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Andy Biersack, page 2

The Gorgon's Daughter

The Gorgon's Daughter

NC-17 Romance Adventure Fantasy

Andrew is determined to see the world and experience the wonders outside his small village. First on his list is to investigate the terrible beast that lives in the caves in the forest. What fate could befall him there?


10.0 15 Votes
sm*tty's One-shots

sm*tty's One-shots

NC-17 Romance Drabble

Here I shall collect my various and sundry one-shots and other miscellany. I'm an AB-centric kinda writer.


Completed ✓
10.0 22 Votes
A Demon's Regret

A Demon's Regret

NC-17 Romance Fantasy Religious

This is a sibling to A Demon's Bargain. Andy is a very rare sort of demon that feeds off of first fulfilling the desires of desperate, lonely women, then leaving them in the dust. Could someone put a wrinkle in his perfectly operating machine?


10.0 54 Votes
Biersack Enterprises

Biersack Enterprises

NC-17 Romance Action Mystery

"You need to wake up now Bruce... No I mean Andy. We need you." Said the masked hero called Nightwing.


Andrew of Lea

Andrew of Lea

R Romance Adventure Horror

A medieval story about a knight on a perilous mission to rescue a princess from a vampire lord


The Vampire King and The Emo Rocker

The Vampire King and The Emo Rocker

PG-13 Sci-fi Fantasy War

What happens when Andy Biersack, the soon to be King of the Vampires, finds his mate in a certain foul mouthed New Jersey native?


- 1 Vote
The Sins of a Saint

The Sins of a Saint

R Romance Drama

The goal of many is to find success in their dreams. But the goal of the successful is to find a home in their own skin.


10.0 3 Votes
We Can Make Something Beautiful

We Can Make Something Beautiful

R Romance Drama Teen

Blade and her best friend Acid call themselves The Outcasts. Why? They're different. Maybe when they meet Black Veil Brides, they won't be so different after all.


10.0 46 Votes


NC-17 Romance Drama Teen


10.0 67 Votes
Survival or Struggle?

Survival or Struggle?

R Drama Horror Thriller

Black Veil Brides were doing their normal thing. Until zombies creeped into the mix. Now they need to survive, and it isn't going to be pretty.


9.4 28 Votes