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One Word And We Die.

little white lie.

I can’t believe after I kissed, KISSED! Ashtain, he decides, “oh wait, no I like this girl better” Well then fuck him!

I was sat outside my house looking up at the sky when I heard someone curse under their breath.

“Fuck, how heavy can someone be?” I heard them get louder. I got up walking over to the path to see someone dragging someone else by his or hers shoulders along the path.
“Hey! What are you doing?” I yelled walking up to them.
“Oh this guy passed out, I was trying to get him to my car to get him to the hospital” A woman with long black hair spoke softly laying the person down on the path.
I looked down to see it was Ashtain. WHAT THE FUCCK IS HE DOING OUT THIS LATE!?
“Ashtain?” I spoke softly kneeling down next to him and brushing the hair out of his face.
“You know him?” She asked.
“Yeah where did you find him?” I asked looking up at her.
“Over there, it looked like this guy was about to slash his throat, but he left pretty soon once he figured I was there.” She laughed a bit.
“Oh… well I’ll take it from here” I said picking Ashtain up. He wasn’t heavy at all; I don’t know what this girl was on about before.
“No you won’t be” He said crossing her arms.
“And why’s that?” I asked getting annoyed.
“Because… I can’t tell you, he just needs to get home before his dad get’s worried.” He explained her facial expression softened.
“I can get him home.” I mumbled walking over to my car.
“Then I’m coming with you, I need to see his father anyway” She said, I just shrugged and unlocked my car laying Ashtain down in the back and getting in the car, so did the women.

God I can smell her, she’s human, never thought I’d be in a car with a human, that’s for sure.

Within half an hour we were outside Ashtain’s house and he’d still not awoken.
I hurried out the car picking up Ashtain and walking him his front door. The women following behind me, she looked nervous.
I knocked on the door.
Ashtain’s dad opened the door and looked at me shocked then looked and Ashtain getting even more shock then looked at the women behind me and froze, just staring at her.
“We found him like this and did the right thing and brought him home” I said, his dad snapped out of his daze letting us in. I laid Ashtain on the couch.
“Thank you, I’m surprised you even came here” His dad spoke, I just nodded.
“Well I’m not going to hold a grudge against Ashtain but I’m sorry, I’ll never trust you” I bluntly spoke.
“At least by boy has a good friend like you” His dad just whispered sadly looking down at Ashtain.
“Pat?” The women asked, pat turned around glaring at the women.
“Yes. Mary?” He asked with a low growl.
“I think you know why I’m here.” She sighed, what the fuck is going on?
“You’re not getting him” Pat hissed at her.
“Pat we both know he’s safer with me, and we also know he misses me, I miss him, I just want to spend some time with my baby boy” He teared up, She’s his mother?

“Fine, take him, but he’s not coming back here!” pat shouted storming off into the kitchen.
“Do you want me to help?” I asked, she nodded her head.
“Okay I’ll take Ashtain to my car and drive you two to yours, I’ll come by here with you tomorrow to get this things?” I questioned.
“Yes, that would be great, thank you” She spoke softly wiping away her tears that had shed.

Ashtain’s going to get a huge knock in the head when he wakes up…

===========ASHTAIN’S P.O.V================

My eyes slowly opened as I woke up.
I was half expecting someone to hit in the face seeming as how I was knocked out, but no I was in a lounge room.

I looked around confused to where I was.
Light shined through light purple curtains that hung loosely over the windows.
A middle sized TV was on with the news, it was daylight. Have I really been out that long?

“Ashtain?” I heard the voice I’ve been longing to hear for a year now, I snapped my head to see my mother standing at the end of a stair case staring at me, she smiled at me lightly as she walked over to me.

