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• Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness

Star never even got to see her when her mother gave up her life to save her daughter's, but yet, she felt so close to her. When Star gets into her senior year of Washington High in CA, she and her friends search for her "long lost" crush, Andy, but never any luck. When she does find him, it comes with many consequences and new beginnings.
-"There are many stars in the sky tonight, but only one shines through my heart. And that's you."

• The Sun Will Shine Again

Star Benson had moved to LA with her father to get away. Away from her pain, away from her heartbreak, away from him. She's 22 years old now, living with her new and only friend, Xander, in a small, two bedroom apartment in the middle of LA, hoping to someday be successful with her life.

Andy Biersack had to forget. Forget about the pain, about his heartache, and about her. He's24 years old and has successfully built up a band with his best friends, Black Veil Brides. They helped him get out of the pain, and now he's with Juliet Simms. Happily for two years.

They've tried to forget. Tried to get away. What keeps pulling them back?
-Sequel to "Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness"

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~ The Sun will Shine Again ~

~ The Sun will Shine Again ~

R Romance Drama Teen

Sequel to ~Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness~


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~Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness~

~Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness~

R Romance Drama Teen

There are many stars in the sky tonight, but only one shines through my heart. And that's you.


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