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My feet are dangling off the edge


The room had fallen into a subtle silence. My eyes didn't leave Julia but it didn't seem like she minded; her eyes were doing the same to me. Relief had settled over me. I had been scared for absolutely nothing; Julia was nice but also so much like myself and I liked it.

" It looks like you're staring straight into my soul." At her words I let out a chuckle. I also admired her sense of humor.

" Well maybe I am."

" Alright well just let me know if you find anything interesting in there okay?"

The grin never left her face at her remark making me chuckle at her and all together calm down, I liked her. Suddenly jingles of a collar echoed across the living room and jakes dog trotted towards Julia.

I watched as she instantly softened at the animal and started to pet it. She lifted her head up in sudden confusion and looked at me. I lifted my head up from my phone that had now taken my attention from Julia.

" Wheres Ella?"

"She went to go get Lauren and Sammi about twenty minutes ago then she was going to come back here to get us. She was just killing time waiting for you to wake up I guess." She laughed again and shook her head. With one final pat to trixies back, she lifted her body off the couch.

"She knows me too well" I watched as she then without a word walked into the kitchen. I let out a soft giggle and dug my face back into my phone.

My phone vibrated against my hands and I clicked on the message from hunter. 'want to chill?' My fingers immediately closed across my touch screen. 'Sorry I can't, it's 'Jessica needs to make new friends' day at Ella's, I'll text you tomorrow and we will chill' He replied with an okay and with that I locked my phone as Julia walked back into the room once again with a smirk.

"So, I have a question" My body moved up as I rested my arms on my knees and looked at her.


"How badly do you want to go shopping?"

I thought about it for only a second, I really didn't want to go at all.

" I'd rather go drink a bottle of bleach"

This made Julia tip her head back in laughter as her head shook to the side.

"God I really do like you. okay well that's just the answer I was looking for because I feel the same way; how would you like to go take an adventure with just us?"

The idea made me freeze a little, I still was shy at being with her but also I loved her already. Nothing bad could happen I guess, but one question suddenly ran through my head.

"How?" She let a small smile spread across her face and slipped her wallet from her back pocket. She flipped it open and shook a plastic card so I could see.

"I have a license"

"Okay okay, what about a car? You know we need one of those to drive somewhere" She laughed before now pulling out her phone and typing a number.

"Jake lets me use his, I'll call him" I shook my head at her and she pushed the phone to her ear while tracing her finger across the wall

. "Hey jake" I saw her roll her eyes playfully at the phone before walking back out of the living room, disappearing down the hall.

My body relaxed against the couch again. My fingers tapped against the leather couch just as a door slammed. My head popped up just as Sammi, Ella, and Lauren walked in the living room with bright smiles.

"Hey kid, she still hasn't woken up yet?" I chuckled at Ella but shook my head at her.

" no she did, we talked for a bit, she stared at me for awhile and right now she's just-" My words cut off as Julia walked into the room wearing a grin and pointing a finger at me.

"Excuse me, you were the one starring at me"

"Yes but you returned the gesture" I watched as Ella and the girls all chuckled and Sammi shook her head.

" they're already acting exactly how I thought they would"

"We are fucking screwed" I let out a laugh towards Lauren before looking towards Julia.

Ella wrapped her arms around her and kissed her head making Julia squish her face together in mock disgust.

" get away from me slut" I laughed as Ella whacked Julia's head.

" oh hush you little brat"

"so who's ready for shopping?" I looked to Julia at sammis words. She shot me a smile before cutting Ella off.

"That's something I wanted to talk about actually, me and Jess are going to pass on that" Ella squinted her eyes at Julia before looking to me.

" yeah? And doing what instead?"

" Taking a ride, anything but shopping. "

"With what car?" Julia then held her hand up jingling a set of keys that I suspected were jakes.

"I just called Jake and he was all for the idea" At this Ella rolled her eyes with a soft sigh.

"Of course he was, that man would give you whatever you want no matter what" I let a small giggle out at sammis words knowing the truth behind it.

" aww, but I was excited to bring you two shopping."

Julia chuckled at Lauren's words and shrugged her shoulders. She then lifted a finger and pointed it towards me.

"We would both be miserable" I watched Ella sigh at Julia then look to me

"She's not forcing you is she?" I smiled at her and shook my head. I knew she would think I was being held against my will but I actually did want to go.

"Nope, I want to go" I watched her sigh again softly in defeat before nodding.

"Fine but please, be safe, don't do anything stupid around her. Ashley will kill me" Julia nodded excitedly before giving Ella a big hug.

"Thank you and I'll only go 85 in a 25 but it's okay!" A loud laugh escaped my lips at her before I watched her take off once again to the kitchen.

"Where are you going? The doors the other way!" I heard shuffling in the kitchen before Julia's voice yelled back.

"Taking my last round of pills so I do t get anxiety over a bird flying by and crash the car!" Ella shook her head and looked to me.

"Oh I don't even want to think about what is going to happen. Jess, you are in charge and I never thought I'd tell you that" A grin fell upon my face at those words watching as the others laughed at the idea.

"Gee thanks!" I beamed sarcastically at the exact same time Julia did. I then laughed loudly at how alike me and Julia were seeming to be.

"Lord help us all" Sammi muttered pushing her hands to her face. Julia soon peeked into the living room with a pointing finger.

"Copy cat, let's go we got places to be!" She then ran past the room and to the front door as Sammi shook her head.

"Text me later be careful missy!" Ella screamed after her just as I stood off the couch.

"Don't tell me what to do women!"

The front door slammed just as I let out a loud laugh and headed to leave the living room. Before I was out of the room Sammi grabbed my hand and looked at me.

"If at anytime you feel uncomfortable please call okay?" I squinted my eyes at her but then nodded, I knew they were worried about how I would be.

" yes, anything please call" I smiled all of them and let out another nod. Suddenly a car horn blared making me laugh and push past the girls.

"she'll be fine, I'll see you guys later"

They nodded before letting me walk out of the room and straight to the door that had been left wide open. Just as I stepped out Julia beeped the horn again making my pase pick up;I ran to the car and jumped in.

"So where to?" Julia shrugged while fiddling with her iPod obviously picking a song.

I clicked the seat belt over my body and looked to her. Her head was hanging slightly to study something on her phone. My question rang in the air slightly before her head popped up and looked at me.


"Only if it's chipotle" Her face lit up at my words and she nodded pushing the car into reverse with excitement.

"You just keep getting better purdy" I laughed and relaxed into the seat just as she picked a song and it started to hum across the car.

The starting line of point/counterpoint by streetlight manifesto came on and I froze looking to her, nobody ever knows this band.

"I know you probably won't know this band but-" I cut her words off as the beginning line came on. I started to sing along to it and This time it was her turn to look at me surprised. An excited smile pushed across her face.

"This is official you're my new best friend" I felt a jult of happiness push through my body.

Without any words I turned the volume nob as loud as it could go and we both started to scream to the Catchy chorus. The song barred through the car with so much sound that matched our own screaming voices. A smile fell across my lips as the words rang from them and matched the ones of my new best friend.


Hey guys! So I know I promised every Wednesday but I just got caught up in stuff also I wasn't in a huge hurry to post it as I never hear from any of you anymore so I wasn't sure if anybody even still read this. I'm never one for begging for comments but if you guys could just let me know if you still enjoy the story it would really benefit from how often I update of I know people will actually read it. Thanks again!


I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

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This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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Guuuuurl you said a week :(

Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Please continue, sorry I'm quite weird.