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Help on a story.

I've been working on my current story Novocaine Hearts for nearly a year. It has 51 chapters as of today. I feel like this story has run it's course. It has never taken me this long to complete a story. I think because I've taken my time I've lost my original direction for the story and now I don't really know how to end it. The characters prominent to the story are Lexa, Jake, Riley and Ashley. (Some of you would be familiar with the previous stories) and I don't know how to tie it all together nicely for the perfect ending.
If someone wants to offer help, I'm happy to credit you for the chapter(s).
As much as I love writing; it is very time consuming and I'm too busy to update a story regularly. I'd love to finish this one so I can take a break.
Much love.
-Tina xx

tina tina