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Hmmmm.... Not really sure what to write XP but I guess I could start with the fact that I love black veil brides!!!! But that's already kind of obvious because why else would I be here!!!! But yeah... I'm into all kind of music! From classical to screamo!!! I love anime! And I draw!!!

Okay so right now I'm planning on going to warped tour this year! I can't wait! July can't come fast enough! I have recently started to keep a diary/journal because it help to be able to tell/write something down and not have that info be told to everyone else... And it makes me feel better and helps me organize my thoughts and my life XP um... I started to go to the gym in order to get fit because my doctor recommended it to me since I gain more weight than I should have in the last couple of months due to the change up in my ADHD medication which caused me to have really bad appetite issues :P but I actually found out that going to the gym is REALLY enjoyable once you get into it!!! I can't wait to see the end results!!! It makes me giddy inside just thinking about it!!!!! XD also I recently, well okay maybe not so recently becaiss this has been mind of a dream of mine for a while, ive decided that at some point after I graduate from high school I want to travel the world, and I'm thinking of becoming a photographer even though I have only a little bit of experience I think I want to go into something that involved it... Idk