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Building Yourself Up and Falling with Grace


My shoes cluttered on the concrete path towards this venue. I’d never been to a place like this, I didn’t really want to either. What if fans or the media find out? Ashley seemed pretty keen about it. I could never imagineAshley doing something like this. Okay, well, I could. But, I guess I was wrong. He said it was completely confidential. Let’s fucking hope so.

“Come on,” Ashley started on the way there. “You should do this man. Seriously, it might help you. Think of it as a celebratory thing. And I swear to fucking God if you tell anyone I’m going to kill you,” Ashley began to rant.

“Look, I won’t tell anyone, all right? As long as you don’t in return. How long have you being doing this anyway?” I asked him. I couldn’t believe he got me this far!

“Deal,” he chuckled, “I’ve been doing it a couple of times each month for about… I don’t know, 4 or 5 months. More and more recently, couldn’t help it,” He replied, at the end having a look of guilt in his eyes but a grin of pride on his lips. I wasn’t going to hold him to that. He knew it wasn’t a good thing to get addicted. Ashley saying 4 or 5 means about 6 or 7.

“Seriously, are you that desperate?” I asked, not trying to offend him. He could easily be offended depending on his mood. He gave a legit laugh.

“No, I saw it on an ad, honest. Ever since Kina and I broke up, I suppose you could say I was lonely,” Ashley replied. I nodded in relation to his situation with Kina. “Plus, some of them are really sweet.”

“And what site did you see this advertisement on, hm?” I asked him. I knew exactly what he was talking about. He laughed.

“The chick on it was soooo good. I promise you that. And then, I couldn’t really help myself, I had to go. And MAN! SHE’S FUCKING BETTER IN REAL LIFE! She’s… ooohhhhhh, hot damn!” he sighed, going all fan girl.

“Wow, I’ve never seen you go ‘fan girl’ this bad…” Was Ashley ‘Fuckin’ Purdy seriously going fan girl?

“After a while, you’ll know who you’re favorite is,” Ash continued. Who says I’m going to keep doing this…? I only said I’d go to shut him up! Don’t tell him that.

“Mine’s her friend. Her actual name is Jasmine, but her nick name thing is Juicy Jazz,” he explained. I nearly laughed.

“Get it: ‘juicy’?” He chuckled, nudging me. I didn’t respond to that. “Are you nervous?” Ashley asked, leading me out of a small alley, across another parking lot, a jumble of buildings in the distance.

“Why would I be...?” I asked him, not trying to sound rude. I mean, I didn’t think I was absolutely great at it but I didn’t think I was bad.

“Hell, I know I was the first time I went. I didn’t really know what to expect,” he rambled.

“I have a pretty good idea of what to expect,” I told him. He chuckled in response.


Ashley led us to a normal looking building, on a normal looking street, in a normal looking neighborhood. The building looked old, but was in good shape and had at least 3 levels from what I could see from the outside. All the curtains were drawn but that wasn’t unordinary in a street like this.

I could feel Ashley’s excitement bubbling up beside me as we came closer to the front entrance. How did he have the energy? Why did he have to park so far away anyway? As that thought ran through my head, a man walked out with major sex hair, fixing his tie with his eyes down and stalked past us.

“First time,” Ashley snickered as he opened the door.

Whoa, I was not going to look like that when I came out. No chance in hell! Ashley didn’t expect an answer and I wasn’t going to give him one, he knew me too well.

The entry area, which was a reception and waiting area, was nicely lit by classy candle-holder looking lights which I like a lot. There was a dark wooden desk about 5 meters away from the front doors. It was on the right side of the room with 2 ladies sitting behind; the receptionists. At least this place wasn’t trampy like I thought it was going to be.

I turned my attention to the waiting area on the left area of the room. It was clean, with about 10-15 men waiting, most of them by themselves and about 5 or 6 women waiting as well. At the back of the room, it was divided by a red, curtain which was open. Like a stage that wasn’t raised.

Looking beyond that, there were mini rooms or stalls, four to be exact, against the back wall, all having curtains to cut off people from seeing what was going on inside. They were like massive changing rooms with walls that went down to the floor, not ones you could see the person’s feet under the divider. One was being occupied at that very moment. In front of those mini rooms but still behind the curtain, there was a hallway going off to the right, to go further into the building.

“Well, look who’s back for even more,” one of the girls greeted Ashley with a mischievous smile as we approached the reception desk.

“Hey Angela,” Ashley replied.

We walked up to the desk and both of us leant against it. There was a small girl, who looked like she was 15, with simple styled, blonde hair sitting next to her, using the laptop on the desk in front of her. She looked up at me and gave me a cute innocent smile. Why was she working in a place like this? I smiled back genuinely then turned to see what Ashley and Angela were talking about. Why the young girl was here was none of by business.

“Yeah, I want her again. Oh, this is Andy. First time,” he introduced me, winking to her.

“Nice to meet you,” Angela gave me a wide smile and I half-heartedly returned it.

“Get him someone accommodating, you know? Experienced…” Ashley explained. She nodded.

“You want the upper rooms again?” she asked, writing something down in front of her. I watched as Ashley stared down her top at her massive boobs. I shook my head.

“Yes,” he answered, glancing at blonde girl’s chest too. Angela’s was definitely bigger than the blonde’s. In comparison, the blonde’s were basically nonexistent. Again, I shook my head.

I zoned out a little then, as Angela and Ashley continued talking. I watched as two skanky looking girls walked out from the hallway on the right, over to the people waiting in the waiting area.

One stopped, and gestured with the finger for a certain man to follow her, being seductive. He scuttled off behind her. The other girl kept walking, going over to another man and crawling on top and straddling his lap, whispering in his ear. In response, he squirmed in delight.

I was starting to feel like I didn’t belong here. I looked away and back at the blonde haired girl. The girl, naturally, was pretty. The phone in front of her rang and she answered.

“Hello, Gloria from Queens of Hearts speaking,” she said. She waited, glancing at me quickly as she listened. She brought the phone away from her ear with a blank expression. It then turned to disgust.

“Ugh!” she pushed the phone down on the receiver. Angela stopped talking and flirting with Ashley and turned her attention to the blonde.

“Eugh,” the blonde said for good measure, shivering a little. Angela laughed.

“You’ll get used to it,” she told her. I glanced at Ashley; he was eyeing Angela’s tits down again. “Anyway, how old is your friend here?” Angela asked, getting back to her writing.

“20,” I answered for myself.

“All right, we’ll need to get you to sign this form,” she said, pulling out a form from a folder on a shelf beside her. “And, you’ll have to as well, for bringing in someone under 21,” she placed a different form in front of Ashley.

Ashley signed it without hesitation. I glanced through it, thoroughly reading the bottom lines. There was nothing suspicious. I then signed it and passed it back. Angela picked up the phone and dialed a couple of numbers.

“Hey, Juice, one of your regulars is here… he’s brought a friend…” she said suggestively, winking at Ash, who just winked back. I eye rolled, and I don’t do that often. Well, I try not to. Juliet says it’s really provocative.

“Georgie, show them upstairs,” Angela ordered. I’m glad she didn't use her real name when working here if Georgia was her real name. Georgia nodded and stood up. My eyes widened when I got a good look at her. Georgia gave a pure cower because of my stare and walked out from behind the desk.

“Follow me,” she said in a small voice and began walking towards other rooms.

Ashley strode along happily beside me, not taking any notice of Georgie or what just happened. I couldn’t help but be concerned about Georgie’s baby bump. Someone explain to me why she’s working in a place like this!


We walked up the stairs, going up a level. I could smell it. It wasn’t too bad actually. There was also some incense burning somewhere which I liked the smell of but still, the smell was still there. Upstairs, it was like a massive lounge, with a couple of separate rooms, I believe to be bedrooms.

“Fucking hell, finally!”

I heard a girl’s voice and footsteps in the distance as we walked down the hall way following the stairs. Out of nowhere, a bunch of girls walked out of a room in front of us. They were all dressed up in revealing costumes and such.

“I reckon,” Another girl agreed with the first.

“Juice!” Georgie, in front of us, called out to one of them. One girl with deep, dark, cherry red hair, revolved around with a grin on her face made of deep dark red lipstick. I expected her to twist an ankle in those heels.

“Ashy!” she cried, clumping our way very successfully and slipping her really thin arms around Ashy’s figure. We’d stopped walking now. After whispering, obviously dirty things in his ear, she grabbed his hand and turned to me. Ashley was pissed off. He wanted to get on with it.

“Georgie’s just bringing Stella, she’s yours for tonight,” the slutty girl gave me a wink, before Ashley pushed her into a bedroom.

So…Now what? I was just standing there like an idiot. I looked around and couldn’t see Georgia. Or this girl ‘Stella’, just other girls leading clients in and out of the rooms. I still couldn’t stop thinking about a pregnant teenage girl working here. It was absurd and almost unbelievable.

I judged all the girls there. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help it. They were all nice naturally looking. It was the heels, panties, stockings, tights and make-up that put me off. I mean, yes, naturally it was arousing but caused by negativity. I couldn’t understand why women would chose to sell their bodies for money.

A man walked out with a massive smile on his face from the room on the left, one down from the one Ashley and Jazz were occupying right now. I didn’t want to think about them two. It was weird. The man waltzed passed me with a nod of approval. I just sort of looked at him. Well, good for him?

I followed him down the stairs, looking for this Stella girl. A girl walked out of a room past the bottom of the staircase and I got a look into the room she came out of. In it, it wasn’t very clean but contained a big table and surrounding chairs. A couple of girls, dressed in basic clothes sat there, eating, laughing, reading, hanging out. What was this? A fucking clubhouse?!

Seeing as the actual girls working here weren’t in there, I decided this was a no go. I thought upstairs I would have more of a chance of finding someone who could help me. Again, I headed up the stairs and down the same hallway as before.

Next thing, a young lady walked out of the same room that man with the massive smile came out of previously, fixing her hair, her heels cluttering behind her. I’d seen that hair before; that particular color. It was longer than I think it naturally was but who knows. She could have been anyone. Maybe it was Stella? But then again, she didn’t seem to be looking for another customer. Maybe, I should ask her where Stella is?

She walked across the hallway I stood in, watching her, and stuck her head into another room that was actually a room with a door, not being sectioned off by a curtain or divider. I was guessing it was an office. The owner’s office maybe? As soon as she turned her head indirectly towards me to push back a strand of loose hair, I recognized her facial features immediately.

My eyebrows shot up and my mouth fell open. She entered the room, unaware of my presence at all.



Ugh, I was not expecting to see Juliet in this lol. I can't wait for an update!

Mrs.Biersack Mrs.Biersack
This was one of the first fanfics I read on here and I just found it again... It's amazing, I wish you would still update :) This is very original and definitely one of my favorites.
Oh my goodness, I love this story. Update soon.
Holy shit. This story... so many feels. Please, keep writing. Please.
JessiBiersack JessiBiersack
Holy shit. This story... so many feels. Please, keep writing. Please.
JessiBiersack JessiBiersack