m gonna go have breakfast” I smiled getting up and walking out my room down the stairs to the kitchen, my mother followed in toe.

“Ashtain, you’re getting to skinny” Spoke poking my stomach as I opened the fridge pulling out a blood bag.
“No I’m not” I told her grabbing a mug and purring the blood into it.
She just shook her head sitting down at the dinner table with me.

“Hey people” Ashley said walking into the kitchen and sitting down next to me.
“Do you want me to pure a mug for you?” My mum asked Ash, he nodded and smiled.

My mother got up grabbing another mug and blood bag from the fridge.

Ashley had gone home about an hour ago and now I was in the car with my mum driving into the City.
I was so excited I couldn’t even express it in words.

She pulled up outside a huge café.
“So the plan is, get lunch, then go shopping for you” She smiled as we got out the car.
“Sounds like a good plan” I chuckled.

The day went as planned, I bought new clothes and some makeup along with a hair straightener, I don’t know why, I just wanted one.

Sitting on my bed I looked down at my wrist, you could see my veins through my skin.
It was creepy…
I started to stare at my nails just zoning out staring at them.
My middle finger nail started to turn a light black almost grey and grew long bending into a sharp point.
“What the” I whispered to myself as my other nails did the same.

I felt my fangs extend.
Was I changing? But my birthday’s not until a month.
Slowly I got up walking into my bathroom.
Looking myself in the mirror, my eyes were Full black with a white pupil, my fangs were I bit longer than usual when I showed them and my nails of course were the light black and pointing into a spike.

Pressing my hand up to the mirror it smashed just from me touching it.
A piece of class went in my hand letting dark red blood drip down my arm.
“WHAT WAS THAT?” My mum called from downstairs.
“MUM I NEED HELP!” I panicked holding my arm to my chest to afraid to pull the piece of class out.
I heard her run up the stairs into my room and running into the bathroom.
She got me out of the glass filled bathroom and sat me on the bed.
“What happened?” She asked looking me up and down.
“I changed and-“ I cut myself off screaming in pain when I felt the piece of class get pulled out of my hand.
“It’s okay honey, just wait here a sec” She said getting up and grabbing a towel from my bathroom, shaking it first to make sure no class was on it and wrapped it around my hand.
“You’re very close to you’re birthday, this is just the stages before you change” She explained holding presser to my hand.

I nodded my head in too much pain to talk.

Later my mother had put me to bed; I’d changed back to myself and now laid in bed, in the dark.

I felt really cold; I think I’m dying…

“Ashtain?” I heard a cool calm voice speak. I turned over seeing Ashley standing near my now open window.
“What are you doing?” I asked sitting up and going to turn my lamp on.
“Wait, I like it dark” He whispered. I pulled my hand away from the lamp and stared at him.

“I just wanted to be here with you” He spoke walking over to me. Slowly I nodded my head. God I hate him right now, he looks so damn tempting and especially in the dark.

I felt a shiver go down my body as Ashley laid on my bed wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer to him.
I turned so I faced him and looked into his eyes. He smiled slightly and pulled me even closer so I now sat on top of him, our lips only inches apart.

Our lips touch softly at first but soon deepened. I pressed my chest up against his as I kissed him for a good 30 seconds.
I pulled away from the kiss; he straightaway started kissing my neck flipping me over so I lay on my bed.
He nipped at my neck, sucking, surely it would leave a love bite.

I slid my hands down his sides moaning softly when he started kissing my jaw line.
My hand found his crotch; I rubbed his hard on letting his hands roam my body.

My pulled my sweat pants off so I was only in my boxers. I helped him take his shirt and pants off. My eyes wondered over his chest as I outlined his OUTLAW tattoo.
He pushed me back down kissing down my chest until he reached the top of my boxers.

He pulled them down licking my slit. I inhaled a sharp breath as he did so.
He took my length into his mouth, bobbing his head. I tried to stay quiet so not to wake my mother. He deep throated me making me arch my back in pleasure; he took me out of my mouth knowing if he didn’t I would surely come.

He got up finding he pants and taking a condom out of the pocket.
He pulled off his boxers putting it on. He laid over me and kissed my forehead.
I don’t know what was going through my mind; I just wanted him, and nothing else.

“You ready?” He asked looking me in the eyes, I nodded my head. Bitting down hard on my lip he slipped into me, I let out a groan of pleasure and pain.
He waited for me o get used to the feeling. I nodded my head and he started thrusting into me slowly at first. I had to hold my hands over my mouth from screaming in pleasure. He sped up his pace kissing me on the lips to stop both of us from moaning to loud.

