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My feet are dangling off the edge

Welcome to the suicide club

"Jess" I groaned at the loud voice shoving my head underneath my warm pillow. My body curled underneath my blankets in some hope that I could stay asleep.

" come on Jess Sammie, Ella and Lauren are taking you shopping so you need to come to jakes with me" with his words his hands shook my body but I didn't move only let out another moan of protest at my brother. Usually I wouldn't put up such a fight but I got pretty much no sleep last night.

All the sudden a burst of cold air developed me as the sun peaked through my small burrow. My blanket and now my pillow had been pried away from my tired body leaving me with nothing. I opened my eyes seeing Ashley holding my blankets and pillow smirking at me.

" fuck you" I groaned stretching my arms above my head in a long yawn. Ashley only laughed and shook his head.

"You have 10 minutes" with that he threw my covers at me again and walked out the door. I sat in my bed for another minute or two before admitting defeat and getting up.

I quickly changed before grabbing my phone and hurrying out the door. I let my feet fall roughly against the wooden steps taking my time until I came to the end where my brother stood at the door pulling a cowboy boot onto his foot.

"About time kiddo" I rolled my eyes at him and pushed my sneakers onto my feet. He opened the door and motioned for me to go out first.

"It's so early" I whined walking out into the sun

"It's like 11:30, you know Jess most people in the real world have already completed a whole days worth of activities by this time" I looked at him with a small glare causing him to smirk.

"well my day's activities involve sleeping so if we go by that logic I've already accomplished it" Ashley let out a loud snort as he climbed into his black SUV. I flashed a smile of my own before climbing into the car beside him.

With the click of the key cold air pushed at my face while his misfits CD filled the silent car. I stared straight ahead of me as the car slowly backed out of the drive way and then picked up speed towards jakes house.

"So just so you know Julia will be here" With those words my face paled as I looked over at Ashley. He had a grin spread across his face and I groaned falling back into the leather seat. I knew this would happen.


"You just need to get over your fear, she's a good kid you'll love her. You and the girls are going shopping and if she comes you need to be nice, talk to her. You could get a new friend"

"I'm not scared of her ashley, it's just the whole erring to know new people" He looked at me and sighed. His hand gently patted my arm before returning to the wheel.

"I get that but just listen, she's a great kid and I have no doubt in my mind that you two will be the best of friends,trust me" I let a long sigh and looked over at my big brother. He caught me out of the corner of his eye and flashed me a small smile.

"It'll be fine" I nodded and relaxed against the seat until the car jolted to a stop. My head snapped up as Ashley pushed the car into park and killed the engine. We both got out silently and I stayed back slightly so that Ashley could walk up the steps first.

As usual he didn't bother knocking instead he pushed open the white painted door and headed in the house .

"Hello?" He called looking down the red hallway.

"Living room!" Ashley immediately took off in that direction and I nervously followed behind him feeling anxiety bubble up inside my chest. We walked into the living room and as my eyes scanned the couches I was relived to see only the people I knew sat around the room.

Hey guys, nice to see you Jessica" Jinxx said from the couch and I laughed at his sarcastic comment. I hadn't really been joining Ashley as I was afraid that Julia would be there also.

"So we ready to go?" Jake questioned while he stood up from the couch.

"We are, when are you girls going shopping?" Ashley asked as the rest stood up leaving room for me to plant myself on the couch next to Ella who was the only girl here

"Probably within the hour all depending on when Julia wakes up" She stated and Ashley nodded. My nerves kicked in again.

"She fell asleep in our room so ill wake her up if she doesn't" Ella commented and Ashley nodded again

"Alright well we will be back later, bye girls" Andy said and they all exchanged goodbyes before walking out the door.

"Be good" I laughed at Ashley and waved him away after accepting a warm hug. Once the door slammed shut me and Ella were alone

" okay, I'm going to go get Lauren and Sammi, Julia shouldn't wake up but if she does just be friendly"


"No, you need to just get over your shyness and make friends okay?" I groaned but nodded in the end. I knew I'd get nowhere with arguing so might as well agree.

"Alright i'll be back within the hour love" With that she left as well, leaving me to sit in the once full living room all by myself.

I sat on the couch watching the tv play a stupid reality TV show for about 30 minutes feeling fear and anxiety creep up my chest. The thought of meeting somebody who knew so much about me freaked me out.

It all filled to the brim making my breathing shake causing me to let out a small cough as it released.

Suddenly movement was made at the doorway making me jump slightly. I saw a girl with black hair cut similar to mine. She had on black skinny jeans and a asking Alexandria shirt, Julia.

She smiled at me and I continue looking at her. I was nervous, meeting people was hard enough let alone Julia who I knew so much about but haven't even met before now

"You must be Jess" she said walking to the wall opposite of where I was sitting.

"I'm Julia..but you already knew that i assume" I nodded slightly still unsure what to say. She let out a chuckle making my nerves start to fade slightly but not completely disappear

"you know whatever Ella told you is not related towards you..im not gonna kill you or something" I smiled slightly starring at her still, I could see scars up her wrists similar to mine.

"You know Jake never mentioned that you were mute" This time I let out a small laugh. She wasn't as bad as I thought, she was actually trying to talk to me.

" I'm not, I'm just-"

" Scared of me right?" I stared at her shock, how did she know that.

" you know me and Jake are really close, he tells me everything so I know a lot about you" I grinned slightly, so he must of explained to her why I was so timid

" Figured, i know a lot about you as well from Ash" I said and she nodded smiling

" just so you know he did explain to me why you're timid of me and I completely understand just realize I mean no harm, I'm not like those other assholes" she said looking in my eyes and I smiled at her words giving my head a nod.

"I know you're not"

"so I guess there's one thing about eachother have in common that we don't need to explain though" she said and I stared at her confused.

She then pushed off the red wall and walked to where I was sitting on the couch. She sat down and swiveled so we were facing and stuck out her hand.

L Welcome to the Suicide Club" I stared at her frozen studying her face before breaking into a smile and shaking her hand slightly.

" Did you just quote Blood On The Dance Floor?" I asked and she laughed dropping my hand

" of course I did"

" Do you like them?" She started to laugh harder shaking her head

" Fuck no that stage is long gone" I let a grin fall upon my face in relief

" I think me and you will be great friends" She looked at me smirking.

L I think so too, besides we have no choice we'll be seeing a lot of each other" she said and I smiled It was quiet for a little bit before she broke it clearing her throat. I looked towards her.

" you know im not a monster, im not like Will when it comes to that stuff..we both use it for different reasons " I took in her words taking In a Slow breath. I felt bad. She thinks I'm scared of her, and it's not her it's just how I am.

" I know that and despite what my brother has told you I'm not scared of you." She grinned at me

"Well that's great to hear, here I am thinking you didn't want to meet me because you were scared" I laughed and shook my head at her.

"It's not that it's just, how much did Ashley tell you?"

" well, I know you were taken from your family and jinxx found you on the bridge, I've heard about the will situation and that's pretty much it"

"okay, so basically you understand that when I was with that family I had nothing and nobody, no friends at all and I just learned to put myself up In a box. So I just get scared to meet people and yeah I guess I was a little nervous because of what you've done but I'm not terrified I mean your jakes cousin, I know you aren't a monster" She leaned back slightly nodding her head go and down in understanding.

"I get that I get that trust me it's stuff I know isn't good but i'm too far in. I'm sorry you've been through a lot but I can relate. but hey here's to friendship right?" She stuck out her hand towards me and I looked at it before studying her.

Despite what I had thought before I knew at this moment I could trust her and that's exactly why I pushed my hand into hers.

A smile fell upon both of our faces as we released our hands. It felt strange that I had finally met her but also that we were friends so fast. Instead of the fear I had felt earlier this morning the only feeling I had inside me was excitement. I was beyond excited for what this new friendship would bring to my once meaningless life.


I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

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This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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Guuuuurl you said a week :(

Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Please continue, sorry I'm quite weird.