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Jinxx, page 3

Origins: Jinxx: His Stench

Origins: Jinxx: His Stench

PG Comedy Teen


- 2 Votes
Touring While Pregnant

Touring While Pregnant

PG-13 Romance Adventure Tragedy

A 19 year old high school girl named Michaela gets pregnant and Andy, his band and Michaela's big sister Sammi Doll are left with a newborn baby and some other blessings growing inside the guys


4.3 8 Votes
For the Heart of the Sun

For the Heart of the Sun

R Romance Horror Tragedy

16 year old Veronica Miroiu, an overlooked and bullied girl finds love and revenge through Andy, a handsome but peculiar boy who turns out to be a vampire.


10.0 5 Votes
I Do It All For You

I Do It All For You

PG-13 Romance

After a celebratory party, Andy takes Jinxx's sister Corynne home and it leads to more. They're forced to keep the secret. The first of the 'Finding Hope' series.


9.8 8 Votes
My Black Apocalyptic Romance

My Black Apocalyptic Romance

NC-17 Romance Horror Teen

Andley! When Andy hits his head on the vent shaft, he's knocked out cold. When he awakes, 3 years has passed, and the world has been stormed by the undead. He now must survive with a group of people, in this new messed up world. He's fallen for Ashley, but a whore,Kina, and the undead is in the way


9.9 10 Votes


NC-17 Romance Comedy Teen

A romance between Jubilee Lewis And Jinxx and her best friend, Justice Botkin and Andy :) Be warned: s*x!!!


9.6 10 Votes
This Must Be A Dream, Or So I Thought.

This Must Be A Dream, Or So I Thought.

PG-13 Romance Drama Teen

This is a short story about a small town girl tying to make it with her band, 'Rules Are Made For Breaking'. (Look at the characters befre reading, it will help you picture/get to know the band)


10.0 6 Votes
God Won't Save You From This

God Won't Save You From This

R Romance Action Fantasy

Post- Apocalyptic BVB. Jinxx has been acting differently, and at first the guys think that he has been bitten by a werewolf, the cause of the apocalypse. But they soon discover that this is not the case.


10.0 20 Votes
We Shared This Fantasy

We Shared This Fantasy

PG-13 Romance Drama Tragedy

Jinxxley (Jinxx and Ashley) love story


Completed ✓
9.6 18 Votes
Love Isn't Always Fair

Love Isn't Always Fair

NC-17 Romance Tragedy

Ashley x Jinxx; Ashley x Andy; Jinxx x CC


9.6 11 Votes