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My feet are dangling off the edge

New friends

Jess's pov:

I woke up at 6 and instantly groaned not wanting to get up for school. I laid in my bed for about 15 minutes listening to music before I decided to get up.

I finally got out of bed and went to my closet pulling out a pair black skinny jeans and a red pierce the veil shirt. I put them on and straightened my hair. I put on a thin line of eyeliner under my caramel eyes and sighed looking in the mirror.

I rubbed my pale arms that had red scars on them. I put on all my bracelets, my bvb Rosery, and made sure I had my phone and headphones before I grabbed my black fox riders backpack and walked out of my room.

I walked out of the room and down the hall to the stairs making y way into the living room. Ashley was sitting on the couch watching full house while sipping coffee.

" morning sunshine!" He called from the couch and I groaned

" someone's happy" I flipped him off with a smile and he chuckled standing up.

" ready to go ?" He asked

" no, give me a few years.." I wined leaning against the wall and he laughed shaking his head picking up his keys

. " let's go you freak" I groaned following him out the door and into the cool may air.

It was foggy out and the dew hung in the air as I got in his car sighing. He got in and started it up making the dreadful drive to school.

I started breathing heavy feeling a panic attack rising as we got closer .

They're all going to hate me. Ill make new friends it'll be like last time. Ashley pulled in and looked at me putting it Into park.

"Hey hey, calm down it's going to be okay. " he said rubbing my shoulder and I sighed taking a shaky breath

. " just give me a minute to calm down" I said leaning in the seat and he nodded turning the radio up.

Famous last words was playing and I smiled starting to calm down. I watched as the kids walked in.

I saw two boys running in after each other, a blond haired and a black haired one, the blond taking the lead. They disappeared into the school just as the song ended. I let out a breath and unbuckled my seatbelt.

" want me to go in with you?" Ashley asked and I cracked a small smile shaking my head.

" not like that" I said pointing a finger at his plaid pajama pants and outlaw shirt , his hair was messed up considering he just woke up.

" your loss, stay safe okay? I think jinxx is picking you up but well text you ad let you know," he said and I nodded and leaned over to open the door.

" oh and Jess?"

I looked at him

" yeah?"

" I love you" he said grabbing my head and kissing it. I smiled and laughed

" love you too smelly" I said and he laughed as I shut the door.

I walked past the car putting my headphones in and walked into the school. Kids looked at me as I passed by them all heading to the office. I could see their mouths moving talking to or about me but that's the best part about headphones, blocks out the assholes.

I opened the glass office doors and stepped in nervously walking to the desk with a lady in her 40's sat. She looked up and smiled. I took out one earbud and turned the volume down.

" hey dear what can I help you with?" She asked

" um I'm new here.." I replied shyly and she looked down at her papers.

" oh ! Your Jessica purdy?" She asked and I smiled a little at my last name.

" yeah that's me"

" we'll here's your schedual, and If you need any help come back here okay?" She asked and I nodded quickly taking the ugly yellow paper and walking out replacing the earbud and turning up the music as I made my way to my first class which was English.

I walked in the atrium and up the stairs until I found the room. There were other kids already still in there and I walked in watching as the kids fooled around. The room was pretty big with 15 long tables split in the middle making 2 rows on each side. I went to the teacher who was about 30 with jet black hair and he smiled.

" your Jessica?" He asked and I gave a timid nod.

" I'm mr.barker" I nodded again

" we'll we don't have assigned seats so find a seat, I have hall duty for the first five minutes after the bell rings so ill be back. " he said smiling again and getting up.

He walked out just as the bell rang , I looked around the room and started walking to a table in the back when someone stuck their foot out and tripped me making me slam into the hard tile floor and nock my earbuds out.

" fucking fag!" A girl screamed and laughter erupted

" hey fuck off!" I heard another kid say and I looked up to see the black and blond haired boys from earlier standing in front of me.

