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One Word And We Die.


“You passed out after I got you out of the gas station, I don’t exactly know why, I mean. Are you hurt?” Andy asked with a worry written face.
“I don’t know, I feel fine now… SHIT! I need to get to school” I panicked; it was the only thing going through my mind.
“No, you need to rest, I’ll call the school and tell them what happened.” Ashley told me firmly then left the room. Where am I even?
“Andy?” I whispered, Andy’s head snapped around to face me.
“Hmm?” He mumbled looking at me.
“Where are we?” I asked, he sighed then looked around the room until his eyes finally rested on me again.
“Where at Ashley’s.” He sighed, why is he acting so weird?
I nodded my head.

I feel so weak, pathetic, my mother was right, I am just a no good vampire with no emotion and just like my father…
I know he was known to me deadly back when he was younger, but my mother changed him, gave him some peace, then she left…

“The school knows” Ashley told us walking back into the room.
“I need to go home…” I whispered, Ashley stared at me along with Andy.
“I’ll be downstairs” Andy mumbled before leaving the room. Ashley sat down at the end of the bed.
He sighed before speaking his mind.
“Where do you live?” He asked still with a sigh promote in his voice.
“The boarder of town, near the forest.” I whispered.
“That far away!?” He seemed shocked by this, I don’t see why though; my dad never liked the town or the people.
I nodded.
“Okay, come on, I’ll take you home” He said getting up from his place and waiting for me to get up.
Once I had he led me out of the room down the stairs and to the lounge room.
“I’m taking Ashtain home, okay?” Ashley called out. A woman with long mouse brown hair came out of what I presume was the bathroom.
“Okay Ash” She nodded, Andy got up from the couch.
“I’ll see you at school, if you’re going” Andy murmured before leaving out the front door.

Ashley led me outside and got into a black car, I soon joined. He started the car driving onto the road. I told him where to go and he nodded his head slowly as if he wasn’t that sure about taking me home.

Half an hour later, he pulled up at my house.
“Thanks Ash” I mumbled reaching for the door to get out. But before I could he locked it, I looked back giving him a confused look.
“Be safe, promise me?” He whispered.
“I promise” I mumbled still confused. He leaned forward only inches away from my lips and looked me in the eyes; his hazel eyes had a passion in them that made my heart beat increase.
Our lips touched softly, he pushed his hand behind my head pulling me closer and deepening the kiss.
He pulled away and smiled at me.
I slowly smiled back feeling a weird feeling in my chest, I didn’t know what it was.
“I’ll see you tomorrow” He whispered brushing the side of my face softly.
My breath hitched in my throat as I stared at him, he’s perfect, the way his hair falls over his shoulders, and the way his eyes shine in the lightest bit of light.
“I can’t wait” I murmured getting out of the car.
He smiled at me before driving off, I watched as his car disappeared.

I rushed inside my house, my dad gave me a confused look as I ran into my room, slamming the door and putting music on full blast.
“TURN THE MUSIC DOWN!” My dad demanded storming through my bedroom door.
I quickly turned my music down and lay on my bed a smile planted on my lips.
“Why are you home so early and why are you smiling like and idiot?” My dad asked sitting down next to me.
“I met someone, we kissed” I smiled wider.
“That still doesn’t tell me why you’re home early?” He grumbled, god he’s in a bad mood.
“I got kidnapped and a few friends helped me get away” I mumbled sitting up not looking my dad in the eye.
“And you didn’t fight them off yourself?” He questioned.
“I was to weak…” I whispered.
“You’re not weak Ash, you just couldn’t focus for energy, you just need practice” He sighed getting up from my bed.
“I guess so…” I mumbled. He pat me on the back before leaving my room.
Although I’m not 18 yet so I don’t have my full power yet, I’m still growing, still learning…


“How could you do this? You evil bastered!” My mother screamed packing her things away in a suitcase.
“Ella, I’m sorry, please, please don’t leave! Think of Ashtain!” My father cried pointing to me. I stood there shocked.
She can’t leave, she just can’t!
“Mom! Please don’t leave me!” I started to cry and dropped to my knees, she stopped in her tracks and kneeled down next to me.
“You promise me Ashtain, promise me you won’t let you’re blood lust take over?” He spoke seriously.
“I promise, please, just, don’t leave me” I cried letting the tears fall down my face.
“I have to baby, but I will never forget you” and with that she got up and left.
“FINE! LEAVE! NEVER COME BACK!” My dad screamed starting to rip down all the photos of her of the walls.


