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My feet are dangling off the edge

To the end


I groaned and shoved my face deeper into my bed holding my soft pillow over my head. I heard a soft chuckle as hands started to shake my tired body.

"Come on, you're going to be late" I heard Ashley say and I groaned more not moving


Ashley let out Another chuckle as he grabbed the pillow of my head causing me to let out a whine looking over at him. The sun was starting to come into my window making me groan louder as I sat up in bed making Ashley smile.

"Sorry kid but school awaits" He kissed my head before leaving my room.

I groaned before rolling out of the warm bed and instantly changing from my pajamas. I sighed grabbing my phone and walking out and down the stairs not wanting to go to school. Ashley was waiting by the door and smiled when I walked down.

"Lets go! I'm driving" he said opening the door and I groaned louder following him against my will out the door and to his suburban.

"jake and Ella came back yesterday so they'll most likely be over when you get home" he said as he started driving towards the way to school.

After two weeks I guess julias family decided that they'd move back down here so jake must be happy

"sounds good to me" I said and the car got quiet again as he turned the radio up

The sounds of perfect weapon blasted through the car as he pulled into the school making me groan. He pulled into a space and rubbed my shoulder

"Have a good day"

I glared at him and he laughed before kissing my head

"I love you"

"Love you too ash" I said before getting out of te car and pulling my bag higher up my back and walking into School.

I pushed my headphones into my ear listening to asking Alexandria blast through my ears as I watched the kids run aroun the school.

Today was the beginning of the new term meaning most of my classes changed. Unfortunately the main subjects ddnt so I trudged my way down to my math hallway as the bell rang making it to my desk in time.

What a day this would be


I made my way up te stairs and towards the language hallway searching for my study room. It was last period and my accounting class had change this term to a study wich I was pretty happy about. I walked into the class seeing the desks in clumps of 4 with kids scattered amount them.

I made my wy to an empty group and say myself down just as another boy energetically slid in the room. The teacher looked at him as he searche for a place to sit. I've seen him before, but have never talked to him.

He was a skinny kid about my height with brown curly hair that he normally straightened but right now hung to his ears with a skull bandana going around his head. He had on a black veil brides shirt and tight black skinny jeans with rips in them and a loop belt that matched the one jake wore.

He looked at me and smiled before skidding over to my group of desks and slamming his books down making kids stare at him before retuning back to their phones. He sat in the seat and looked at me

"Hey I'm hunter" he said and I laughed

"I'm Jess"

" hope you don't mind me sitting here you just looked the coolest out of everyone" he said and I laughed before realizing we were wearing the same black veil brides shirt.

" you listen to Bvb so you're automatically really cool" he said and I laughed

"I could say the same to you" I said back and he nodded

"So how come I've never seen you before ?" He asked and I shrugged

"I just moved here with my brother a little bit ago but I've been here since the beginning of the year"

"Where did you move from?"

"A different part of California, long story short me and my brother got seperated and he found me"

He nodded

"Cool cool so you just live with your brother?"

I nodded

"Yeah and his band mates come over a lot"

"Wow he's in a band?"

I smiled nodding

"Yeah you wouldn't know them though not really popular"

He nodded again leaning back in his chair

We ended up spending the rest of the class chatting non sense of band and music and interests until the bell finally rang signaling it was finally time to leave.

"hey what are you up to later?" He asked suddenly as we started walking down the hall

"Umm nothing"

"Want to hang out? You're cool" he said I chuckled before nodding

"Why not , you can come to my house if you'd like " I said he nodding pulling a cigaret out and starting to light it

"You don't mind do you?" He asked and I shook my head

" not at all my brothers friend does it" He smiled before inhaling the smoke and letting it blow out

" it's a nasty habit I hate but hey too late now" he said as we made our way to my neighborhood

"So you said you sing right?"

i nodded

"And play drums and guitar and my brother plays bass so I of course play that also sometimes"

"shit you're just the whole band" he said And I laughed

" I guess that's the closest thing ill get to being in a band"

"You want to be in a band?" He asked and I sighed nodding

"I would like to be yeah it's a dream but probably won't come true"

He puffed his cigaret one more time before dropping it on the ground

"Why so sure? All you need is another member to get something going maybe someone who plays guitar, cough cough" he said making me look at him and laugh stopping in my driveway

"You want to start something?"

"We'll fuck yeah, I wana be the next jake Pitts"

I laughed at his comment, throughout the conversation I learned he was in love basically with jake.

" I'm sure you do" I said walking up te drive way and go te front door I pushed it open letting hunter in behind me hearing the guys I'm the kitchen.

"Jess is that you?!" I heard Ashley call as hunter examined the Bvb records on my wall


He didnt reply and I laughed just as hunter looked at me

" wow your brother must love Bvb" he said I laughed

"Yeah he's pretty invested in them, want to meet him?"

"Sure why not" he shrugged and I laughed walking towards the kitchen hunter right behind me.

