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You're Only As Small As The World Will Make You Seem (1)

3rd Person

Waking up next to Christofer had been the most amazing experience for Andy. He had known that Christofer was beautiful, and waking up to that face would be a treat, but he had not expected what he got. When he opened his eyes, Christofer was still pressed to his body, just not as tightly. The sun was gently shining in over his body, highlighting the different tones in his hair, putting a spotlight on his beauty, and all around making him look like an angel. He had stayed there, just staring at the beautiful boy until he remembered how they had gotten to the bed, and he started to get worried all over again. He had ended up making Christofer breakfast and driving him home.

After Andy walked Christofer to his door, Taylor came up the sidewalk and stopped in front of him. She didn't give him a cliche, "don't mess with my brother or I'll..." speech, but she did take a short moment to make him laugh.

"Ah Andy, you know you're famous in my house? Chrissy is always telling me about you. He gets all dreamy eyed. It's actually kind of funny, but don't tell him I told you that." They both laughed as Taylor went into the house and Andy got in his car and headed back home. Once he was back in his room, he had immediately asked Christofer to Skype with him. Of course the first thing he did was repeat what Taylor had told him so he could watch Christofer blush and hide his face.

"It's cool Chrissy, you are all I talk to my friends about." Andy took his turn to duck his head in slight embarrassment. They spent a few hours just looking at each other and saying random things to each other before one of them had to go. They spent the whole day and a lot of the night texting each other. Before Christofer fell asleep, Andy called him to wish him a good night's sleep.

Andy had woken up for school early on Monday, excited about the promise of seeing Christofer again. He kept his composure as he drove by Christofer's house to give him a ride to school. Christofer had been surprised when he walked out of his door and saw the Camero parked in hid driveway with Andy leaning against the hood.

"Want a ride to school?" Christofer thought that was meant to come out as smooth and confident but he sensed something akin to uncertainty laced in Andy's words. Christofer had planned to walk to school, but he would rather spend the twenty minute ride with Andy.

"Sure, thanks." Every time Christofer got into Andy's car, it felt more comfortable. Christofer was confused and conflicted. Were they officially friends? Did he want more from Andy? When he had stared into Andy's eyes on Saturday, he had seen something new. Andy cared, and to make it even worse, he was stunning. Christofer had never really given any thought to what he felt towards Andy until that moment when he realized he had a major crush on him.

When they got to school, Andy slowly walked him to class. Christofer spent the entire time wondering why Andy would risk his reputation by being seen with a loser like him. Christofer didn't even realize that Andy had walked him all the way to class until he sat down in his chair. Derek sat down at the desk next to his and immediately turned to look at him.

"So, I haven't heard from you since Friday, where have you been?" Woops, Christofer had completely forgotten he had other friends and they would notice if he went out of contact for an entire weekend. They had always made it their business to check in on him when they were not in school together.

"Sorry, I got busy this weekend." Christofer gave himself away by breaking eye contact, a tell tale sign that he wasn't saying everything.

"Oh really? What was keeping you busy? Or should I say who?" Christofer's cheeks lit up like a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.


"Like Andy Biersack? He was looking for you on Friday after you pretty much ran away from him. What was that about anyway?" Derek held his eyes in a straight stare so he couldn't lie.

"I said too much to him about myself and I needed some space."

"Okay. So, this Andy thing? Do you have feelings for him? Is this friendship, or something more? Should I be watching for you to go missing and for us to find your body with fingerprints on it?" They both had to laugh at Derek's ridiculous imagination.

"Uhh, I think we are friends, and I am pretty sure he isn't a murderer. You don't have to worry."

"Speaking of things that make me worry, did you hear about Eli? He got properly wrecked by someone and he got suspended too. Those jerks haven't been on your case again have they?" Again, Christofer could not hold eye contact.

"Christofer! How long long?"Derek's eyes darkened to a shade that even had Christofer scared.

"It's okay, I think they will lay off me for now." Derek didn't get the chance to protest because the teacher chose that moment to walk in. Derek stared at him curiously for a little while longer before turning to face the board and pay attention to the class.

When the class was over, Christofer's phone buzzed in his pocket and he found a text message from Andy.

From Andy: I'm bored.

To Andy: Shouldn't you be learning?

Christofer walked to his next class and sat down before he got another text.

From Andy: AP Physics is beyond boring; I'd rather talk to you.

To Andy: I cannot condone this kind of behavior. As Val and Sal we are supposed to be the example setters.