“DON’T LEAVE ME!” I screamed waking up from my sleep.
I was in a cold sweat, I hate that dream, the memory hurts.
Pulling my pillow to my chest I let the tears fall down my cheeks.
“I promise, I’ll never be him” I whispered to myself.

I pushed through the crowd to get to my locker. Closing my locker I felt myself get turned around and pushed up against the cold metal.
“Hey faggot!” A boy yelled in my face.
I pushed him off me with intense force; I wasn’t up for this today! Of all days! NOT TODAY!
“What’s the matter, did I scare you” He teased, I turned around showing my fangs with a low growl, he showed of his fangs hissing at me.
Good, he’s a Vampire; it means I don’t get in trouble if I kill him.
NO! You promise her you wouldn’t be like that.
I backed off turning my back to him and started walking.
“It’s sad you’ll never get to see her again, huh?” He cooed, I stopped in my tracks snapping my head back at him.
Everyone gathered around to see what was going on. Before he even knew what had happened I grabbed him by the neck snapping it and throwing his body into the crowd of people that surround.
“His eyes…” I heard a girl whisper in the crowd of people, I ran off to the bathroom looking myself in the mirror.
My eyes were black with a white pupil.
I’ve never seen this happen to a vampire before, WHAT IS THIS!

My eyes slowly returned to their original icy blue colour.

I decided to splash my face with water from the bathroom tap. Drying my face I felt a cool hand on my shoulder, I turned to see Ashley.
“What happened?” He asked worry in his hazel brown eyes.
“Nothing… don’t worry about it” I whispered pushing past him and out the bathroom, he followed me in toe.
“That wasn’t nothing” He stated stopping me in my tracks.
“Just leave it” I half yelled walking around him and into the classroom.

How did that kid even know about my mother? That’s the one thing that scared me the most, no one even knows about that day, they all think she’s dead or left when I was a baby, neither is true.


“Ashtain, you can’t tell you’re mother what I did okay, you just CAN”T” My dad panicked as he paced through the lounge.
“Dad! How can I not tell her! You killed her brother! HER FUCKING BROTHER!” I screamed, that’s when I heard the front door shut.
We both stared at the doorway to see my mother standing there staring at us.
“Pat please tell me you didn’t kill someone’s brother?” She asked anger filled.
“I didn’t. We-“
“NO! I CAN’T LET YOU LIE TO HER! MUM HE KILLED YOU’RE BROTHER!” I screamed not even thinking of what I was saying.
She ran to her room, my dad and I following behind her.
“How could you do this? You evil bastered!” My mother screamed packing her suitcase.

================END OF FLASHBACK=============

“Ashtain Cooper!” I heard the teacher yell snapping me out of my daze.
“Huh?” I asked confused, I was seated at my desk, how did I even get here? I remember walking into class but nothing else… was I really that zoned out?
“Answer the question!” He yelled pointing to maths on the board.
“Erm… 987” I answered then looked back down at my desk.
The teacher looked at me shocked that I actually got the answer, what I’m good at maths… problem?

The bell rang letting me escape the dreaded classroom, I ran out the door before anyone else and out the school.

I walked slowly down the footpath to town.

Why was I such an asshole to Ashley before? I still don’t know what I feel for him. UGH! All of this is way to confusing!

“Oh god” I heard a girl whimper, I stopped and listened.
“Why does this always happen to me, make it stop!” I heard her cry harder, She was close I could smell her, she’s human, but something drew me to her, I found her curled up in a ball her knees to her chest crying behind a bush. I kneeled down in front of her; she looked up at me shocked I found her.
“Are you okay?” I asked sweetly, I hated other people crying, no matter who or what they were.
“N-no” She stuttered trying to clam herself down.
“What happened?” I asked softly.
“I got-t attacked” She started to cry harder burying her face in her knees.
“Come here” I whispered opening my arms to her and sitting down. She cruelled into my lap burying her face in my chest, I wrapped my arms around her, stroking her hair softly as she cried.
I know how bad it feels to get attacked, you’re frightened for you’re life. She probably knows I’m a vampire, but truth be, I don’t care.

After about fifteen minutes she calmed down and stood up, I stood up as well giving her a warm smile.
“Why did you do that?” She asked wiping the stray tears from her cheeks.
“Because I don’t like to hear or see others cry” I answered the truth, she smiled.
“But you’re a vampire, I can tell.” She whispered looking down at her feet.
“That doesn’t faze me, yes you’re human, but I don’t mind, hey come on, I’ll get you a drink at this café I know” She smiled looking into my eyes again. I walked her to the town.
I knew Andy and Ashley and so forth would be there but right now I don’t care.
We walked into the café and sure enough Andy, Ashley Jake and some guy I don’t know were sat at a table at the end of the café.
I walked over to the counter, they showed us a table and she get a coffee. I just got water.
“Thank you” She smiled weakly.
“Really it’s fine” I laughed a bit showing my real smile. Don’t think I’ve smiled like this for a long time.
“So what’s you’re name” I added.
“Ivy, yours?” She asked sipping at her drink.
“Ashtain but I go by Ash” I smiled at her. Her eyes were amazing, a light green with hazel gold strikes through it. Her skin was so pale but had colour, her lips were a pink rose colour, her hair a golden with even lighter streaks.
“Okay then Ash” She laughed, I laughed a bit myself. I looked over at Ashley, Andy, Jake and the other guy to see they were all staring at me and Ashley had a glare at the girl.
“Here, I’ll get that changed to a take away cup, a few of my friends are eyeing you for a snack” I said looking back at her, she looked over at them scared than at me.
“Are they going to hurt me?” He asked frightened.
“Now, why would I let them?” I said looking her in the eyes, she smiled.
“Don’t worry about the coffee, I’m finished anyway” He told me, I nodded and got up, walking over to her side a holding out my hand for her to take, she gladly did and with that we walked out of the café.

We talked the whole way back to the school I found out she went there, she was one of the lesser humans that went there.
She told me that the people who attacked her went to the school, and were vampire’s, and of course I promised her that she can always find me and I’ll rip there heads off.

We walked back into the school still deep in conversation.
“Ash?” She asked, looking into my eyes as we walked.
“Yes?” I questioned, returning the gaze.
“Why are you so kind?” She asked as if it was uncommon, which she wouldn’t be to far from right with that one.
“My mother always tort me to be the kind one, even to you’re enemy’s. I guess I’ve just grow up with that.” I explained, she nodded her head. I stopped outside my locker opening it and grabbing a packet of cigarettes.

“You smoke in class?” She asked shocked.
“The teachers don’t do anything about it, there all human, they know damn well I could hurt them, they just don’t know that I wouldn’t” I laughed, she nodded her head again and smiled.
“IVY! GET AWAY FROM THE VAMPIRE!” a girl with dyed red hair yelled running up to us.
The girl stopped in front of us and I looked at her confused.
“He’s a vampire! Are you crazy? They hate all humans!” The girl made out as if it was obvious.
“No, chase calm down, this is Ash, he’s different from this rest” Ivy explained, I smiled at Chase but she just rolled her eyes, clearly a stupid human that’s getting on my nerve.
“Well I got to get to class, see you after school?” I asked Ivy, she nodded her head and smiled.
“Meet me at the gates” She told me before Chase dragged her off.


Class went as planned, Ashley kept staring at me ignoring his work; I couldn’t stop thinking about Ivy.
The bell rang and I think I was the first person the even leave there class. I stopped at my locker opening it and pulling out my bag swinging it over my shoulder.

“What are you trying to pull off with that human?” I heard Ashley ask me, I closed my locker and turned around to face him.
“What do you mean?” I frowned confused.
“I’ve liked you since day one and now you’re just with her?” He asked annoyed.
“I never said or showed any sign that I was with her, were just friends, besides who said I wanted to be with you either?” I questioned getting agro.
I looked at me shocked, he wasn’t going to answer me so I just shrugged and walked off to the gates where I saw Ivy waiting for me. I smiled at her and gave her a hug as in saying hello, she hugged me back.
“So where are we off to?” She asked.
“How about we go to the local theatre?” I suggested, she nodded and we headed off, I know my dad would be pissed that I was going to be home late but I couldn’t stay away from Ivy.

We saw the new Paranormal Activity 4 and laughed the whole way through it. I’m sorry but it wasn’t scary at ALL.

We left the theatre and I walked her home. She hugged me goodbye and walked inside her house.

I smiled to myself walking back to the main town. It was pretty late out, around 11pm, god my dads going to kill me when I get home, but oh well; I haven’t exactly been on good terms with him anyway.

I was right outside the town when I felt someone snake their arm around my waist and slap a hand over my mouth.
They held a peace of cloth to my nose and mouth, it must have had a drug on it because next thing I knew everything was black.


write women write now lol
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove
omg, i love this story.
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove
omg, i love this story.
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove