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Ello! Welcome to a complete waist of time! I'm Quinn, but I have a lot of allices and/or nicknames, so don't bother remembering my name.

I'm was born in Canada, moved to England... now I'm stuck in California in the middle of BFE c:

I love art, I do photography and then painting/sketch work, and sometimes I carve apples into swans till my friend eats the heads. Mostly I like video games though... not saying that I'm good at any of these things.

Favorite Color: I'm color blind, and I don't really like ONE color. I like groups of colors. Right now, I like pastel blue or purple. I also like navy blue and white (When I can see it)

Favorite Tv Show: Silent Library... even though nobody gives a shit about it anymore...

Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge... psh whut. >.>

Favorite Book: The Time Keeper. It's really deep, complex, and honestly the best book I've ever read. ( I still LOVE The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Romeo and Juliet, The Scarlet Letter, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Series of Unfortunate Events, etc.)

Favorite Song This Week: Probably... Smile! (I'm Not Okay) by Sounds Like Harmony.
Favorite Band: I love bvb, but my music taste varies from death core to the Disney soundtrack... I like a lot of weird music, not just bvb. Sorry Andy.I still like bvb, but they're not my favorite band anymore. Still love the music, just now I'm less obsessed.

Favorite Instrument You Play: Accarana... but I play a lot of cool ones. I play uke, guitar, piano, launchpad, my computer, drums, bass, um... a lot more but I'll just stop there.

(If you read threw all this crazy shit you get a prize at the end... mwa ha ha aha ha!)

I'm straight edge, I love music, I will stickup for what I think is right... even though some people still think I'm mute because I'm hella fucking shy. I like Larping, videogames, cosplay, photography, drawing, and sometimes writing. I like a lot of things for a lot of reasons. Yay. -.-

I'm I have a dark, sarcastic, shock factor type of humor. I can come off bitchy and negative sometimes... because I am... but hey! We gave Maria Carry a chance! (IDGAF if that's not how you spell her name.)

My music tastes are... different. I love punk pop, rock music, electronic/techno, and all that good stuff... but... don't judge me... I love rescans music, and when my best friend sings 30's songs in German... idek. I also like Scottish music and anything with a lute really... *face palm*

What me and my friends do when we L.A.R.P, (Live Action Role Playing) we use REAL weapons that we buy online. (As in, stuff you can get hurt with) Weather it's swords, nun chucks, daggers, crossbows.(we wear lots of padding when Larping, USE PROTECTION KIDS!) I may love LARP, bur my favorite is paintball. We use no padding and it's 10 points for ass, tits, or balls. c:

Yes, I'm a dork and a weirdo, but my mom drank and did drugs. So... it's not my fault. . My parents were 14, I was a broken condom, when I was 6 my head got rolled up in a car window, um I grew up on goobiie- you know that fucked up kid show from the early 2000's with the talking hands. No wonder...

God I was really faced fucked by Jesus hu? (as if there was a god) I'm Pansexual and Demisexual. I have PTSD, Bipolar Depretion, ADHD, Dyslexia and every kind of Social acwardness and fuckerry u can think of. Oh and I have Trybiphobia... and fear of everything else in the world...

I don't get offended easily, and love offensive humor. So if you get butt hurt easily, know that I'm only joking, or just fuck off. c: Two words, one finger.

OH YEA! I lied... no prize... unless you count a few weird pictures...



Game Freak

Game Freak

NC-17 Romance Comedy Drama

A love, a heart break, an abandoned friend, and the girl he couldn't win. Christan Coma takes his niece, Robin, to a cosplay convention, where he soon finds a strange and beautiful girl. He is intrigued by her beauty and creativity, but can he handle a Game Freak?


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