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You're Only As Small As The World Will Make You Seem (2)

3rd Person

Andy's day so far had been dry because he hadn't seen Christofer since first period, so by the time lunch came around, he was eager to see him again. The moment the bell rang, Andy had rushed out of their classroom to wait by their lockers. He was so excited and happy about how things were going that he didn't notice how many times Christofer's name was coming up in the conversations of those passing by. Andy waited for a good ten minutes before he texted Christofer. He waited for a reply, but nothing came. He called Christofer several times, but it went straight to voice-mail every time.

"Chrissy, why aren't you answering my texts or calls? Are you okay? Did something happen?" Andy stayed in the same spot, staring dejectedly at the wall in front of him. Many unhealthy questions ran through his head. What happened? Did I do something wrong? "What if he didn't like my texts?" Andy immediately wiped the words out of the air, storming out towards the football field.

When he saw the crowd of jocks standing across the field and sitting on the bleachers eating, his pace quickened. He got all the way up to the group of jocks before he spotted Eli sitting a little ways away.

"Hey Eli!" Andy was inwardly happy to have noticed the way Eli flinched when he saw him.

"Can I help you?" Despite his fear, Eli still managed to come off as an overconfident ass, as always.

"Have you seen Christofer today?" Andy was glad to tower over Eli in the most intimidating way possible.

"Nah, I've been steering clear since Friday like you said." Andy stalked away to find one of Christofer's friends because the next period was a about to start. He was rushing along in, what he thought was, an empty hallway while flipping through his contacts when he slammed into another body.

"Oh fuck, I'm sorry."

"It's okay Andy." Andy looked up to find Derek reaching out to help him up off of the ground.

"Hey, I was just looking for you. Have you seen Christofer?"

"Not since an hour ago. I was actually going to ask you if you knew where he was."

"Why? Is something wrong?"

"Yeah, Tay and Alex got in a car accident, and apparently, someone told him, and then he disappeared." Derek was obviously trying to stay calm, but still, he looked worried.

"Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! That is really bad." Andy's mind began to race as he roughly pulled at his hair.

"Look, he need to be around people right now more than ever."

"I bet. " Andy stared at the tiles on the floor, feeling slightly helpless.

"I know how much he talks about you. You are good for him. He needs you right now. You need to find him and help him handle this intelligently. His life hasn't been the easiest here, and I know he is under a lot of pressure. Something like this could really break him. Usually, Tay would be the one to pick him up off the ground, but-. Go find him." Andy didn't hesitate to take the instructions immediately, not even bothering to sign out of school before jogging out to the parking lot and sliding into his car. He started driving before he even started brainstorming about where Christofer could be.

He stopped at all of the parks in town, and couple of bookstores where Christofer could be hiding. When he finally took a moment to think about where he could possibly find Christofer, the answer because clear. Where would Christofer want to be right now? Would he want to play and feel giddy? No. He would want the sun, to make himself feel warm. He would be looking towards the peace of nature.

Taylor meant a lot to Christofer, so her life hanging in the balance would definitely make him feel small and scared. He was probably lost, or at the very least, trying to get lost. Christofer would want to feel what Taylor feels and be in just as much risk as Taylor. Knowing this is what brought him to a place that very few people knew about. The walk was a little long to find the break through the woods, but it was well worth it. The view was beautiful. A huge valley with a river running through it opened up before him. There was a big bridge over the water, made for cars, implying that this may have once been a place where cars went, but not anymore.

Just as Andy had suspected, Christofer was perched on the ledge of the bridge in the distance. He quietly made his way over to him, not sure what he would find. When he got closer, he saw blood and began to worry. Next to Christofer was a razor, streaked with fresh red. Andy kept himself calm and level headed as he sat down next to Christofer, who picked the razor up again. Andy didn't say anything, just stared down at the water the same way Christofer was.

"You know, back when I was starting high school, I used to come out here a lot, almost everyday. I had a lot of thinking to do about life, and how to move on with mine. This certainly is a place for thinking." Andy broke the silence because he could not stand it any longer. Christofer stayed quiet for a long time.


"I know." Andy saved him from having to say it out loud.

"She has spent so much of her time and energy on helping me, and keeping me alive, and now, here I am, and she is hurt, and I can't do anything to help her." He kept his voice steady despite the tears rolling down his cheeks.

"I know." Andy turned to straddle the bridge and face Christofer. "After all that she has done, I don't think she wants you to give it all up like this."

"No- I wasn't- I wasn't trying to kill myself." Christofer's words were so mousy and questioning; almost like he wasn't sure.

"I know, it's okay." Christofer hadn't realized that he was holding the razor parallel to his arm again, but Andy had. He held his palm open and Christofer dropped the razor into his hand. Andy didn't hesitate to let it drop into the river. He motioned for Christofer to face him. He pulled the black bandana off of his belt and wrapped it tightly around Christofer's wrist, letting his hand slide down to wrap around the bandana. They stayed staring at where they were making contact. They were so close that their knees were touching and their legs were overlapping. Andy reached his other hand up to tilt Christofer's face to look at him again. Their eyes locked and they were almost in a trance as Andy slowly leaned in closer and closer until his lips just barely brushed Christofer's. He moved back to check Christofer's eyes for approval, then leaned back in to fully connect their lips.

They both agreeably kept it to a simple and innocent touch of lips. They both let their hands move to embrace each other in a sort of hug while they continued to kis. With an ordinary person, Christofer would have lost interest by now, but Andy was not just some random. Andy was special and one of a kind too. Just the fact that Andy bothered to look for Christofer had won his heart. Andy cared about every little detail of Christofer's life, and that really made him happy. The two boys hardly moved while kissing, but Christofer was fine with that because he was getting more from Andy than any lust could do for him. Between Andy's arms and lips, Christofer was slowly being washed over by a feeling of comfort.

Christofer finally broke the kiss and rested his face in the crook of Andy's neck. Andy knew what was coming next so he stepped off of the bridge wall and lifted Christofer with him, sitting on the ground. He felt the first sign of tears when Christofer first leaned back against him. He expected Christofer to cry a lot because the situation was understandably hard to handle, but he honestly did not expect what happened next.

"I can't-I-I can't breathe." Christofer's words came out as a panicked gasp as he curled in tight on himself and hugged his knees to his chest. He was crying even harder and his breathing was coming out in shorter and shorter gasps. Andy took action immediately when Christofer's hands moved to remove the bandana. He grabbed Christofer's body and turned the scared boy to a position where he was straddling Andy's thighs. Christofer's hands continued to claw at the bandana and Andy moved into action, holding both of Christofer's hands.

"Hey Christofer, look at me." Christofer's eyes were shut so tightly, his vision was probably popping with white spots. Andy let go of one of Christofer's hands to reach out and stroke his cheek. "Baby, I need you to look at me so I can help you breathe. You need to breathe." Andy's voice had dropped to an urgent whisper, and combined with the way he was touching the other boy, that was enough to get him to open his eyes.

"Good. I need you to watch how I am breathing, and copy it. Focus just on how I am breathing and nothing else." Andy kept his eyes on Christofer but let go of his other hand to wrap his arm around Christofer and allow his hand to slip under the back of his shirt to rub small circles against his skin.

"You're doing great baby, I am so proud of you." Christofer was still crying, but his breathing was nearly normal again. It was only a few minutes later that Christofer scooted further along Andy's lao and wrapped his arms snugly around Andy's neck, clinging for dear life. The sun was sinking around them by the time Christofer looked up again.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" Andy was glad that the other boy was functioning somewhat regularly.

"Better." The one word was punctuated by a sniffle that said otherwise.

"Your mom has been texting me. Taylor is in stable condition, but they had to induce a coma for her to recover. It's getting late, but visiting hours aren't over yet, we still have two hours. Do you want to go see her?" They looked into each other's eyes while Christofer contemplated his options. After they stayed still for a good amount of time, Christofer broke the silence and slowly shook his head while squeezing his eyes shut.

"I- I can't. I can't handle seeing her right now." Christofer stayed completely still and Andy took that as his cue to guide him out of the thick, forest-like area and back to his car. They made a quiet journey back to Christofer's house. Andy shut off the engine and turned in his seat to face Christofer who was staring out of his window and into the dark night.

"Do you need anything from me?" Christofer did not respond at all despite the fact that Andy reached out to rest his hand on Christofer's shoulder. He gave up, heaved a sigh, and climbed out of his car to walk around to the passenger's side and wrap his arm around Christofer's waist to pull him out of the car. He walked Christofer all the way to his bedroom.

"Uhh, I guess I should head out then? Bye Christofer. Call me if you need anything." Andy didn't want to leave, but Christofer hadn't told him to stay, so he had no choice. Andy got all the way to his car before his pocket started buzzing.

To Andy: I need something.

From Andy: What is it?

To Andy: You That one word was all it took for Andy to go straight back to Christofer and pull him into a crushing hug. In the short minute between when Andy left and when he came back, Christofer had been reduced to a stuttering mess of tears.

"I-I can't stop thinking about what if- what if she's not okay?" Christofer sobbed into Andy's chest while Andy walked them over to the bed.

Christofer did not sleep at all that night, so neither did Andy. They sat up talking for hours, watching odd movies, and occasionally kissing. Andy was not the only one falling in love, but he was the only one realizing it.


Hiiii! enjoy?


the other 9 chapters of this are on regular mibba, it's a complete story

Sylarisahero Sylarisahero

I, absolutely loved this story. There's not really much more to say than that, I loved it. It was...wow.

Thanks <3
Halona Halona
I canĀ“t find it on Mibba...:/
Halona Halona