From Andy: What? O.o

To Andy: When you have no friends, what is there to do but study?

From Andy: I'm not following

To Andy: You are the number one, everyone knows that. I am number two, right behind you. You better keep your grades up or I'll take your spot.

From Andy: No way! I had no idea the guy behind me was you. That is insane. How did I not know this?

To Andy: I asked guidance and the principal to keep it under wraps for me.

From Andy: Why would you hide something like that? You should be proud."

To Andy: What is there to be proud of?

From Andy: I am wounded. I am proud of you! Besides, there are perks to being known as smart.

To Andy: Oh yeah? Please, enlighten me.

From Andy: Intelligence is sexy, so by extension, you are sexy.

Christofer could not help the blush that attacked his face at that last text.

"Mr Ingle, please stop texting in my class. Put your phone away or I'll have to take it." Christofer slipped it back into his pocket but it only stayed there for a few seconds before it buzzed in a different way, a twitter alert.

@andybiersack: Can't wait to see @christoferdrew at lunch today. #sexyandheknowsit

Christofer had to hold back his smile because he couldn't wait either. The class went by painfully slowly, but the bell did eventually ring. When Christofer made his way through the hall, it hit him that something was off about the people in the hall. Someone was missing. Everyday between second and third period, Alex usually popped up on Christofer's way to class. He pulled out his phone to send a text.

To Taylor: Is Alex out today?

He kept his phone in his hand to wait for a reply as he sat down in his next class. Taylor was like every other teenager with a sixth sense attached to her phone, so her replies were always quick. Christofer got through thirty minutes of the period and then started getting confused. His text must not have gone through because Taylor always responded, even during tests.

To Taylor: Are you and Alex skipping? I thought I told you to stop doing that.

Christofer was starting to get a little agitated by the lack of response by the time it came to changing classes again. He ran into some of Taylor's friends in the hallway.

"Hey guys, have you seen Tay or Alex anywhere? I've been looking for them."

"Nah, they haven't been to class today." One guy, Mike stepped up to answer.

"Uh, okay, thanks."

Chistofer sat through his next class with his hands glued to his phone, not even trying to hide his texting. He sent out a mass text to friends, but everyone replied the same, "no."

Christofer did not wait for the bell to ring, nor did he ask permission before he stood up, grabbing all of his belongings with him. He walked to his locker and haphazardly threw everything in, slamming it shut in frustration. He leaned back against Andy's locker and allowed himself to slide down to sit on the floor. He slid his phone through his hands, contemplating what he should do. He dialed the only number that could make this better but it went straight to voice mail.

"Tay, why aren't you answering your phone, or answering my texts. I have no clue where you are or what you're doing, but I will kill you when I find you." He hung up and stood, but his phone started ringing as soon as he put it in his pocket. The caller ID made his breathing even out. He didn't hesitate to pick up the phone.

"My god Taylor, you had me wo-" Christofer stopped short as the person on the other end of the lined started talking.

"Mom? Wha- Why do you have Tay's-?" His mother spoke calmly on the other end of the line, so as to not upset him, but there was no way for him not to be set off. He stood there until she was done speaking, and then he turned his phone off entirely.

He was suffocating. His breathing got rough. He couldn't see or think straight, and he needed to get out. He needed to breathe. His skin was on fire, and his feet were as heavy as lead. He couldn't figure out which way was up. He had to get out, and before he knew it, the bell was ringing, but that didn't matter because his feet had already carried him out of the building and past the end of the parking lot.

He got lost. He needed to get lost, so he got lost. He didn't know where he was going, but anywhere would be better than where he was. He wanted oceans with rushing waters, or high mountains, or a sharp knife, because the thing that all of those things had in common was the promise of freedom. Christofer had been in pain before. He had been bullied, and beaten, and used, and all of that had hurt like hell (some of it doing irreparable damage), but this? This was new. This feeling wasn't like any of the other feelings he had ever had in his life. Those feelings had made him lose himself, and Taylor had always found him. This left him empty, and feeling small, useless.

He walked for a long time, at least a couple of hours, until his body brought him the two things he wanted most; height, and rushing water. All that was left was the freedom. Freedom from the helplessness. Freedom from the weakness. Freedom from the pain. He just wanted to be free again.


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the other 9 chapters of this are on regular mibba, it's a complete story

Sylarisahero Sylarisahero

I, absolutely loved this story. There's not really much more to say than that, I loved it. It was...wow.

Thanks <3
Halona Halona
I canĀ“t find it on Mibba...:/
Halona Halona