The boy who spoke had the black hair that with red Nike glasses, a COD black ops shirt and black skinny jeans. He bent over and helped me up as the blond haired boy picked up my phone and earbuds

. " aww look the nerds made a emo friend!" Someone called and the mysterious boys ignored them

. " here sit back here with us" they said as started walking to the back of the room.

I followed cautiously avoiding the hateful glares. They went to the table in the back left corner near the window. They put their bags on it and turned to me.

" you okay?" The blond haired asked, his blond hair spiked in the front and he had a blue Nike shirt with kaki shorts on. I nodded

. " my names Aaron and this nerd is Anthony" he spoke pointing to the black haired boy.

" oh fuck off" Anthony said and I laughed shaking their hands.

" Jessica, but you can call me Jess".

" we'll Jess, welcome to north bay highschool!" Aaron exclaimed and I laughed , he sat on the stool on the right and Anthony on the left leaving me to sit in the middle.

" thanks I guess.." I said and they smiled just as the teacher came back in.

" we'll class, if you didn't notice ,we have a new student, Jessica purdy" he said and everyone turned to me. I slumped in the stool and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked at Anthony and he gave a weak smile

. " now I want you to get in groups and work on your project I assigned yesterday get to it" he said slapping his hands once and everyone started shuffling around.

" ah Jess I see you made friends with Anthony and Aaron here" me. Barker said approaching the table

" she sure did!" Aaron exclaimed and he laughed

" I take it youradding her to the group?" They both nodded

" very good, well call if you need help" he said walking off

" so what's the project?" I asked looking at them, Anthony was typing on his phone and Arron was making a paper airplane.

" it was a essay and poster about a famous poet, but we finished yesterday night, we like to do them fast so we can have class to screw around" Anthony said putting his phone down.

" and well be sure to put your name on it" Aaron winked

" wow.. Thanks" I said. Anthony gave me a warm smile that made my heart jump a little.

Shit no Jessica no time for crushes no one wants a mess like you

"no problem now give me your schedual" he said snapping me out of my thoughts.

I handed him it and Aaron stood up leaning on his shoulder to read it.

" we have science and history!" Aaron exclaimed giving me a hi-five. I laughed as Anthony scanned over my schedual still.

" band and math" he said

" oh lord another band geek" Aaron wined and me and Anthony both flicked him.

" What instrument?" I asked Anthony

" tuba, you?" He asked

" drums" "Wooh not so much of a geek then" Aaron said and I smiled Anthony went to open his mouth but Aaron cut him off.

" you. You still are"

Anthony pouted and I laughed

. ---

I stuck with them the whole day , it felt weird actually having friends but I opened up quickly , I felt as if I could be myself.

" hey so, you want to hang out after school? Me and Aaron usually walk home together so your welcome to come"

Anthony said as we walked to band. I smiled looking at him.

" I'd love to, I just need to text my brother and double check" I said taking out my phone.

I sent a message to Ashley.

- ash, im gana walk home with my friends okay?

He replied immediately

- you made friends?! Yeah of course! Feel free to come back to the house with them too;)

I let out a small chuckle and put phone in my pocket. I looked at Anthony and he smiled

" i just texted my brother and he said yeah"

" what about your parents?" He asked and I felt a pang in my heart. We got in the band room and I smiled at all the instruments.

" um, they live in Nebraska, I live with my brother" I said and he nodded getting I didn't want to say anymore. I went to the back where the drummers were , all guys and one girl who had mallets in her hand.

There were about 5 boys in total and they all looked at me as I put my bag on the cabinet

. " hey!I'm John" a blond haired boy said sticking his hand out.

He wore a silly grin and had crystal blue eyes. He had on jeans and a American eagle sweater on.

" Jess" I said back and he smiled wider

" so how long you been drumming?"

" 10 years "

" wow same! So you must be good" he said and I nodded when a small boy with jet black hair walked beside John

. " I highly doubt that" he spat an I glared at him.

