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One Word And We Die.

explain you're reasons.

Since day one, I was always different; at a young age I had this blood lust that only grew stronger with each passing day of my life.
I’d have these daydreams that scared me and my family members who no longer talk to me.
The only thing I fear is if my sun were to feel the same blood lust, were different from the rest, we have this… curse.
We live far away from the local town, I don’t want him near the others, to see what it’s like to have friends, family, ect.

He’s the most important person in my life; I’d kill ANYONE who hurt him.
The scariest thing is he’s starting high school, yeah he’s been able to for a long time but he actually wants to, he wants to meet people…
He’s becoming curios. That’s such a bad thing!

Were not like though fucked up “Humans” That think there so smart and better than everyone else, he’s only ever known one thing, and that’s to kill anyone who threatens you, but he can’t do that now… yes people know that are kind are “Real” but they’d never in a million years go near us!

He doesn’t know that though, so I have to change him to a “special” school.

“Dad!” I heard Ashtain call out from his room.
“Yes?” I called back standing in the middle of the lounge.
“I need you to go up to the shop and get some paint?” He asked walking out into the lounge holding a paintbrush.
“Since when do you paint?” I question confused, he hates art, or any type of emotion, I guess he’s just changing, every teenager does eventually.
“I don’t, it’s for a friend” He mumbled, a friend? He has no friends, or am I wrong?
“Friend?” I spoke taking the brush from him and looking at it.
“Yeah, I made a Facebook account and he’s my only friend on it, he goes to the school you’re enrolling me in” Bullshit he has Facebook, like I’d let him in a million years.
“Bullshit, sun, tell me the truth” I calmly said crossing my arms.
“Okay, so maybe I wanted to paint a few drawings on my wall, but I knew you’d never let me so I, um… yeah” He murmured looking down at the ground. I put the paintbrush down on the table and looked at him seriously.
“You know you can’t do that, look, how about tomorrow we go bye some posters?” I asked, his head snapped up with a smile I hadn’t seen in a while. It made me smile.
“Really!?” He questioned getting excited.
“Really, besides, you’re going to go to school anyway, I can’t stop you from exploring” I stated finding my place on the small couch we owned.
“Fuck yes!” He cheered; I raise my eyebrow at him.
“Languish” I mumbled turning on the TV.
“Sorry” He whispered running back into his room closing the door. I swear he’s going to be the end of me, I just hope school doesn’t do the same to him…


write women write now lol
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove
omg, i love this story.
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove
omg, i love this story.
PurdyGirlLove PurdyGirlLove