“M-mum” I stuttered still in shock.
“Yes baby, I’m here, I came back to get you” He started to tear up. I quickly scrambled to my feet embracing her in a tight hug.
“I thought I’d never see you again!” I half yelled hugging her tighter, she hugged me back.
“I had to see my baby boy, you’re father kicked you out when he realised I wanted to see you again, so you’re staying with me now” She smiled pulling away from the hug.
“He didn’t like it, I’m guessing?” He asked walking back over to the couch a lazily sat on it.
She nodded her head.
“You’re friend Ashley agreed the help me get you’re stuff from Pat’s, he’s a good friend ya know” She smirked at me.
Yeah… Friend…

“Um… I know this is a little to much to ask but…” I started to speak.
“Go on?” He engorged me sitting down next to me.
“Do you have any… blood? I haven’t fed in a while” I stated.
“Honey, you don’t have to be ashamed, you’re a vampire, and to survive you need blood at least once a month and yes. I do, I was planning to see you soon, so I got prepared” He said getting up and walking through an opened door. A few minutes later she came back with a mug and handed it to me.
“What type?” I asked staring at the dark red blood in the mug.
“A positive” She smiled, she knows me way to well.
I sculled it licking my lips clean after I had drunk it all.

“Growing are we?” He laughed taking the mug from me and placing it on a coffee table in front of the couch.
“Probably” I shrugged.
“Ashley said he’d be around here in an hour, so go get ready, I have some of you’re clothes from Pat’s that I grabbed last night, also I know you’re into wearing eyeliner so I left my makeup bag in the bathroom” She told me with a warm smiled.
“Thanks mum” I murmured getting up and walking to the bathroom. Black Skinny Jeans and a Band Tee were foiled on the bench along with her makeup bag.

I sat on the couch watching TV as my mum went around shifting random things about, she does that when she’s nervous; she probably doesn’t want to see my dad again.
We heard a knock at the door.
“I’ll get it” I told my mum who was about to walk off and answer it.
I opened the door to nun other than Ashley; he gave me a warm smile.
“Well look who finally woke up” He laughed walking in.
“Ha ha, very funny, I got drugged, I had a right to sleep forever” I chuckled closing the door.
“Now, now boys, everyone knows that the mother is supposed to make the jokes” My mum winked.
“Yeah but I’m the friend with the perverted mind so I have an excuse” Ashley laughed sitting down on the couch.
“I can see” My mum smiled and grabbed her keys.
“We ready to go?” She added, Ashley got up and I nodded.

We parked the car and got out, my dad sat outside a cigarette purged between his lips.
“See you came back to get you’re stuff” He sighed pushing his hand through his hair.
“Yup” I answered bluntly.
My dad shook his head before opening the front door and letting us in.
He stopped Ashley at the door.
“Not you” He firmly said, Ashley hissed at him. I pulled my dads hand away to let Ashley in, as he did.
“Wow, pardon me for making rules in MY house” My said spat at me.
“He’s here to help get my things, that’s all” I growled. My dads face grew shocked as he looked at me.
“Okay, just calm down” He said putting his hands up in surrender.
God, he should calm down, all I did was growl, not like I was going to kill him.
“I am calm” I hissed under my breath.
“No you’re not” He stuttered still fear written.
Why is he acting like this?
I felt a cool hand rest on my shoulder; I didn’t have to turn around to know whom it was.
“Come on” Ashley’s soft voice spoke, I surely loosened up walking off to my room.
Ashley stopped me at my door and stared into my eyes.
“Does this usually happen when you get angry?” He asked still staring at my eyes.
“What do you mean?” I question raising my brow at him.
“You’re eyes” He told me looking away; I sighed knowing what he meant. Know this doesn’t usually happen until recently!
“No, it’s a new thing” I told him, pushing passed him and into my room where my mum had boxes and was packing my things into them.
“Interesting” Ashley, whispered to himself. Funny how he probably thinks I didn’t hear.

Ashley helped my mum and I unpacked my things once we got back, my mum had decided to ask him if he’d like to stay the night seeming as we were such good “friends” I think she could see right through me. Although I still couldn’t get Ivy off my mind I decided I wouldn’t talk to her until I got back to school.
Of course Ashley agreed to this and was now staying the night.

Fucking prefect!

I brushed my hair looking myself in the mirror.
God I’m getting to skinny, and that only leads to weakness.
Slamming the brush down on the counter I leaned in close to the mirror staring myself in the eyes.
My original Icy Blue eyes had turned to a vibrate blue.
I just won’t stop changing, won’t I?

Walking out of the bathroom I walked into my room to see my mum had made up a bed for Ashley on the floor.
Ashley sat on it reading a book.
He looked up at me and smiled.

I walked over to my dresser pulling out a pair of boxers and black sweat pants; I never wear a shirt to bed.
Hiding myself back in my bathroom I got changed and then re entered my room.

“Getting to skinny Ashes” Ashley laughed at me.
“I know… and Ashes?” I raised my brow at him in confusion.
“Yeah, I nick name I came up with for you” He smiled setting him book down.
“Okay, Purdy Boy” I teased cruelling into my bed.

He smirked at me.

“So what do you do for fun?” Ash asked looking bored.
“Uh… Draw, Write, and go hunting…” I trailed off, but I promised my mum a year ago I wouldn’t do that, even though I did I’m sure as hell stopping now.
“Well we can’t do that” He stated.
“Yeah.” I murmured feeling hungry at the thought.
“I’m hungry” I wined shoving my face into my pillow.
“Then go get some blood?” Ashley suggested. I shrugged my shoulders sitting up.
“I’m not hungry for blood” I’m hungry for Bacon!
“Then what?” Ashley asked standing up.
“Meh, I donno, but I’m sure as hell finding out” I said scrambling to my feet and racing out the door and down the stairs to the kitchen, Ashley followed laughing at my childish behaviour.

I opened the fridge to see exactly what I wanted. BACON! Grabbing it, I laid in on the bench along with eggs and ham; let’s just say I know how to make a damn good bacon, eggs and ham sandwich.

“Want me to make you one?” I asked Ash as I closed the fridge.
“Nah, I’m good” He spoke just watching me as I turned on the stove and cooked the food.

It took no longer than 15 minutes until I was done. I ate the whole thing within 3 seconds though. I swear I must be growing or something. I’m just so damn hungry!

“Why am I so hungry!” I complained rinsing everything I used to make the sandwich.
“I know what you need” Ashley mumbled opening the fridge. He grabbed a blood bag and salt and sugar.
“What are you doing?” I questioned confused.
“How old are you?” He asked ignoring my question.
“17” I told him, he nodded getting a knife and poking a hole in the blood bag and purring it into a mug. He then added the Salt and Sugar.
“Vampire’s gain there full strength when they turn 18, but when in between that their body crave blood, but salty and sugary blood, it helps the vampire grow” He explained passing my the mug.

“Oh” I mumbled sculling the blood and licking my lips clean. Ashley laughed at me.
Truth be told, that mug Ashley made HIT the SPOT.

I rinsed out the cup.
“Thanks Ash” I smiled, he smiled back at me.
“No problem, I think we better get back to you’re room though, you’re mums about to walk into the kitchen” Ash said grabbing my hand, he right, I can smell her. He took me up the stairs and into my room.
I cruelled into my bed covering myself with my blanket.

Not really knowing why but I am cold! Ice block cold!
“Fuck” I hissed snuggling more into the blanket.

“What’s wrong?” Ashley asked sitting down on his made up bed.
“It’s cold” I mumbled cuddling the blanket closer to me.
“Here” Ashley spoke getting under the covers with me and wrapping his arms around my waist.
He was actually really warm.
I turned around snuggling my head into his chest.
“Warm now?” He asked with a grin on his face.
“Yup” I mumbled. He stroked my hair softly as I rested in his arms.

This had to be the most perfect moment of my life.


write women write now lol
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove
omg, i love this story.
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove
omg, i love this story.
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove