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One Word And We Die.

first day.

I awoke early in the morning; my first day of school, there’s meant to be more of my kind there as well. I’ve never really known humans so this will defiantly be different.

Finding my feet I got up walking into the bathroom, I applied my makeup and straightened my long black hair, I liked my hair long, and there was never a need to dye it, it’s always been a jet black.

I packed all the tings I needed for the day and walked into the lounge to see my dad pacing back and forth muttering things to himself.
“Dad?” I questioned, he snapped his head to me confused, then realised why I was there.
“You ready to go?” He asked picking up his car keys.
“Ready as I’ll ever be” I laughed nervously.
“Okay then, let’s head off” He laughed.
I followed him out the door, we lived pretty far away from town so it would take a while to get there, and I guess it’s more time to think through how I will act around humans.

My dad bid me goodbye as I walked into the school, everyone in the halls looked at me, just staring. I walked past them all finding my new locker and opening it, I shoved my bag in it making sure I grabbed my cigarettes first and putting them in my back pocket.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!” I heard someone yell, I turned my head to see a boy with long black hair yelling at another boy with long hair but a bit shorter than the other boy.
“NO! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! NOT LIKE IT’S A BIG DEAL!” The boy with shorter hair yelled back.
“IT IS! I FUCKING NEW KID! THAT’S HORRIBE! YOU KNOW THAT IT WILL JUST BE ANOTHER DEATH, AND I CAN’T HANDLE IT, HE’S GOING TO BE HUMAN! I KNOW IT, SO WHY DON’T YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!” So there talking about me, meh, guess it’s a good time to interrupt then. Wait! They think I’m human! Oh my god, mental laughs.

Slowly I made my way over to the two boys, the shorter haired one looked at me and stared, the one with longer hair soon realised I was there.
“Who are you?” The one with longer hair growled at me.
“I’d watch your mouth if I was you, I’m the person you’re talking about and I’d like it if you didn’t class me as human” They looked at me shocked as if someone had just died and I was the killer.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know” The one with long hair spoke quietly.
I mumbled not really wanting to deal with his pathetic emotions. I walked off down the halls to the classroom I’d be in all day.
Class was going to start in about 2 minutes anyway.

As I thought that the bell rang, kids piled into the classroom sitting down at their desks, the teacher soon walked in. he looked around then frown looking at the watch above the black board.
Randomly the door slammed open to let to boys with long black hair walk in, one had a blonde patch in it.

“Sit down, your both late” The teacher warned, the one without the blonde patch turned his head at the teacher and growled in a low pitch, the teacher just sat down at his desks. So I’m guessing there vampire’s, nice to know.
The two boys sat down talking to each other about something, the teacher didn’t seem to mind though, he’s probably scared shitless of them.

“We have a new student today, Ashtain Cooper, now everyone be nice and no fighting” The teacher warned, I laughed a bit at that, no fighting, what is he trying to pull off? Me not fighting? Never gonna happen.
“What’s so funny Ashtain” The teacher asked.
I had to come up with something; I don’t want to get in trouble on my first day.
I’ll just complain about him calling me Ashtain, I like Ash instead anyway.
“That you’re calling me Ashtain, I prefer Ash” I smiled innocently.
“Okay, just get back to paying attention” He mumbled writing down random things on the board that I had to interest for.

The bell rang telling everyone it was lunch; I got up slowly making my way out of the classroom. I wasn’t in such a rush like these humans.

Once everyone was out I walked out and down the hall outside the school, one thing I do like about this place is that you’re aloud to leave the school at lunch. I stood outside the gates and lit a cigarette.

“Hey can I have one of them?” I waved my hair out of my face to see the guy with the blonde patch from my class, I pulled out my packet of cigs handing him one.
“Thanks, hey I saw you in my class, our you a vampire?” He asked lighting his smoke; I nodded my head in response.
“You don’t talk much do you?” He questioned staring at me.
“I do, I just didn’t then” I smiled at him.

“Oh… okay. Hey I’m Andy by the way” He smiled holding out his hand for me to shake.
“Ashtain but I prefer Ash” I said shaking his hand.
“I have a friend I call Ash” He stated throwing his cig to the ground and stomping it out, I soon did the same.
“Really. Well that’s weird, going to be confusing for you” I mumbled pushing my hair out my face again.

One of the many bad things about having hair the goes down to you’re middle back, I want to get it to my hips, and then I’ll be happy.

“Hey, come on, I know somewhere that’s better than here” Andy chuckled taking my hand and walking us off to the local town.

Here goes nothing. ‘Just remember, no killing, no killing at all’ I reminded myself.

Andy pulled me into a café and made e join a table full of people, well Vampire’s.
“Who’s this?” Another guy from my class asked pointing to me, he was the one that walked in with Andy and growled at the teacher.
“Ash, this is Ash” Andy said with a little laugh.
“Is you’re name actually Ash or is it longer?” Ash asked confused.
“Yeah, my actual name’s Ashtain” I mumbled.
“But he likes to be called Ash, which means Cubby get’s to decided what we call you” Andy laughed, who’s Chubby?
“Fuck no man, I can just be Ashley, or Purdy boy” Ashley laughed.
“Awe, Chubby will be so upset, anyway, Ash?” Andy said looking at me.
“Yeah?” I murmured.
“I’ve never EVER seen you around town, have you even been here before?” Andy asked.
“Um… Well, my dads weird about me going into town so no, I’ve never actually been here before, only to the small gas stations.” I explained, Andy nodded.
“We should show him around!” Another boy yelled making me realise he was there.