I walked in and all the guys turned to me just as hunter walked in and froze.

"Hey Jess" Ashley said smiling at me as I walked over to his spot near the counter and hugged him looking back at huger who's mouth was wide open

"Who's your friend?" Andy asked

"And is he broken?" Jake added in and I laughed

"This is hunter, hunter you know the guys"

He nodded slowly up and down closing his mouth looking to me then back to the guys.

"I take it he likes us?" JInxx questioned and I laughed nodding

"I also take it you didn't give him a warning of who you were?" Cc asked

"No-no she did not" hunter said slowly and I laughed

"Didnt come up"

"You told me I wouldn't know your brother or his band right after I told you how much I worshiped this band!" He exclaimed and I laughed harder feeling Ashley nudge me

" I wanted it to be a suprise" Hunter looked at me


"Fuck you"

I chuckled again watching as his eyes slowly landed on jake

"Nice to meet you" jake said giving a small wave and hunters mouth opened more as he slowly made his way towards jake.

"It's also note worthy to say his favorite member is jake"

They all laughed again as hunter slowly touched jakes arm

"I'm touching jake Pitts holy fuck"

They all laughed as jake took his hand and rubbe it over hunters face

"And jake Pitts is touching you back" jake said laughing before removing his hand Hunter stood silent again and I chuckled before walking over to him

" we'll be in my room" I said grabbing his arm but he shook his head

"No no lets stay in here"

They all laughed more before I pulled him towards to hall

"They'll be here later when we come down say lets go" I said and they chuckle again

"It was nice meeting you!" Ashley called to a sill dazed hunter as we climbed the stairs

We got up to my room and he sat on my bed staring at me

"We'll that was a suprise" I chuckled

"Sorry I just wanted to make sure you wanted to hang because I me not because the guitairst you wana marry is my brothers band mate"

He chuckled

"No no I understand it's totally fine I'm just shocked." He said as he shook his head fixing his hair before looking around and standing up going to my desk ad picking up an old acoustic jake gave me

He grabbed a pic off my desk and sat down on my bed immediately starting to strum some chords. He started to play the mortinicnas daughter and I smiled taking a seat in my desk chair watching him.

He stopped after a minute.

"I just realized this is probably either jake or jinxxs guitar isn't it?" He asked and I chuckled nodding

"Check the pic"

He looked down at his hand

"Fuck I keeping this" he exclaimed looking at jakes guitar pic

"That's fine" I shrugged and he smiled before going to start again

"you should sing along" he said and I felt my neck heat up

"I don't know" He laughed

"If you want to start a band you got to sing"

I sighed before nodding as he started to strum the morticians daughter again singing along.

After awhile I felt more comfortable as we rushed through songs and just started to fool around playing music. I felt comfortable with him, unlike will, I felt like maybe this could turn into something but what did I know.

After about 2 hours he checked his phone and cursed

"I got to fly, my moms going to work and I have to watch my little brother at ther house before I go to mine" he said ad I nodded

I leared that He lived alone in his own apartment but he often went to his moms house to take care of his siblings wich was nice of him.

"okay that's fine"

He stood up and placed the guitar back on my desk but slipped the guitar pic in his back pocket.

"Thank you for the pic and having me over, you're a good singer I think this is the start of something amazing purdy" he said and I nodded smiling.

"I believe so"

With that we walked out of my room and down the stairs without a word as he went the door.

"See ya" I said and he waved walking out the door I shut the door and went back into the living room seeing the guys scattered around it.

"Hey, where's jakes bigger fan?" Andy asked and I chuckled siting in the chair

"He had to go"

"Ah what a shame" jake said and I laughed again

"He seems like a good kid" Jinxx said and I nodded

" is he your boyfriend?" Cc teased and I groaned

"No no cc not In a Million years, just a friend"

"Sorry sorry" he said putting his hands up and I laughed

" I'm so proud of you making friends" jake said and I flipped him off

"And he seems pretty sane" Ashley said

"Debatable" jake said and I chuckled

"Hey to his defense, he did tell me how much of a fan he was and I don't warn him so"

They laughed shaking their heads.

"So Julia is moving down here in April" jake said and I smile nodding I was excited to meet her but also nervous given her past ways.

"That's awesome"

" you'll have another friend" Jinxx added and I smiled

"I hope so"

"I'm sure you'll get along great, I'm almost dreading the trouble shell get you into " jake said and they all laughed as cc started to tell a story that I zone out as I leaned back in the chair.
I was excited to see a new addition to the family, maybe this is the new start I needed to help me start over in my mind, maybe all I needed was some new friends to help me move on.



I'm really enjoying this. So here's on vote for continue.

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This is is the author of this story but my account got locked out, I am continuing this story on Wattpad currently if you guys are still into reading!

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Guuuuurl you said a week :(

Weeeeeeee!!!!!! Please continue, sorry I'm quite weird.