Before I could even tell him I was going to cum, he grabbed my hard on pumping it with his pace.
I screamed into the kiss as I came. Soon after he did too pulling out of me.
He took the condom off throwing it in the bin next to my bed.
He wrapped his arms around me.
“I love you” He whispered in my ear, my breath hitched in my throat, he said it.
For some reason I was so happy he did.
“I love you too” I whispered kissing him on the lips.

“Get up boys” My mother shook me away; I snapped open my eyes turning my head to see Ashley still held me in his arms.
“Breakfast is waiting for you two” She said walking out the door.
She knew he was here?
“Ash” tapped his nose gently, his eyes slit open a bit. He opened his eyes fully smiling at me.
“Morning gorgeous” He kissed my cheek getting out of bed.
“Breakfast is waiting downstairs for US” I told him, he looked at me confused.
“How does you’re mum know I’m here?” He asked putting his pants on.
“I don’t know, she just, knew…” I mumbled sliding out of the warm embrace of my blanket and putting my sweat pants back on.
“You’re so beautiful” Ashley whispered walking over to me and embracing me. I rested my head on his shoulder taking in his scent.

“Come on boys!” We heard my mum yell from downstairs.
“I swear she’s physic” I whispered to myself pulling out of Ashley embrace and walking out my room, down the stairs to the kitchen. Ashley followed behind me.
We sat down at the dinner table. My mum set two mugs of blood in front of us and some sandwiches.
“Thanks mum” I smiled at her sculling down my mug and eating a sandwich, Ashley did the same.

“So I see you two had “Fun” last night” My mum teased poking at the love bite on my neck.
I blushed hiding behind my hair.
“Sure did Miss. Cooper” Ashley smirked at me pulling me into his lap.
“Awe, you two are so cute, but, school is today so get ready and I’ll drop you off” My mum told us getting up from her place and walking into the lounge.
“Come on” I said leading Ash back to my room. He put his shirt back on and brushed his hair. I got changed and straightened my hair.
Today I wore; my black ripped skinny jeans along with my Missfists band Tee and my black trench coat with a hood.
“You look amazing” Ashley told me kissing me softly before heading downstairs where my mum waited.

Ash and I walked hand in hand to my locker, I shoved my bag in it then Ash went off to his class, so did I.

“Hey I’m Cc” A guy said sitting at the desk next to me.
“Ash” I mumbled drawing a random drawing on a piece of paper.
“Yeah I know, you’re Ashley’s right?” He asked, I looked at him deep in thought.

Am I? I guess I am, I mean we did have sex and I guess were going out so…
“Arh… yeah” I murmured then continued drawing.
“I’m his best mate” Cc told me just staring at me.
“Cool” I spoke not really wanting to talk to this Cc guy.

“Class, today we have a new student.” The teacher announced.
“Jeremy?” The teacher spoke.
A boy with bright red hair stood up, he glimpsed over at me then looked back at the teacher.
“Yes sir?” Jeremy asked.
“I know you’re reputation at you’re last school, I thought I’d just warn you, if you do that here you will be killed” The teacher spoke coldly; Jeremy nodded and sat back down.

The bell rang; I got up grabbing my books and walking out the class. Once I was at my locker I opened it shoving my books inside it then slamming it shut before any fell out.
“Hey baby” I heard Ashley whisper in my ear wrapping his arms around my waist from behind me.
I spun myself around to face him.
“Are you… together now?” I asked.
“Do you want to be?” He asked still holding me, I nodded my head and he chuckled.
“Then we are” He laughed then picked me up and put me on his back so he was pretty much giving me a piggyback ride.
“Ash put me down!” I laughed. He shook his head and continued walking out of the school.
“I’ll make a deal with you?” I teased.
“I’m listening?” Ash questioned but still kept walking.
“You put me down and I won’t make you’re life hell” I whispered in his ear.
“And how would you do that?” He asked playfully.
“No sex” I teased, he suddenly dropped me turning around and kissing me.
“There, you’re down” He kissed my lips again but with more force.
“Get a room” I heard Andy laugh walking past us and out of the school.
“Come on, let’s go get lunch” I said dragging Ashley out of the school.

“Ashtain!” I heard a girl yelled from behind Ash and me as we walked down the footpath.
I turned my head to see Ivy running up to me.
“Hey Ivy” I smiled, Ashley just stayed quiet.
“Are you two together?” Ivy asked both of us.
“Yes we are” Ashley spoke looking her in the eyes.
“Oh…” She murmured then just suddenly walked off.
“What the hell?” I talked to myself looking for an answer.
“She’s jealous” Ashley told me.
“Oh fuck me” I cursed annoyed.
“Anytime” Ashley smirked.

I playfully punched Ashley in the arm.

I think my life finally has a purpose to it.
I’m finally free to be… me.


THE END! sorry Ashley's P.O.V was short but i will update new story's that are longer and better written :)


write women write now lol
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove
omg, i love this story.
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove
omg, i love this story.
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove