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My feet are dangling off the edge

New beginnings.

I stared at the ceiling trying to slow my breathing. It was 11 and I've been up since 5, I couldn't sleep. How could I? I'm finally meeting my real parents after 12 years. I heard a knock on my door.

" Jess!" Ashley called


" get dressed everybody's here I need to get to the airport soon" he said and I sighed.

" be right down" I called back.

iI got up and rubbed my face walking to my closet. I got out a pair of black skinny jeans and put on a white panic ! At the disco shirt. I put on my bracelets and brushed my hair. I stared in the mirror. My Hazel brown eyes had tints of green. My black hair went to my shoulders , while my side bangs went over left eye. I never did like my appearance. I looked at my clock. 11:45.

I sighed and left my room walking down the stairs. I went into the living room and saw jinxx,Sammi, cc and lauren sitting on a couch. Jake , Ella ,Andy and Juliet were on the other couch.

" hey Jess, Ashley left already" jinx said and I nodded. Cc patted the spot next to him and I walked over siting on the couch next to him.

" this is Juliet, my girlfriend" Andy said poiting to the beautiful girl next to him. She smiled and waved.

" hi, nice to meet you" I said still nervous. I think she noticed because she gave me a reassuring smile.

" same to you" she said back.

" this is Ella" jake said and I smiled waving

"and this is Lauren" cc said and she smiled

" nice to meet you all" I mumbled still nervous.

I stared at the floor feeling myself shake. Cc put his arm around my shoulder and brought me close so I was leaning against his chest.

" nervous?" he said and I sighed again.


" they'll love you" Andy said

" I guess" I said and I felt cc rub my shoulder.

" don't worry they will" jinxx said. I shifted more into cc's chest and focused on the tv. I tried to get my mind off my thoughts.

What if they hate me?

--- Ashley's pov:

" ash!" My mom called while she hugged me. I smiled and hugged her back as dad came with his luggage.

"how are you son?" He asked once my mom let go.

"I'm great, lets get back though I have a surprise" I said and my mom furrowed her eyebrows.

" it's a good one trust me" I protested grabbing the bags and walking to the car. We got in and I started to drive. I couldn't help but worry about Jess. She must be nervous as hell, I'm just glad the guys are with her.

" so ash," my mom started and I looked over to her.

" yeah?"

" the police called us the other day and said they had a Lead on Jess, that they found the family that took her" she said and I smiled a little. I hope they get what they deserve.

"that's great!" I said and they sighed

" but they didn't find her son, they think they killed her, there was no sign of her except a picture of when she was 14"my dad said choking alittle.

" oh.." I mumbled . I couldn't bare them crying, I needed to show them Jess now.

We pulled up and I smiled looking at them.

"I bet my surprise will make you guys really happy . Come on" I said getting out and running to the door.

" Ashley wait up , calm down honey" my mom called and I stopped waiting for them.

They caught up and I opened the door heading talking in the other room. It got silent when we walked in. I walked to the living room and saw Jess nervously siting there on cc's arms. I motioned for her to stand up and she did just as my parents walked in the room.

They froze and my mom looked over at me a few tears in her eyes.

" ash-"

" mom, dad the reason why the police had no leads on Jess is because she's right here"

I saw all the others smile looking at us as my parents started to tear up.

---Jessica's pov.--
We were still sitting there when we heard the door open and close.

I froze.

" this is it" jake said and we saw Ashley walk in a huge grin on his face. He motioned for me to stand up and I did just as two people walked in.

My parents.

They froze looking at me and my mom turned to Ashley.
" ash-" " mom, dad the reason why the police had no leads on Jess is because she's right here"he said and they turned back to me. I shyly stood there shaking.

Oh god they hate me , they don't want me. I saw tears fall down my moms face as it was still silent.

" oh my god come here" she said I smiled a little and shakily walked over where she crushed me into a hug. I felt my dad wrap around us too as I cried into them.

"I can't believe it's you, my baby girl" my mom said letting go and looking me over.

"your so beautiful" I smiled.

"I can't believe it either" I said I wiped my face and my dad turned to Ashley.

"how did you find her? I can't believe you found her!" He said and Ashley smiled

. " I can't take the credit, it was all jinxx" he said poiting to jinxx who was smiling.

" jinxx? You found her?" My mom asked and he nodded smiling.

"where?" My dad asked and I looked at jinxx nervously. He gave me a quick smile.

" on the side of the road, she got kicked out and I found her with no where to go so I took her back here" he said and I smiled at him silently thanking him.

" I can't believe it" my mom said hugging me again.

"that was my reaction too" Ashley said and they smiled.

"so they kicked you out?" My dad asked and I nodded.

" yeah, I didn't care that much considering they weren't my family and I knew it but they tried to convince me that they were , that you guys" I pointed to my parents and Ashley.

" died" They're faces turned shocked as they brought me in another hug.

"I can't believe it" my mom said

" yeah but at least she's here, thanks to jinxx, we seriously owe you a big one" Ashley said and I saw jinxx smile widely.

" no you don't" My parents smiled and went to sit on the couch. I took my spot back next to cc who squeezed my shoulder and smiled. Ashley sat next to me and I leaned into him.

" so she's coming back to live with us right?" My mom asked and I saw the guys faces sadden and remain silent as ash rubbed his neck nervously.

"we'll.. I well, WE" he said motioning to the guys and girls.

" we're kind of hoping she could stay here with me.." He said and I saw my parents look at each other. I silently hoped they'd let me, I'd love to stay with them but I feel like the guys can help me.

"Oh ash.. I don't know , you really think you can deal with a teenager?" They asked and he nodded. As did the others

"we'll I'm not alone and I've missed so many years with my sister , I want to be a brother again" he said and they smiled weakly

. " ash what about tour? With school she can't really come and she can't stay here By herself" they said I saw Ashley pause about to give in when Lauren cut in.

"I'll take care of her, she can stay with me when they're gone" she said and the others smiled. My mom and dad looked at eachother an my dad nodded.

" you guys really want her to stay with you?" They asked and the all nodded. I laughed quietly at how eager they were.

" , I know you guys will take care of her, it'll probably be good " my mom said and Ashley's eyes went wide.

" you mean she can stay?" He asked and they nodded

. " just try not to corrupt her too much" my mom said and I laughed

"yes!" He shouted bringing me in for a hug while the Others cheered. I smiled hugging back as I felt the others jump on us

I finally have a family.


Sorry it took so long please forgive me


I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

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This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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