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Stories, page 3

Rebel Love Song

Rebel Love Song

R Romance Drama

How do you escape an arranged marriage with someone you don't love? To where would you run, when you know your family is influental and powerful? Will you end up living in a foreign country?


10.0 6 Votes
The Mark of Black

The Mark of Black

NC-17 Romance Horror Fantasy

Your whole family is cursed by a demon who only takes women from your family. So what's happens when you strike a deal with him?


- 1 Vote
Apocalypse, Fallen Angels and Siblings

Apocalypse, Fallen Angels and Siblings

PG-13 Action War Religious

When the Apocalypse begins in WWE, secrets come to light


After Life

After Life

NC-17 Romance Drama Horror

Lord Andrew is looooong dead. While he's spent centuries haunting the site of his murder and mastered his spectral talents, one strange day, things actually change.


10.0 11 Votes
Children Of Denial- A Wild Ones FanFiction

Children Of Denial- A Wild Ones FanFiction

PG-13 Adventure Teen

Join in as this young teen band goes to Warped Tour and follows Black Veil Brides and has a very interesting journey.


The Gorgon's Daughter

The Gorgon's Daughter

NC-17 Romance Adventure Fantasy

Andrew is determined to see the world and experience the wonders outside his small village. First on his list is to investigate the terrible beast that lives in the caves in the forest. What fate could befall him there?


10.0 15 Votes
sm*tty's One-shots

sm*tty's One-shots

NC-17 Romance Drabble

Here I shall collect my various and sundry one-shots and other miscellany. I'm an AB-centric kinda writer.


Completed ✓
10.0 22 Votes
A Demon's Regret

A Demon's Regret

NC-17 Romance Fantasy Religious

This is a sibling to A Demon's Bargain. Andy is a very rare sort of demon that feeds off of first fulfilling the desires of desperate, lonely women, then leaving them in the dust. Could someone put a wrinkle in his perfectly operating machine?


10.0 54 Votes
Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes

NC-17 Romance Comedy Drama

Indigo needs saving, and who else to save her than the only person who seems to give a damn in all of LA but Ashley Purdy. Ashley Purdy x OC


10.0 57 Votes
Secret lovers

Secret lovers

NC-17 Romance Drama Teen