“Jake! Shut up. And okay” Andy laughed. Jake just held a fist in the air.
Andy grabbed my arm racing me out the café, the others followed, which was only Ashley and Jake.

“Ashtain!” I heard someone yelled, I turned my head to see my old friend Cole. I growled lowly at the sight of him.
“Who’s he and do we need to kid some ass?” Ashley asked me, I just ignored him watching Cole make his way to me.
“I haven’t seen you in so long!” Cole, who is also HUMAN! Spoke with a smile, FUCK HIM!
“Get out of my sight!” I hissed at him, he gave me a shocked looked before nodding.
“But, What about you’re mother? Where is she?” I froze in my tracks.

Did he have to bring her up, that’s the last thing I want!
“Ash, are you okay?” Andy whispered to me.
I snapped my head around and grabbed Cole by the hair.
“YOU LISTEN HERE PUNK! NEVER FUCKING TALK ABOUT HER, OR MY FAMILY! GOT IT!?” I screech at him, he nodded in fear. I let him go to run off.

“Wow, man calm down, we’ll just head back to the school, yeah?” Ashley asked patting my back.
“Yeah” I smiled at them, the one thing I hate about me is my emotions, I don’t have any, and when I do, I can just switch to the better one whenever I want.

I’d spent most of my day hanging with Andy and Ashley; Jake kind of left at lunch, we just all talked while class was on. It was now the end of the day and I was waiting for my dad to take me to the local milk bar to get magazines.

His car pulled up and I got in, a smile planted on my lips.
“Why so happy son?” He asked driving off to the local town shops.
“I made some friends” I smiled. He nodded his head then stopped the car outside the milk bar.
“Are they humans or vampire’s?” He asked in a serious tone.
“Vampire’s” I told him, he nodded and got out of the car.
I followed.
We walked into the milk bar and straight away I went to the magazines to find one with posters in it.
We ended up getting the magazine for free because the owners were scared shitless of us. I went to get into the car but got pulled back by someone.
“Not so fast” I heard I deep voice say.
“DANIEL! YOU STAY AWAY FROM HIM” My dad yelled taking my from the mans grasp.
Daniel laughed then smiled at me evilly.
“You’re dad hasn’t told you yet, has he?” Daniel smirked.
“NO! Because I’ll follow him everywhere, hurt him, maybe even kill him, or I could always do that now” Daniel yelled grabbing me and pushing me to the ground. My dad tried to pull him off me but failed.
“GET OFF ME!” I screamed trying to push him off, he wrapped his hands around my throat, choking me.
“STOP! HE’S JUST A KID!” My dad screamed still trying to get Daniel off me.
To my surprise Daniel was suddenly ripped off me and pinned against my car. I looked over to see Ashley grabbing him by the throat. Wow, he must be some kind of fucking super Vampire.
“HOW DOES IT FEEL, HUH? YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT!” Ashley screamed in his face.
My dad helped me up making sure I was okay.
“He deserves it” Daniel choked out, gasping for breath.
Ashley ripped his head off throwing it to the other side of the road.
“Ash, are you okay?” Ashley panicked running over to me.
“He’s fine, and thank you” My dad said pushing my into the car.
Ashley gave me a concerned look before my dad sped off.

“HOW DO YOU KNOW HIM!?” My dad screamed pushing me into the house.
“Dad, he goes to my school. He’s my friend!” I yelled back.
“BULLSHIT! He can’t be!” My dad hissed at me pushing me up against the lounge room wall.
“HE IS!” I screech at my father, showing my fangs.
“HE CAN’T BE, HE’S ONE OF THEM, IF HE KNEW WHO YOU REALLY WERE! YOU’D BE DEAD!” I stared him in the eyes not afraid of getting hurt by him.
“He does know who I am, and has no fucking problem with it!” I growled pushing my dad off my and storming into my room slamming the door.

How can he just ruin my only chance to actual have a social life, I’m SICK TO DEATH of him ruling my life!

I face planted on my bed hugging the pillow to my chest, it’s been so long since I’ve cried, I just can’t hold it in any longer.
My mother, now this? It’s all too much!
I let the tears race down my cheeks still hugging my pillow tight.
I just want my mother back…

==================ASHLEY’S P.O.V=================

I watched as his father took Ashtain away, I knew it was him, the some of a bitch, I can’t let Ashtain stay with him, no way!

I made my way home slamming the front door shut once I was inside my house, our house right next to the shops, so it wasn’t much of a walk.
“Ashley, what’s wrong?” My mother asked walking out of the kitchen.
“A lot…” I trailed off; she sat me down on the couch.
“Tell me, you’re father won’t be home until later so don’t worry about him” She assured me.

“Well… today I met the new kid… he’s amazing, smart, talented, but he’s just so, serious, and privet. I saw him down at the shops just a few minutes ago, and he was being attacked. I killed the guy but he dad drove off with him before I could see if he was okay, that’s when I realised who his dad was…” I trailed off again, should I tell my mum?
“Continue” My spoke softly.
“His dad is… remember the man that tried to kill dad?” I whispered.
My mother’s eyes widened.
“Ashley! He can’t be, you need to get that kid away from him!” My mother panicked.

“That’s the thing though, he’s his son” I whispered, she thought for a moment.
“Then make sure he doesn’t turn out like his father, I know that we will have the same blood lust but you can’t let him become what his father is” He spoke calmly, I nodded my head.

This was going to be fun… not.


write women write now lol
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove
omg, i love this story.
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove
omg, i love this story.
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove