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My feet are dangling off the edge

It's a bet

It was 4pm on Sunday afternoon and I was still laying in my bed in my pajamas when Ashley walked in.

" we're going to cc's ,get dressed" he said and walked out. I groaned and stood up going to get ready.

It's been a week since I met my parents and things have been great , they left yesterday after they helped Ashley enroll me in school which i started tomorrow. I walked down the stairs in a falling in reverse shirt and black skinny jeans.

" ready?" Ashley asked standing at the stairs. I nodded following him out.

We got in the car and I smiled as the my chemical romance cd I put in started playing.

"Excited for school?" Ashley asked as we were driving and I let out a groan.

" no.. Do I have to go? Can't we just lie to mom and dad" I said and he laughed.

" no because they want report cards" I groaned again.

" we can make some fake ones. " He laughed just as we pulled into cc's driveway.

" nice try but no can do kid" he said and got out. I followed behind as we walked into cc's house.

" hey! There you are" he exclaimed while giving me a hug. I got really close with the guys and girls the last week expecially jinxx and cc.

" I'm here too " ash wined walking past us . cc laughed and shut the door slinging his arm around me.

" the guys are downstairs and the girls are all out, so your stuck with us" cc said and I smiled nodding. He walked to the door in the hallway that lead downstairs and we walked down into an open practice room .

Jake , Andy and jinxx were sitting on a couch in the corner . I looked over at the drum set and instantly got interested. Ive been playing for ten years along with guitar but none of the guys know that yet.

" hey Jess!" Andy said

"Hey!" Jake and jinxx also said and I smiled.

" hey" I said back walking to the drumset and admiring it.

" cool isn't it?" Cc asked coming up behind me and I nodded.

" want to try it out?" He asked

" no it's okay" I said stepping back a little.

" no try it Jess it's not that hard" jinxx said as I tried hard not to smirk.

They still had no idea what I could do. " fine " I said and cc walked to the set. He did a slow rock beat. I smirked a little. Too easy.

" try that" he said handing me the sticks.

They all stood up and watched. I sat at the set and arranged myself before I started up the beginning drum solo In Legacy. I went into a more heavy beat for a few minutes before I stopped. I looked up and they were all starring at me.

" shit.." Jinxx muttered and I laughed twirling the sticks between my fingers.

" I take it you play ?"cc asked and I nodded

. " 10 years"

" you tricked us.." Andy wined And I laughed.

" no I didn't you never asked if I played ." I said and he pouted.

" play more" cc said and I thought for a minute before starting off a beat. I got more into it and it got more intense. After awhile I stopped and looked up to see all of their mouths open.

" thats it cc your out of the band Jess is our new drummer". Jake said throwing his hands up.

We all laughed and I stood up handing cc the sticks.

" seriously though your amazing" Andy said

" thanks.." I mumbled shyly and Ashley laughed hugging me.

" I agree , seriously did you tke lessons?" Jinxx asked and I shook my head .

" taught myself , I play a lot of instruments actually, and sing."

" really ?" Ashley asked and I nodded. They stared at me and jake grabbed his guitar. He plugged it in and handed it to me.

"Play" he demanded

" what?" " in the end , ill play the track" Andy said grabbing his phone

" come on she can't play that, it's a little advanced don't you think? Have her Play something easy " Jake said and I smirked

" ill take that as a challenge" I said

" wait lets do bets on this" andy said and I shook my head.

" Who votes she does it, solos and all?" andy asked and him and jinxx raised their hands. I looked at the others.

" no faith?" I asked with a grin.

" sorry i love you jess , but it's just really advanced, a 16 year old girl can't play that " ashley said and I smirked

" you'll be eating those words big brother" I said and he laughed

" we'll see about that"

" Alright so if she does you each owe us 20, is she doesnt and messes up we owe you 20" andy said and they shook hands

" what about me what do I get?" I asked and they remained silent for a minute.

" you lose, you sleep out side tonight , you win and ill take you to get your permit this weekend deal?"ashley asked.

" deal" I said smiling

They all sat on the couch ,Andy plugged the phone into a speaker and I stood up in front of the opposite couch on the other wall.

" ready?" Andy asked and I nodded just as he pressed play. I smirked and started it nailing the begging solo. I saw Andy and jinxx hi-five each other and I laughed softly continuing the song.

It was coming to the huge ending solo and I took a breath in. I started it and played it perfectly.

" no fucking way.." I heard jake mutter and I laughed finishing it and ending the song. I looke up and Andy and jinxx had smug grins while the others mouths were open

" that was.." Jake started

" fuckig amazing.." Cc finished off and I laughed putting the guitar down. Jinxx got up and hugged me keeping one arm around my shoulder.

Andy copied his actions.

" 20 bucks gentlemen" Andy said holding his had out. They groaned and stood up going down the line. I smiled putting the money in my pocket.

" I like this game, want to play again boys?" I asked they laughed.

" yeah right" jake muttered

" so what else do you play?" Jinxx asked

" piano, I played violin for a year but then kinda stopped , and a little bass."

I saw jinxx and Ashley smiled

" and you sing?" Cc asked and I nodded

" sing "Andy demanded and I groaned

" sing what?" I asked sitting down on the stool.

" anything. You can sing and play guitar if you want" jake said and I nodded picking up an acoustic that was lying on a chair nearby.

I started the chords to I miss you by blink 182 and smiled , it was my favorite song.

". Hello there , the angel from my nightmare , the shadow in the background of the morgue ,the unexpected victim, of darkness in the valley we can live like jack and Sally if we want we're you can always find me , we'll have Halloween on Christmas and in the night well wish this never ends we'll wish this never ends." I smiled as the guitar picked up more and then began the second verse.

After I finished I looked up to 5 shocked faces

" holy fuck.." Cc said and I laughed shyly putting it down.

" your amazing kid" Ashley said and I shrugged

" thanks.." I mumbled

" aww someone's shy!" Andy teased patting my head

" fuck off" I mumbled

" lets go watch tv" ashley said walking up the stairs like it was his house. I chuckled and followed them upstairs. we got to the living room and sat on the couches.

Jinxx and Ashley sat next to me and jake Andy and cc sat on the opposite couch.

"You have school tomorrow right Jess?" Andy asked flipping the tv on and I groaned leaning in the couch.

" yes I do , don't remind me" I said and they chuckled. Jinxx kissed the side of my head patting my shoulder.

" it'll be fine" he said

" no it won't, I know how it'll go, I'll get there, make no friends and get beat up, the end" I said and try all sighed

" Jess , you'll make friends , it'll be okay just try" Andy said and I groaned but remained silent. I knew what would happen.

" I'm going to order a pizza sound good?" Jake asked

" that's fine with me" Andy said and the rest nodded

. --

After we ate we watched movies until it was about 10. I was laying against cc with my legs in Andy's lap slowly falling asleep.

" hey Jess" I heard cc say and I groaned moving more into his chest

. " come on Jess get up, were going home" Ashley said and I stayed where I was too tired to move. I felt cc sit up and pick me up standing me up. I sleepily stumbled over and felt someone grab me as they laughed

. " I'm too tired.." I moaned opening my eyes

" let's go you can sleep in a few" Ashley said. They each got up and hugged me.
" have a good day tomorrow" jinxx said and I groaned following Ashley to the front door still half asleep. We got in his car and I instantly closed my eyes leaning against the console falling asleep

. ---
Ashley's pov:

" so Jess have fun today?" I asked but got no answer. I looked over and saw her leaning against the console sleeping. I chuckled and rubbed her back with one hand and focusing on driving.

After 5 minutes we got home and I shut the car off.

" Jess" I said shaking her and she didn't move.

I chuckled again and got out of the car going to the passenger side. I opened it up and grabbed her bridal style and shut the door with my door locking it.

I walked up the steps and manage to unlock the door and step in with her still sleeping. I put my keys down and walked up the stairs to her room. I plugged in her phone and put her under the covers. I kissed her forehead.

" I love you Jess good night."

" mm night ash love you too.." She mumbled sleepily and I smiled shutting off the light and walking out the door.




I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

Metalbookworm Metalbookworm


@Crimson Recovery

This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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Blackveiljess2 Blackveiljess2

Guuuuurl you said a week :(

Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Please continue, sorry I'm quite weird.