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Family Is Forever - Comments



Thanks so much! My friend wanted Thaila to meet the girls at Starbucks and I called her a classic white girl lol! I'm working on the next chapter right now so yeah. :) It may or may not have that speical CC and Jade scene. Hmmmmm........

Thalia seems awesome! I love how the girls are so nice and invited Thalia to sit with them. Not a lot of people would do that. I just can't wait to see what happens with Thalia. :) wonderful update.

I think Jinxx would be perfect for her and then CC and Jade can be like partners in prank crime or something. lol. But remember Jade's description she claims she doesn't fall in love so wonder how long it'll take for to admit her feelings?
I'm gonna make a special moment happen between CC and Jade too so then you can decide and I'm about to update right now too. Lol!

Lol, a very messed up person does that unfortunately!
But during chapter 13, Jinxx and Jade has something going on.... I think Jade would be perfect with either one of them now. Now I'm kinda leaning towards Jinxx after that chapter.

Thanks so much. :) And a very messed up person does that unfortunately.
Jade and CC? I might make it happen idk. and thanks!
And thanks so much I'll update pretty soon!

Sam and Andy are sooo cute together! I'm glad she told him how she felt. :) Poor girl though.... Getting pushed into a fire? Who does that!? I'm still leaning towards Jade and CC! I'm trying to come up with other names! I love this story! I find it cool how your friends and you are the characters! :)

Thank you so much for commenting I've been dying for a comment. Jade and CC huh? If no one else tells me then it might happen. Te funny thing is is that Sandy might just wind up being used. Lol! Aww thanks. The sad thing is is that I'm Dakota, my friend is Sam and my other best friend is Jade so my friend and i just had a fight lol. Then a new character will be added soon. :)
Thank you so much again and I will update later today or tomorrow.

I'd like Jade with CC to be honest. I like Sam and Andy together, but I don't know any couple names. Sandy? Lol. Kidding. Idk though, for im not good couple names. Keep up the great writing! I looovvvveee it when they get into fights to help each other. It's amazing.

I will update pretty soon. I'm glad your enjoying the story :D You seriously just made my day! I'm going over and editing the next chapter right now actually. :)


i will!!!!!!

i will!!!!!!

@WalrusBVBlover Thank you SO much I didn't think I would get a comment this fast. I'm writing next chapter right now. Thank you!!!

This is amazing! Update soon :)