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Building Yourself Up and Falling with Grace


Dazed, Grace wandered back to Andy’s. He would have to do something now. What they had was special to both of them. Considering Andy’s family’s reaction, would they have any sympathy? Would they accept Grace and Andy’s situation? If Andy took responsibility, would they be supported? If Andy refused, would his family support his decision? Grace had no clue.

Miserably, she made her second appearance at the Biersack’s doorstep, in a more appalling state than her first. Like the first time, Ms Biersack went up to get Andy from upstairs.

“He says he’s busy, working and in the middle of it. He asked if maybe you could come back later,” she told her.

Gracie decided to take matters into her owns hands. She had to talk to him. They had to talk about this. She was desperate for some sort of plan for the future. She thanked Andy’s mother and she shut the door.

Gracie’s slightly shaking body climbed the spiky tree outside Andrew’s window. If Andy was grounded, they’d use the window to go out. Grace took extra caution than usual, reminding herself that there was another being developing inside her. She would have to get a bit more used to that.

She took some deep breaths, trying to think about what her Andy said before. Maybe her mom and dad would regret throwing her out? She sighed, hopeless. She knew they wouldn’t. They were too concerned with their image and reputation.

Grace kept climbing to the appropriate level, making sure her feet were in a stable and secure position before trying to stretch up to observe Andy’s bedroom. Grace searched for a thick and small stick, something that would make noise being thrown at the window. She snapped one off and was about to throw it but what she saw made the twig fall from her hand and plummet to the ground.

There, was her Andy bent over Hannah’s half naked body, kissing her stomach, hands roaming her chest and sides, his kisses trailing up and up. Grace turned away as he reached her chest, hearing her moans caused by Andy’s sweet lips wafting from under the window’s lower sash.

How could he do this to her? He was hers.

Just today, Gracie had faced everything she’d been afraid of. Somehow, someway, this wasn’t an extreme shock. It might not have had occurred to her just yet, but now, there was no option; no option to go forward.



Andy stirred and I stopping staring and made myself look as if I was occupying myself with picking up Ashton's toys. He jerked himself awake.

“Shit, did I sleep for long?” he asked, rubbing around his eyes, not to smudge the thin rim of eyeliner rimming his eyes.

“No, five minutes, max,” I told him, placing Ashton’s toys in a plastic tub I kept along the wall near the couch.

“Oh, all right. Good,” he replied, giving a little stretch then a low, deep sigh. That always used to make me shiver.

“Mommy,” Ashton was wiping his eyes, standing by the bedroom door.

“Yes sweetie? Go back to bed, you’re tired mister,” I told him.

“Is daddy going to stay tonight?” he asked, blinking due to the exposure to light, compared with the bedroom.

I glanced as Andy, “I don’t know, ask him honey. If he wants to stay, that’s okay with me,” I replied, half directing it at Andy and the other half at Ashton.

“Can you stay daddy? Please…!” Ashton begged, running over to Andy and pouncing into his lap, gripping him around the waist. It was if I was watching a movie or something, as corny as it sounds.

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Andy said, ruffling Ashton’s already sticking up hair.

“How are you getting home? Did you drive here?” I asked him, it suddenly occurring to me.

“No, I was driven here. I was planning on taking the train home…” Andy pondered.

“Daddy! It’s bad to take wains at this time of night! Please stay, dad!” Ashton pleaded again, squeezing Andy with his small arms. I couldn’t help but give them a smile. Watching the pair was heartwarming. They were a perfect father-son match.

“Fine then, all right. I’m tired,” Andy stretched as he stood. Ashton jumped up and beamed with delight before me.

“Mommy, can I sleep on the couch? Please? Then you and daddy can share the bed. Dad’s too tall for the couch anyway”.



“I missed you Grace,” Andy said, drawing closer to Grace underneath the sheets of the double bed. Grace was unconsciously holding her breath with her back to him. It would be awkward if she was facing him.

“Don’t even start Andy,” Grace said lowly.

“Don’t be like that Gracie,” Andy closed his arms around Grace’s small waist from behind and gave a small squeeze.

Grace didn’t even have the confidence to roll her eyes even though she had the urge to. Being called ‘Gracie’ by him, that was one of the things she’d missed the most.

“Don’t Andy,” she told him, taking his wrists and trying to unravel his arms from her.

He just held tighter. Andy didn’t take any notice of Grace’s request. He did the opposite. His hands began to slide down her sides. Grace let out a small groan. Grace usually just went to bed in a t shirt and panties. But tonight, with Andy being there, she didn’t feel comfortable doing that. She was wearing a singlet and trackies. Andy on the other hand was wearing his singlet which was under his shirt and his briefs. He couldn’t wear boxes thanks to the tightness of his jeans.

“What is with you?” Grace said, trying to move out of his arms and closer to the other side of the bed with a little more determination.

Andy placed his lips, complete with a single lip ring, pass Grace’s soft hair on her neck, sucking and kissing gently. Suddenly, the air that was compacted in Grace’s lungs let out. Andy’s lips, still moving, formed a smile in response. The metal of Andy’s lip ring added a nice cooling sensation to the surface of Grace’s neck. Andy gave a small moan at her reaction, beginning to push his roaming hands underneath Grace’s tank top.

Grace shifted her position from how good it felt, stupidly letting Andy know she wanted it. She’d never been able to resist Andy. Only he could make her weak at the knees with a single look, and only he could make her legs shake during sexual peak and after, and only he could truly hurt her. If this was to be anything, it would just be one night. It wasn’t going to be an ongoing thing. She knew that. She was damned if she did him, and damned if she didn’t. So, why not?

Andy’s hands were soon trailing up and down her stomach and wrapping around the outline of Grace’s breasts. Andy began kissing the side of her face, not extremely gently but not rough; still enough to make Grace ache.

Grace began to attack Andy’s jaw line and neck, arms around his frame, turning to get into a more comfortable position. Andy gave a short moan, putting more pressure on her skin in the next kiss this time on her lips. Andy revolved them around and lifted himself off the mattress to linger over Grace’s perfect body.

He didn’t hesitate as he flipped Grace’s singlet off her body. The singlet had padding inside, so she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Andy merely glanced at Grace’s now half covered body before pressing his lips to her left breast and trailed to her nipple. Grace’s eyes closed as she pushed her head back in silence.

Andy began sucking; knowing Gracie loved every microsecond of it. His teeth began grazing and tormenting, causing small moans to float out from between Grace’s lips. Grace was having him now, she couldn’t turn back, even if she wanted to, her body was sensitive and begging for more.

She pushed Andy back a bit and onto his knees, slipping off his singlet and sliding her hands under the fabric of his briefs. Andy helped Grace slide them off. Grace had a knee bent on the bed as she dropped Andy’s underwear on the floor beside the bed. Andy reached down, sliding off her tracksuits and panties in one go.

Andy didn’t waste any time, pushing Grace down onto the mattress, straddling her legs and kissing up her stomach to her breasts. He repeatedly sucked all over them as Grace’s manicured fingers slithered down Andy’s shoulders and his tattooed but not too muscular arms. The harder and harder Andy teased her, the more space Grace pushed out from between them, nuzzling the top of his head and his hair which had fallen in front of his pure face.

Andy was soon sick of that, treading his first two right fingers down Grace’s middle. He kept reaching, his long arms, continuing a line over her soft skin, over her stomach to between her legs and into the split between her outer lips. He pushed in and rubbed gently.

Out of thrill, Grace bucked her hips onto Andy’s fingers slightly, wanting more feel. Andy gave a small smirk and chuckle.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Gracie?” he purred.


Ugh, I was not expecting to see Juliet in this lol. I can't wait for an update!

Mrs.Biersack Mrs.Biersack
This was one of the first fanfics I read on here and I just found it again... It's amazing, I wish you would still update :) This is very original and definitely one of my favorites.
Oh my goodness, I love this story. Update soon.
Holy shit. This story... so many feels. Please, keep writing. Please.
JessiBiersack JessiBiersack
Holy shit. This story... so many feels. Please, keep writing. Please.
JessiBiersack JessiBiersack