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Wednesdays Are The Worst

Andy's P.O.V.

Christofer has been on my mind since the day I met him. Having lunch today with him was great even though he got freaked out and ran into a forest. Speaking of him running off into the forest, after he left me one of his friends came up to me.

[i] "Where'd he go?" I look over and find a boy with long brown hair standing beside me.

"I'm not sure. He kinda just hopped up and ran towards the woods."

"Ah, his favorite place of refuge. What ever it is, just give him a little space and he will come around sooner than later." The boy offers me a sad smile before turning back to his table. [/i]

I wish Christofer would come back so I could just talk with him more, or if he doesn't want to talk, we can do something else.

I'm waiting for him outside of the school but maybe I missed him I've been waiting here for almost fifteen minutes, and people stopped flooding out of the building doors like five minutes ago. It's too cold out here for me to be standing around. I guess he went home already. As I'm getting into my car, I have to freeze because a noise in the distance catches my ear. It's strange because football practice hasn't started yet.

I jog over to where all of the cheering is coming from and my stomach is sinking. Something really bad is happening. As I get closer, one of the jocks notices me and all of the cheering stops. I break through the line of them and look down towards the edge of the woods.

"All of you, fucking go home and hope that I don't come after you." My angry whisper is barely audible, but someone hears it and relays the massage, and the crowd quickly disperses. I rush towards where Eli has Christofer's limp body pinned to the ground. Before my brain can tell me any better, I have grabbed Eli by the collar of his varsity jacket and pinned him to the ground. I only hit him a couple of times before his skin has turned enough colors for my liking.

"Look, you rotten, worthless, scum, don't you ever go near Christofer again or you will get much worse than bruises and a fracture nose." Eli's shocked look angers me further.

"Leave!" Eli is climbing back up the hill without a second thought. I have to attend to Christofer who seems to have blacked out. I lift Christofer off the ground and carry him to my car when he starts to wake up.

"Hey, what- where are we going?"

"I'm taking you over to my place." He almost medical attention, but I figure that I can clean him up. He seems satisfied enough with my answer because he starts to fall asleep as soon as he is in my car. I don't take time now to assess the damage over Christofer's body but instead start the car and put it in reverse. Thankfully, the drive to my house is only fifteen minutes and there are no cops on the road so I can cut it down to ten.

When I pull up at my house, I don't bother to wake Christofer up, opting to carry him inside bridal style and set him down on my bed. I gather bandages, a wet cloth, and skin sanitizers I have seen my mom use time and again on my brother.

"Christofer, why did Eli do this?" I dab at the dry blood near his mouth, and he doesn't move very much. His eyes are closed but I know he is awake and fully conscious because he responds.

"You should go ask him that. I never did anything to him, but that doesn't stop him." There is nothing but defeat in his voice, and it hurts me to see someone who was clearly meant to shine so brightly, so depressed and crushed.

"I think your ribs might be bruised." I put my hand at the hem of his shirt. " Can I?" He nods and I lift his shirt off. His abdomen is littered with dark purple bruises. I start to wrap his ribs and I'm a little shocked when he speaks again.

"Why are you helping me? You're popular, everyone loves you. Why do you keep going out of your way to save me?"

"No one deserves to be treated this way." I give his hand a gentle squeeze and hand him his shirt back. I could stare at his body all day, but I know that would make him feel uncomfortable and that is the last thing I want him to feel around me.

"Would you like me to drive you home?"

"That would be nice." I am beyond glad that despite the fact he is going home, I get to be with him just that much longer. Every minute I can have with him will be accepted with gratitude.

"Make a left here." His voice is barely a whisper and I don't like that. I can't let him be like this. I have to rescue him because he is drowning.

"What is your address by the way?" I hope this is a safe topic. He looks over at me and reads my face, but I can't look back at him because I'm driving.

"Umm, I live like two blocks down in the blue house on the corner." I can do this, pull him into conversation.

"Oh cool, I love that house, it's so- you know, it's got so much character and style. How long have you lived there?" I have to at least sneak a glance or two his way to keep this conversation flowing, and make the best use of my time with him.

"Yeah, my parents like to be creative."

"Oh, your parents sound fun. They must be great." I'm pulling up on his street.

"They really are." I don't think he notices the fact that his lips are tugging up at the corners, but I do. I'm too distracted between him and the road.

"How do you keep the bruises and cuts from them?" Woops, oh crap, I wasn't supposed to say that out loud, or ever.

"Sorry, I didn't mean-"

"Thanks for the ride." Christofer grabs his bag and climbs out of the car, quickly jogging to his door and disappearing into the house.

"Way to ruin every chance you get Andy." I lean my head against the steering wheel and focus on my breathing until I am put my foot to the pedal and know that I won't crash my car.


the other 9 chapters of this are on regular mibba, it's a complete story

Sylarisahero Sylarisahero

I, absolutely loved this story. There's not really much more to say than that, I loved it. It was...wow.

Thanks <3
Halona Halona
I canĀ“t find it on Mibba...:/
Halona Halona