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Website Problems

As you know, this site is prone to so many problems. However, I'm wondering if we've figured this out yet.
I use Chrome as my browser and sometimes I can't log in, since it's running SOOOO slowly. Often, there is so much lag, I can hardly type. I have a hard time checking alerts or messages because the website always acts up. There's just a number of problems that are really quite irritating, especially when I'm trying to write.
Does anyone have any advice as to what I can do? Maybe change the browser I use?

i do ok with firefox on a mac

anathema anathema

Newest advice- I just got an adblocker app on Firefox and it has made ALL the difference! It's like a freaking miracle! I was a sceptic, but no longer! If this make this website have a paying option, I would gladly contribute, but until then, I love my adblocker!

anathema anathema