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The Wretched And Divine

The Wretched And Divine

The Wretched And Divine

Hey, I'm Axel!
Here's some information about myself:
-I've been writing/reading since I was eight. I like writing/reading about everything.
-I like many bands and artists of all genres, especially Black Veil Brides.
-I love to joke around and talk to everyone (in other words, you can always message me and I will respond ASAP).
-I'm a wicked coffee enthusiast, it's bad.
-I'm 16 years old.
-I have an unhealthy rap music addiction.
-I really enjoy making people laugh (hence, my babies "Those Dumb Fan Fiction Moments" and "#FanficAuthorProblems").

I try to work on fanfics or my other works of complete nonsense and do as much as I can with them, however like many authors, I get writer's block or I'm simply bogged down with too many priorities. If I don't update for awhile, it's one of those two things. Thank you for understanding.

I'm a very helpful person and I find that sometimes even I seek help on writing and other matters. If you ever need anything at all, whether it's writing tips, constructive criticism, or just some friendly support, I would be happy to do that for you. Just know that I'm here for all of you and feel free to talk to me. I don't bite, I promise.

Hope you enjoyed reading my awesome profile (just kidding)!




NC-17 Comedy Teen

Ever face those writing struggles that feel like the end of the world; that nobody seems to understand except other writers? Well, this is for you.


10.0 3 Votes
Those Dumb Fan Fiction Moments

Those Dumb Fan Fiction Moments

NC-17 Comedy Teen Drabble

200+ short rants about stupid sh*t in fan fiction. Some people like it, some people don't.


Completed ✓
9.5 99 Votes