" and why's that?" I challenged

" your a girl"

" and your a boy, now that you figured out the different genders are we done here? Because I think it's time for you to get back to kindergarten" I said with a smirk and his mouth hung open just as the band teacher stepped up to the podium.
" nice ! I've never seen anybody mouth off tony before, he's very thick headed" John whispered and I smiled

" we'll class it seems we have a new member here in class" the teacher said. He had orange hair and was in his 30'

. " Jessica right?l he asked looking at me and I nodded. Everyone turned around and offered warm smiled. Wow people who are actually nice. "

" so tell us about yourself?" I shrugged feeling shy

" um not much to tell, I love music and have been playing drums for years" I said and he smiled

" awesome! Okay so I know this is the last thing we want to do but the elementary school is having a concert tonight so we wot be playing today, you guys need to help set up the chairs and stuff got it?" He asked and they all nodded " good! Lets go!" He said and I looked around as people started walking around

" we don't really need to help, so We can play the set okay?" He asked and I nodded. I sat down and started to play, I got up and he smiled taking the sticks and adding to the beat I did. We did that for the whole class until the bell rang.

" see ya Jess!" John called and walked out. I went and got my bag and Anthony came next to me.

" ready?" He asked and I nodded


" BATMAN IS NOT BETTER THAN SUPERMAN!" Aaron yelled at me as we walked home

" yes he is!"

" ladies.. Please I'm getting a headache"Anthony wined and I laughed looking back down at the ground.

" so where are we going ?" I asked as we walked closer to my street. How did they know I lived here?

" don't know, I'm just headed to my house I'm up for suggestions" Aaron said as we walked on my street

" this is my street" I said and they looked at me

"No way! This is ours too !" They both yelled and I chuckled

" we can go to my house, but I think my brothers fiends are over so be warned" I said walking to my house.

" that's fine with me!" Anthony said and we walked on m y lawn.

" wait you live here?" Aaron asked and I nodded

" i live three houses down! And Anthony lives 5 houses the other way" Aaron said ad I smiled.

They were so close I put my hand on the door handle seeing everyone's cars.

" so be warned , they are insane" I said and they shook their heads

" sounds awesome!" I rolled my eyes and opened the door hearing yells from The living room.

I put my bag on the floor next to my shoes and the guys copied my actions with their bags. "

"Follow me" I said walking towards the living room. I walked in and Ashley, Andy and cc were on the couch, jake and jinxx were on the other couch watching mean girls. Sammi ,Lauren and Juliet were next to them also. "

" hey Jess!" Jinxx said standing up and kissing my head. Anthony and Aaron walked in next to me and everyone looked at them

. " who are they?" Andy asked and I laughed. Ashley stood up and kissed my head also standing next to me.

" guys these are my friends Aaron and Anthony, this is jinxx, cc, jake, Andy, my brother Ashley, Juliet, Sammi's, and Lauren" I said pointing to everyone

" oh my god you made friends!" Sammi's exclaimed standing up and hugging me. I groaned and pushed her off.

" fuck off" I wined and Anthony and Aaron silently chuckled

. " nice to meet you guys" Aaron said nodding and waving

. " you too" Cc said smiling.

" you guys want to watch mean girls with us? Just started" Ashley said and I smiled

" fuck yeah" Anthony called moving to sit on the floor in front of the couch.

I mimicked his actions as Aaron sat beside me and the guys sat back down turning the movie on. Halfway through I felt Anthony's arm go around me and I leaned on his shoulder. Aaron laid on my lap and I smiled looking around.

i had friends and family ,and that's all I need


HEY! So I'm back, anybody miss me? I'm sorry for not updating, schoolwork and I'm a lazy piece of shit! If you read my other stories I will be updatin them also dry soon, if you haven't checked out my others , please do!! Leave comments :)


I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

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This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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Guuuuurl you said a week :(

Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Please continue, sorry I'm quite weird.